Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tips on getting lizard away from your house

I happen to stumble upon such search and here are my findings
  • u can use peacock feathers..and hang them on the walls.and c they definately work..
  • To prevent lizards from entering the house, stick a piece of cotton with toothpaste on the wall near your tubelight.
  • Keeping empty egg shells on window sills normally scares lizards away. Take an egg, make a small hole at either end of it, drain out its contents, but don’t wash the egg shell. Draw some funny faces on the shells, use a fancy thread and hang them near the doors and windows.
  • call pest control
Well it seems that the 1st 3 method is economical.. and it seems that placing empty egg shells around really work as claimed in this blog

Anyone tried before?

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