Saturday, October 31, 2009

Traveling back in time

Stumble upon this little product that can actually bring you back to the past.. :p Well read on you will know what I meant..

I saw some site with the title Virgin Again and as a normal guy I would click in to see what it have to offer.. It is not in english so I have to use google translate to aid me

The Muslim world is angry at China.
Nation maokonfutsianskih atheists started doing business in the most sacred for any respectable Muslim - virgin brides.
The Chinese company Gigimo supplies for women who had premarital sex, but wishing to marry chaste virgins, a special set to simulate defloration.

Well from the translated text, it seems that there is this company in China that came out with this product "Virgin Again" where it could 'restore' the virginity of a girl as claimed.. The muslim is angry with it is because girl can now cheat and lie in marriage with the aid of virgin again despite that she is no longer a virgin..

What do you think? Good? Bad? Or just to boost the satisfaction to the max?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Project Alpha Season 2

Project Alpha (You should be aware of this if you are following this blog) Season 1 had feature 7 Top Blogger as follow (in sequence)

1Audrey -
2Nicole -
3Red Mummy -
4Kenny Sia -
5Beautiful Nara -
6Audrey -
7Audrey -
*Photo credit to respective blog and nuffnang

Out of topic for a moment, while searching for their photo, it ache me cause I miss the opportunity to attend Nuffnang Blog Award with coolest Asia blogger.. It must be one heck of night as this is the first of its kind of award with people you might have been 'stalking' for long.. :p Never mind hope that I could win some invitation in the following year..

Project Alpha Season 1 is on the progress of showing sixthseal and which means it is ending soon :( Since the beginning of the show, Nuffnang has stated to look for blogger to be featured in Project Alpha Season 2.. Really wonder which blogger will be feature in the following season? Cheeserland? Saimatkong? Emenang? Ewinee? Jojo Struys? When would be the official launch of season 2? Just couldn't wait any longer for a better, badder, wilder, crazier season of project alpha. Actually I wasn't that into blogging before this, but ever since the kick off of Nuffnang Blog Award and Project Alpha, I somehow get inspired and motivated to write more entries..

I always think that I have to have a decent design, my own URL, a DSLR camera, a cute face, a good grammer, and the list go on, you get the idea right? But I was wrong, not every blog site with high traffic have splendid look and feel and layout, some high traffic site still using free domain name like, etc, some uses only digicam / cell phone cam to shoot photo to be posted, some purposely use broken grammar and spelling like "I iz hungry", some blogger have ugly decent look, I mean don't have those model look and they are still making to the top interms of blogging.. What's more important are not those that I've mentioned, it is the content of your entry.. If it is a copy and paste, well there is no specific reason on why one should visit your site.. With the aid of fast growing social networking site like facebook, twitter, you can promote your site rapidly and capture certain percentage from your friends..

Despite the fact that Malaysia have a very low internet user penetration, there are more and more blogger appearing on web each day.. The future of blogging is now here..

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bunkface Goodies

Wanna win yourself some freebies? Then head down to Everyoneconnects roadshow and show off your talent there by singing your own version of Through My Window. You may get more info from the official site or if you are too lazy you may scroll down for the event list.

24 - 25 October 200910am - 10pmLevel 4, New Wing
One Utama
30 October 20098pm - 12amSEGi College Halloween Party
Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Club
31 October 200910am - 10pmSunway Pyramid Blue Entrance
1 November 200910am - 10pmKLCC (3rd floor near TGV)
13 November 2009TBCHELP University College Matriculation Centre Ball
Sheraton Imperial Hotel, KL
14 November 20099am - 3pmKBU International College Pink Bazaar
College Lobby & Front Porch
14 November 20095pm - 10pmKL Sentral
15 November 200910am - 10pmLot 10 Main Entrance

And gosh, how could I even miss the first stop which is at 1 Utama last week? OMG, feeling so down that I miss the hype there, people must be crazily enjoying themselves singing there..

Mark your calendar right now, push and decline all date and that includes your date too, be there, and go crazy with others.. See you guys there, for those who are planning to head to Segi this week do leave a comment, maybe we can meet up to enjoy the fun too..

Hey by the way do check out their new banner video, somehow it is a new concept that is quite creative, imagine a horizontal video..

Megan Fox - Jennifer's Body

You should have known Megan Fox by now, some call her sex icon as she is sexily appealing.. Here are some of her photo

Megan Fox has however acted in a recent movie Jennifer's Body and I manage to secure few passes to the premier screening in Cathay Cineplex.

The selling point of the movie, as you can see is Megan Fox.. As the title suggested, this movie is all about Jennifer starred by Megan Fox and it has something to do with her body, right?

Wrong.. The character Jennifer screen time appearance was about 40% of the movie only.. Instead her best friend Needy is the main character here.. The story is about a rock band desperately wanted to get famous and decided to scarifies a virgin to the demon.. They kidnap Jennifer and kill her after some prayers.. Little did they know that Jennifer is actually not a virgin.. This is how Jennifer came back to life with an evil soul in her body.. Jen is now fed on human flesh and blood to sustain her charm, thus started off lurking, hunting, and killing guys.. Basically that's the general idea.. Let's see the rating

Let's do things differently this time.. Break the movie into separate element
1) Trying to be funny - FAILED
2) Trying to be spooky - FAILED
3) Trying to be artistic - FAILED
4) Trying to enter the top 10 worse movie of year 2009 - PASSED

As you would have already know, there is nothing much in this movie.. I even doubt that any Megan fans or admirer would find this movie interesting despite the fact that there are some naked scene in it

Really a big disappointment, everything was so screw up. nugh said!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bunkface - Through My Window

Referring back to my previous entry (, it is confirmed that the band who sang the addictive song was Bunkface and the song title was Through My Window

I don't usually say this, but I have to admit that they are that good!!! It look like an international song, it sound like an international song, but it is made in Malaysia..

It seems that the band is originated from Klang, Malaysia as quoted in their myspace page ( You too can get more updates by joining the group at facebook @

KLANG, Taman Seri Andalas

For those who still don't know what the hype is all about here is the lyric and cute music video..

You can download the full length song here


Don’t want much, I just want everything
Thought that I could, do almost anything
One step in front of the other
Thought that I could do it alone

In the blink of an eye, it’s just another day
Telling me why, I’ll find another way
Got this feeling, got me reeling
I can almost start believing

Now there’s me and you
And we are not alone
You and me
We are together now
Through my window, I can see there’s
More than you and more than me
Me and you
And we are not alone
Different view
We are together now
Through my window, I can see
Our wildest dreams could be so real

I see a spark, it starts a fire
Is this the one worth waiting for?
Thought that I could do it without you
Can’t exist like this anymore

Now there’s me and you
And we are not alone
You and me
We are together now
Through my window, I can see there’s
More than you and more than me

Now there’s me and you, you and me
We are not alone and we are together
Through my window I can see
Our wildest dreams could be so real

Namewee "Bo Song" TNB

Namewee was half way composing his song, then sudden black out hit Muar, where he live, and after 10 minutes trying to contact TNB, no one pick up.. Pissed off, he decided to head to the TNB office in Muar to seek clarification but was then being kick out by the security.. No happy with it, he rap about it.. Enjoy ^^

Saturday, October 24, 2009

What will you do with 5 Million Volt

*Note: This guy is highly trained. PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME ALL

For those who don't understand what he is crapping about here's a translation

He bought this 5 million volt stunt gun from Guangzhou yesterday (his yesterday), and wanted to test and feel it on himself

After testing it, he was unconscious for 6 hours. Upon waking up there is still burn mark on his hand where he tested it

Friday, October 23, 2009

Naked Scan

As crime rate raise, security measurement has to be improve as well especially in airplane.. Thus England has now proposing the use of a new kind of technology, the X-Ray scanner which is capable of capturing naked images and able to detect immediately whether or not there are dangerous or explosive item hidden beneath those pretty cloths..


An X-ray machine which takes "naked" images of airline passengers is being trialled in England as part of a new high-tech security system.

Manchester Airport is using the full-body scan machine which can instantly detect any hidden weapons or explosives without passengers having to remove any of their clothing for a search.

However, some passengers fear the machine reveals a little too much, including breast enlargements, the outline of genitals and body piercings.

Airport officials insist the black and white images taken of passengers in the walk-through booth machine were not pornographic and would be destroyed immediately.

The airport's head of customer experience, Sarah Barrett, said the machine removed the need for passengers to remove coats, shoes and belts at security checks as well as the "pat down" search, procedures which were detested by most people.

"This scanner completely takes away the hassle of needing to undress," she told the BBC.

The machine, which cost about STG80,000 ($A139,263) beams electromagnetic waves at passengers while they stand in a booth.

A three-dimensional image is then created and assessed by an officer sitting in a separate part of the airport.

Passengers at the airport still have the option of refusing a scan and opting for the more traditional security checks.

The question here is "Will you prefer to be scanned the traditional way or thru this machine?" You see there are pros and cons of either method.. The traditional way would be stripping off infront of a personnel officer which will of course make you felt embarrassed, troublesome, and even abuse threat.. What about the X-Ray Machine?

- Wouldn't feel embarrassed
- Less hassle
- Fast and accurate (for time being before people discover way to bypass it)

- Will feel embarrassed (when image taken was stolen and widely distributed in porn industry, abuse, when image that was suppose to be deleted can be retrieve)

So given an option which will you opt to?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

CCB - Coincidence or really CCB?

Found this video rather funny and thought hey why not make it as an entry here..
One thing for sure the song title is 超級白 (CCB) but not sure if the band name is HE有激人.. But unlike others like namewee or self made MV, this have a ISO (standard la) MV which you can view below.. Not only that they seems to be making a prodigy of a japan ghost movie named: er.. forgotten the name but you can see the photo below..

超級白 MV:HE有激人

Do you think that law is fair?

Wow, I have to shout about this Law Abiding Citizen is so FKing awesome..

Law abiding citizen staring Gerard Butler the one who shouted "This is spartaaa!" and have 3 movie that already been show here in Malaysia namely Gamer, The Ugly Truth, and Law Abiding Citizen.. Nope this is not an horror movie but I can assure you that you will get frighten at least once from this movie.. It is because the way this movie is executed, they were so perfect, so awesome.. I'm lack of applause word to describe the movie..

Anyway SPOILER below the line

It started off by showing Clyde's (Gerard Butler) daughter making a bracelet for him and his wife.. Then the door bell ring, and Clyde answer it but was hit with a bat and then tied up with his wife.. It seems to be a robbery and they also put a knife through both of them and his daughter.. It seems that only Clyde survive after the incident..

Then a lawyer had make a decision to sign a mutual agreement where the robber were put behind bar for 5 years as there ain't sufficient evidence to give a death penalty as the lawyer thinks that small penalty is better than no penalty.. This is where Clyde started to think that there is a loophole a corruption in the law, in the system, and got mad about it..

10 years down the road, is time for REVENGE!!! He trick the robbers and slowly make them suffer before killing them.. Things didn't stop there, he wanted to be into prison too.. The reason is simple, he wanted to make a few deal with the lawyer who was incharge of his previous case.. Despite being locked up, he still manage to take life of other which of cause the lawyer didn't think about that earlier.. After witnessing life taking event after one another, the lawyer still couldn't do anything even with recorded tape where Clyde confessed about his murderer event.. It seems that Clyde has been studying law while he was an engineering graduates.. Charges on him seems to be difficult at this stage as he is still a thread to others..

This lead them to believe that he have an accomplice outside bar.. They tried to trace from there instead but to no avail, failed.. Clyde seems to have plenty of deal to make with the lawyer in exchange for some clue on how to rescue the upcoming victim.. The mayor then get frighten as for the first time ever, the government staff get murdered systematically..

Oops guess I will have to put a full stop here otherwise will be telling those who haven't watch but wanted to watch and can't wait till they watch and read about it here.. Don't wanna be a big spoiler.. Anyway have seen Gerard Butler acted as a warrior, a funny love consultant, a game character, and now he acted as a robbin hood.. Yea pretty much like that.. Rating? Do I still have to give? Can't you see how hardly I'm promoting it? Let me tell you this, go buy a ticket or beg or force or do anything so that someone will spare you a ticket for the movie.. Just don't download it.. Support all the cast + director for a great movie.. Another best part about it was that I watched it at Cathay Cineplex at e@Curve..

Note that I am not affiliated with Cathay in any manner.. Just personal preference, love the sound system there.. Loud and clear over..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How romantic will you go?

Romantic wedding proposal is like a Degree certificate.. Not everyone gets to own it once upon a time, but now majority are degree holder.. Just like a romantic wedding proposal, not every guy would propose it publicly but nowadays doing it at public area seems to be an additional point.. The question is, how romantic can you be? People have taken steps beyond imagination, looking for creative way to propose, so what do you have in mind? Remember to capture a video and share it to the world.. Here are some reference..


During karaoke session

Early in the morning






Advertisement, not a bad idea after all..


Wedding Montage is so yesterday, this is the new "montage" AKA clip

Monday, October 19, 2009

Do you know what song is this?

This morning my FM Modulator fail me, it just doesn’t play any song from my thumbdrive, and to make things worse, I am caught in a jam. Knowing that I am one of those no-music-no-life kind of person, I have to tune into radio channel, and so I did, tuned into

However what caught my attention here was they were playing a new song (I think) that was superb, it was a rock / modern song if I categorize the genre correctly and the song repeat itself in my head every now and then. Immediately I wanted to find out which band sang that and the song title. Grr.. How could I miss that important detail on radio, or did they not mention any? o.0 Anyway fear not, I Google for song that I’ve just heard and it never fail me.. But for this perhaps the lyrics that I remember was too general

The lyrics sounded something like

“Me and you, we are together now”
“You and me, ….bla bla bla”

If I remember correctly that is, I put in all the keyword and search for it via youtube and it seems none of it is what I’m looking forward too..

Argh.. Anyone happen to listen to today and happen to know the artist + title? Please do let me know if you do as the song is too clingy to my mind to be shove off my mind.. @.@

I also tried (In case you are not aware of what is this you can check back my past post - but I don’t know whether the song is not in the database yet or my pitching is way so wrong or the site couldn’t match such pattern yet, it return no result.. Tries after tries still not getting any positive outcome.. Getting frustrated soon.. All I want is just to have a copy of that song in my thumbdrive so that it could rock my driving journey..

Can someone come to my aid? I need my beauty sleep to prepare for tomorrow’s presentation but yet my brain keep playing the awesome song again and again.. Not only the song has a nice rhythm but it too have pretty nice drum tune, would love to play that with my set too..
For those of you out there that wanted to tune in to try your luck to find out the song, you have been WARNED!

If you too have the same symptoms after listening to it, don’t blame or claim medical fee from me. You should do so to the station for playing the song or the band for composing such good song.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tips on getting lizard away from your house

I happen to stumble upon such search and here are my findings
  • u can use peacock feathers..and hang them on the walls.and c they definately work..
  • To prevent lizards from entering the house, stick a piece of cotton with toothpaste on the wall near your tubelight.
  • Keeping empty egg shells on window sills normally scares lizards away. Take an egg, make a small hole at either end of it, drain out its contents, but don’t wash the egg shell. Draw some funny faces on the shells, use a fancy thread and hang them near the doors and windows.
  • call pest control
Well it seems that the 1st 3 method is economical.. and it seems that placing empty egg shells around really work as claimed in this blog

Anyone tried before?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

How to determine an average guy and a rich guy?

Watch this video and you should understand

If you don't understand, here it is in text

A girl apparently asked her partner to buy her a car in that showroom, the guy refused somehow, and a heated argument assured.. The girl however is those who don't take NO for an answer, hopped into the car, started the car, and vroom vroom, off she go driving in the compact space in the showroom.. This of course frighten several people there.. After a while of driving around, the guy promised to purchase her dream car.. Not satisfy with his word, she still drove around.. The guy is not force to pull out his gold card and swipe it at the counter, only then the girl stopped..

That my friend is one heck of a rich guy..

Friday, October 16, 2009


Gotten myself 4 passes to the movie Pandorum yesterday at GSC 1 Utama, however wasted 1 ticket as there seems to be any takers for the vacant seat..

Anyway this movie is from the director of Resident Evil, and so you should know the shooting, setup style is more likely similar to it..

Started off like star trek.. and then zoom, few years after that.. The storyline was rather confusing as it keeps bringing us backward and forward, argh preferred straight forward kind of story instead..

The story is about human being found another planet that is very similar to planet earth where life is found there, it is called Tanis (if I remember correctly) and human are being shipped there thru a mega spaceship.. Everyone is put into a long sleep as the planet is far far away from earth.. Just as the ship reaches space, planet earth exploded, and they were the last batch of beings alive.. The ship was operated by 3 people who are not asleep.. Half way through, they suffered an illness called Pandorum and one of the killed the remaining 2.. He then get bored and go around and release those who are put to sleep, who were feed(or injected) with some kind of fluid that is suppose to make them to be able to adapt to the new environment.. But instead the chemical adapt itself vice versa.. Leading it to mutate the human.. They are not fed of human as food..

A young crew, awake knowing nothing about himself nor the ship, tries to figure things out, and with the aid of a captain he navigate himself throughout the ship.. and since the ship has no power, he have to get to the radiator to power up.. Slowly he found pieces of clue and discover some other survival who was awake sometime before him.. Together they fight thru those mutated human to save their arse..

Well that's almost all the story.. Catch up more by yourself in the cinema.. Like Whiteout, the story keeps you wondering what happen and why..

Also 2.5/5 rating from me..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let's learn color in Thai language

You need to understand Cantonese to get and appreciate the joke

Color = See (Shit)
White = See Kou
Pink = See Fa
Green = See Q
Coffee Color = See Nam Dang
Black = See Dum
Colorful = Lei Lai See

Here's the video, learn Thai with Tony Jaa, the one from Ong Bak.. Enjoy ^^


Watched Whiteout at Cathay Cineplex at e@curve (formally known as cineleisure)

Staring Kate Beckinsale who is known for her sexiness..

If you are looking for steamy hot footage from this film, you better give out.. As you know the movie set places in Antarctica where all you see is white, the sky, the floor, the road.. However there will still be a short scene where you get to see her sexy body.. oh yea..

Anyway the story is about racing against time.. Kate have to solve a mystery murder case as the sun is about to set for six month.. The snow storm is coming and what that happen any survival will have to live there for 6 months long.. Wanting to solve the case so badly, Kate and few others have to rush against time to find out who is behind all those murderer and the motive behind it..

I would say 2.5/5 for this movie

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Annual dinner wa.. OMG..

I overheard a couple saying "Annual diner wa, OMG!!" with the WTF tone.. Immediately I turn around and "kepo" (busybody), and to my surprise this is what I saw..
That's unusual, usually this gate is open so that shopper coming from the curve using the underground connected bridge can immediately gain access to Ikea, but now it is shut down and tight.. A closer look at the notice
Oh, so Ikea is having this annual dinner for its staff thus is calling off earlier yesterday 13 Oct 2009.. I don't know if they have put up a notice earlier (like a week or a month earlier) to inform its valued customer but I'm pretty sure that quite a number of people who went OMG, OMFG, WTF there and were standing blur by staring at each other for a few minute..

BTW Annual Diner or Annual Dinner?

How to secure your wi-fi

For IT savvy people you know how you can secure your wifi network, and restrict it to only you and anyone else with permitted access to use it, but for others who doesn't know how to setup up these, for those who just use the wizard to setup by just clicking next next next finish, there is yet another solution, the anti wi-fi paint.. o.0

Researchers at the University of Tokyo in Japan have created a special paint which can block out wireless signals. The paint, which could cost as little at £10 per kilogram, contains an aluminium-iron oxide which resonates at the same frequency as wi-fi – or other radio waves – meaning the airborne data is absorbed and blocked. While paints blocking lower frequencies have been available for some time, this new technology is the first to absorb frequencies transmitting as high as 100GHz (gigahertz). Signals carrying a larger amount of data – such as wireless internet – travel at a higher frequency than, for example, FM radio.

The paint has a number of interesting potential applications including: keeping wireless networks secure, blocking phone calls during movies, shielding hospital rooms from unwanted electromagnetic radiation, and making clothes that protect people from electromagnetic waves.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Free honeymoon, anyone?

Terrenganu is going to offer free honeymoon to couples out there soon, but there is a catch.. First you have to be married, and secondly your marriage have to be fragile (planning/going to divorce soon), well that's my assumption, after all free stuff do come with some clause..

The package offered will cost RM1500 as claimed which include 3 days 2 night stay there.. My only question is when you are already planning a divorce, will you be willing to go vacation with another half? Use your imagination, try combining this

with this

Hmm.. But anyhow it would be beneficial if it could really save a relationship..

Also will there be any abuse control? Like people acting and pretending to be on the break up just to enjoy the free honeymoon? I bet there will be people coming out with creative idea to get the free package..
KUALA TERENGGANU: A free second honeymoon trip awaits any Terengganu married couple on the brink of breakup. The state will pay for it.

However, the honeymoon package come with some counselling.

The aim is to bring peace between feuding couples and check the reportedly soaring divorce rates in the state.

The honeymoon packages would be launched by the end of the year after specific modules were incorporated that would to help husband and wife to turn back to each and stay married, said State Welfare, Community Development and Women Affairs committee chairman Ashaari Idris on Monday.

The programme would be jointly implemented by the state government and the Family and Community Development Council.

He said the state done a pilot project where 25 couples facing marital woes were selected for the honeymoon package. They spend three days and two nights away from home at a cost of under RM1,500 per couple.

The outcome was positive, he said without giving details as to the number of marriages saved. When the love between couples starts to turn sour, normal counselling would be provided. But only those on the brink of separation or divorce would be offered the second honeymoon, Ashaari said.

Some of the marriages that had now hit the rocks have actually lasted up to two decades, he said.

“We can understand newly-weds having problems understanding one another where a slight skirmish could lead to a separation but it is unacceptable for those married for more than two decades to file for divorce.

“With this package, we hope the couples will treasure their marital ties and avoid separations,” he added.

Monday, October 12, 2009

RM2 Sushi King Card Bonanza

Exclusively for all the sushi lover out there

You can enjoy rice-based sushi on Kaiten Belt at RM2* each on:

12th till 15th October 2009 (Peninsular Malaysia)
19th till 22nd October 2009 (East Malaysia)

Terms and conditions apply.

Call 03-5631 9060 for more details.

Valid for 2009 / 2010 Sushi King cardmembers only.


**Side note, it is cheap eating nice food nowadays, but always be reminded that you have to be rich to get ill.. :p

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sorority Row

Watched this at Cathay AKA my fav cinema this far..

The story is about a group of sorority girls found out that one of the girl's boyfriend cheated on her and they planned to play a prank on him.. When what's suppose to be a LMAO joke turned into a OMFG-this-is-not-how-it-should-be murder, the sisters promised to cover each other back unwillingly as what have been done cannot be undone..

Year later, everyone of them graduated, and this is when thriller began for the girls.. Everything that link to the murder of their sister came back to them, the killing tools, the jacket, the video clip, etc.. Some of them believe that it is the spirit of their sister who came back for revenge..

The rest you will have to find it out yourself.. All I can tell is the story started of quite impressive, but the director didn't maintain the impressiveness during the mid of the movie, like every new thriller movie, when you are prepare to be frighten you wouldn't likely get it but when you are not, be prepare.. Confuse? That's why you need to go experience yourself..

Will rate this movie 2 1/2 girls out of 5..

Friday, October 9, 2009

Backing up SMS on Windows Mobile

I've always wanted to soft format my HTC3600 but was not able to perform so simply because I have tones of contacts and smses that I would like to keep/backup.. Not until today I found quite a complete guide on this.. Thus here to share my finding..

Do you have a lot of SMS messages, some of sentimental value? Do you need to backup your SMS from your phone to pc? I found third party software for Windows Mobile Phone to transfer SMS to your desktop computer. Here is the user’s guide (4 main Steps)

1.Download the third party software and Install it
2.Transfer the SMS from your mobile to PC
3.Manager your SMS on your desktop computer
4.Restore SMS from pc to mobile

1.Download the third party software and Install it
Step 1: Download the SMS Transfer Tool Here:

Step 2: Unzip the file you downloaded just now and copy the installation file "GodswMobileSMSTransferSetup.CAB" to your mobile device. You may need to connect your device to a host computer using ActiveSync. You can also transfer the file using a memory card.

Step 3: On your device, navigate to the location of the CAB file using File Explorer. Click on the CAB file (displayed as the following screenshot) and click "Install" to begin the installation.

Step 4:Now installation completes. Select "OK" to continue.

2. Transfer the SMS from your mobile to PC
Now let’s use the software to finish the transfer job.
Step 1: Click "start" and then select programs.
Step 2: Select the “SMSTransfer” in your mobile programs list to run it.

Step 3: Click on "Backup Messages" in the main interface to backup you SMS messages in mobile phone.

Step 4: Decide the file name, file format and location (The default setting is OK) for your SMS file and click on "Save" to start to backup process.

Step 5: After backup completes, all the SMS messages has been backup in a file on your phone. You can save it in your memory card or transfer it to your computer easily by ActiveSync.

3. Manager your SMS on your desktop computer
Step 1: Transfer the SMS backup file from your mobile phone to computer by ActiveSync first. Then run the "SMSTransferManager.exe " from the zip file folder in your computer.

Step 2: Click “File”->”Import” and select the backup file to import your sms message to the SMS Transfer Manager.

Step 3:You can see all your backup sms in your computer with SMS Transfer Manager Now!

Also, you could delete some of the messages and export the sms to a new file and restore to your mobile phone.

4. Restore SMS from pc to mobile
Before backup, the mobile phone do not have any messages as a brand new phone.

Step 1: Click on "SMS Transfer" in programs list to run it.

Step 2: Click on "Restore Messages" in the main interface to save your SMS messages into mobile phone.

Step 3: Select and click on the stf file to be restored.

After Restore Succeed. You will see all you message come back to your phone now!

Free download SMS Transfer here

Louis Koo Vs Richie Ren

Again watched a movie titled Accident in GSC 1Utama

Anything below this paragraph may contain spoiler, read at your own risk..

Louis who is also the mastermind of a syndicate who murder people by creating accident.. Louis is someone who believe that accident can be created..

Working in a group of 4, they each play an important role in dealing with their business.. Louis is always on the cautious part where he wouldn't want to leave any trace behind scene.. Thus trust is an important element for them..

Things started to stir around when one of their operation was not executed successfully.. They were suppose to kill one of their client's father for insurance scam, they did it but after the operation, there was another accident where a bus almost ramped into Louis but didn't and kill one of its member.. To make things worse, his house was broken in and all the money he earned was robbed too..

Since then Louis trust no one but himself.. He follow every remaining member of the team, as well as an insurance agent (Richie Ren) as he suspected he is into the scam as well..

He followed and trying to gather evidence on what Richie is up to but it seems that this man is flawless, leaving no sign of evidence..

Just when Louis realize that he had make a mistake, everything that happen after the last operation was really an accident.. He tried to stop another mastermind of his creation of accident but it was too late and killed Richie's wife..

Guess what, like Overheard, Louis die at the end of the movie..

Nothing attractive about this movie, only 1 crash out of 5..

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Project Alpha

What is a blog?
That was the first question that I asked myself when it was first introduced on the world wide web.. And someone told me it is some sort of personal diary.. But it have more to offer than just a personal diary, it could be a marketing tool, a communication tool, a journal, and the list goes on..

There are a number of people earn by just blogging, and best of all, they blog about their interest.. In another word we are not forced to do things that are not within our interest like our 9 to 5 job.. We get to blog about anything, and everything as long as it is not offensive and doesn't break the law..

Take traveler blogger Nicolekiss for example

She blog about her journey around the world..

John Chow

He earned money by teaching people how to earn 0.o


She have a great passion about cheese

Just to name a few otherwise the list keeps going on and on.. All these blogger have high unique traffic to their site each day thus making them able to sells ads on their site, earning more than our 9 to 5 job and best of all they have flexible 'working' hour :p

However I do agree with Timothy Tiah, the founder of nuffnang, that blogger blog because of passion, even if you remove those earning they will never stop blogging..

I started off blogging with greed, money and contest, but soon after I learn the meaning of blogging, I no longer login to my account everyday to check on my earning, and no longer refresh the earning page every hour.. If I earn that would be a compliment to me..

Timothy Tiah also proved to me that you don't need your very own domain, don't need nice design and layout to get high traffic.. The only thing I should do now is to really emphasize on things that I love to blog, and hope one day I can be like those gurus out there..

Nuffnang is currently running Malaysia’s first online TV Show about bloggers code name Project Alpha.. Unlike other 'reality' show where result are twisted and turned someway somewho, Project alpha will be feature few of Malaysia top blogger about their lifestyle, and tips on blogging.. I get to know further about each and every feature blogger and the true look of them (for certain of them who never post their photo in their blog). It shows footage of each blogger's lifestyle, not all about blog, but also their daily routine, their interest, and their success.. If you have not been aware of this, go check it out here..

Here are some tips on what you should avoid while blogging (more to personal preference)..
Do not over use anything/element..
1) Do not overuse glitter text
2) Do not overuse autoplay video/music
3) Do not overuse animated images
4) Do not overuse high res images

All these are VERY irritating and I am certain that it will piss someone off..

Amber Chia

Before you click on the X to close your browser, please be remind that the main focus of this entry is not about Amber Chia..

Earlier this week, the star reported
It was an emotional gathering for top model Amber Chia and contestants of a supermodel reality show when she announced she had to halt the production of her highly anticipated series due to a dispute.

What caught my attention here was not Amber Chia of course, it was Yap Wen-Ji instead. A search on the net (google, facebook) and I get the following result..

Updated (as requested by JJ)

Seems that her photo and details are all over the net, newbie in dispute cases I guess

For those who are from Taman SEA school (1995-2000) any one of those look familiar to you from the photo? Yea I'm talking about the one on your left.. I'm so disappointed to said that she is my ex-schoolmate.. Although I never mix around with people much during secondary but my observation is sharp and I'm quite certain it is the same person.. She just gone vanish like in any ghost movie while she promised to show Amber document of proof that she own some franchising outlet.. Also she can even become Amber's business partner o.0 How she did that? Networking? Hmm..

Good thing for Amber that she get her supermodel search contract right back on track..

Lesson learned, trust can be very fragile, no matter how close you are with that person, business is business, you have to document it down, you have to have black and white, you have to be trust nobody but yourself..


What's a surrogates?

someone who takes the place of another person

Get the idea?

Went to watch this movie on Tuesday night at GSC 1Utama.. A premier screening to be exact.. As since it is staring Bruce Willis, my expectation was high for it too..

Little did I know I was somehow disappointed as all the action part was done by his surrogate (a younger looking and gay looking Bruce Willis). Bruce Willis himself is no longer "that hero who doesn't sustain a single cut through out the movie" hero.. Here he is just a normal guy working as a police officer who's wife is so into surrogate because his wife is old and ill..

Not to say this movie suck, but there are plenty of room for improvement..

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