Thursday, October 29, 2009

Megan Fox - Jennifer's Body

You should have known Megan Fox by now, some call her sex icon as she is sexily appealing.. Here are some of her photo

Megan Fox has however acted in a recent movie Jennifer's Body and I manage to secure few passes to the premier screening in Cathay Cineplex.

The selling point of the movie, as you can see is Megan Fox.. As the title suggested, this movie is all about Jennifer starred by Megan Fox and it has something to do with her body, right?

Wrong.. The character Jennifer screen time appearance was about 40% of the movie only.. Instead her best friend Needy is the main character here.. The story is about a rock band desperately wanted to get famous and decided to scarifies a virgin to the demon.. They kidnap Jennifer and kill her after some prayers.. Little did they know that Jennifer is actually not a virgin.. This is how Jennifer came back to life with an evil soul in her body.. Jen is now fed on human flesh and blood to sustain her charm, thus started off lurking, hunting, and killing guys.. Basically that's the general idea.. Let's see the rating

Let's do things differently this time.. Break the movie into separate element
1) Trying to be funny - FAILED
2) Trying to be spooky - FAILED
3) Trying to be artistic - FAILED
4) Trying to enter the top 10 worse movie of year 2009 - PASSED

As you would have already know, there is nothing much in this movie.. I even doubt that any Megan fans or admirer would find this movie interesting despite the fact that there are some naked scene in it

Really a big disappointment, everything was so screw up. nugh said!


conan_cat said...

well, at least you get to see megan fox naked. xD

von Yvonne said...

hah thanks for dropping by my site! whoa your review is fab. i needa improve on writing reviews, but at least we got the same taste, the movie is a waste of time and money!

Fallen Angel said...

@conan_cat: Well I don't quite remember if the naked scene have been cut off but one thing for sure, not me saw it alone, so not that exclusive already :p

@von Yvonne: Nah, my review is just so so.. Yours not bad too.. Well are you a movie goer?

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