Friday, August 31, 2012

More Must Do during this School Holiday

Beside the major attraction of MUST Dos list from my previous blog post, here's more on what you can do and try me you wouldn't have enough time for all of these in a day or two, so you might wanna consider a longer stay.

LOADS of other Exciting Itinerary!!
Snow World (Coming Up)

Water Park

Sky Venture

Flying Coaster

To have bowling game

Ripley's Believe It Or Not!


To have my favourite movie

Fun time at video game park

Q-Center (Snooker & Pool)


Wait, there's more reason to go Genting this holiday

  • A fresh air trip in the cable car
  • Just want a relax stay in Genting
  • Have a nice brew coffee
  • Enjoy the fresh air & the cool weather 
  • A Good Friend Gathering 
  • Shopping 
  • Relaxation SPA 
  • Visitor Gallaria 
  • To watch international show 
  • To watch concert
  • Visit Strawberry Farm 
  • Visit Orchid Farm 
  • Visit Mushroom Farm
  • Enjoy varieties of foods
  • Dine at the new opening outlet “Bubble & Bites” – Contemporary western dining delight
  • Enjoy International Buffet
  • Chill out at Entertainment outlets with varieties of International Beers & Drinks
  • Visit Chin Swee Cave Temple 
  • Enjoy the jungle tracking at Awana Genting
  • Eco Sport at Awana Genting
If that doesn't get you hyped up, I don't know what else did. Trust me, a visit to Genting would definitely pay off with fruitful bonding with the one you loved and care most.

AXE Anarchy Island Getaway

How would you charm your opposite sex? Do you tell them lame jokes? Or do you play some simple magic trick to impress them? Do you share you 'sob' story? Or do you wine and dine them luxuriantly?

To me, the best way to stay charming is to be original, to be YOURSELF! Yes you can buy her car or house if you're rich, but if you do it without sincerity, your charm will eventually die off. I'm not gonna drag any longer but this blog post is my entry to the Axe Anarchy Island contest where winner get to visit  all-expense paid 4 Days 3 Nights trip!
Without further ado, here's my way of being suave / charming to the opposite sex.
Step 1: Learning from the best
Let's take a look at the following few artist and see if I can find the common spot to become so 'wanted'
Avenged Sevenfold

Lady Gaga

Yes, its their weird song / style / dance move sunglasses. That's why I've decided to have my own too
Charm 'gila'
Wait, don't fall for me yet, there's still more to come! Rawr!!!

Step 2: Show Off
Well since naked chef is such a great success, it has to have some element of attraction, and after 653 hours of study I found that the girls love guys with muscular / sexily hot body.
 Since me too have such great body, I ain't afraid to show it, show it, show it... *humming sexy and I know it
That's double RAWR in a row already, keep those applause coming, thank you

Step 3: Got talent?
Now what does artist like Jay Chou and Taylor Swift have in common?
Yes, talent. They are pretty talented and could play many different type of musical instrument. Thus knowing that I'm not lacking behind in this, I would also showcase my talent with a twist. I would BEAT them a rhythm while playing the piano on my tablet device.

Step 4: Dine her with heart
In today's world, purely earning money isn't good enough, you have to have some other skill. Cooking is one of the great skill that would add charm point to you and knowing I can do more than just cook I would actually dine the opposite sex to a totally different dining experience where money can't buy.
Yes a heart shape spaghetti with flower sausage. Once you munch, you'll never wanna skip lunch. Refer to the video below for the process.

Step 5: Stay Fresh
After all the hardwork I put together, it is important to stay fresh with Axe. Bad body odor is always a big turn down and that's why I only use AXE for the awesome fragrance while keeping me fresh and alert.

So why I deserve to be sent to Anarchy Island? 
Cause I [A]m [X]treme [E]nthusiast about Fay Hokulani, from head to toe. Trust me with all my suave move that has been proven, and a combination from best of the best, Fay Hokulani would definitely fall for it.

Here's the steps again in video, you should really watch it for all the awesomeness in it

Here's a video of my interpreting the term UNCONTROLLABLE ATTRACTION

If you wish to find out more about the contest, you can head on to Nuffnang blog site for details.

*Note that the contest has been extended to 5.00pm, 9 September 2012 (Sunday) with additional FOUR (4) cash prizes worth RM250 each. That's gonna make a total of 16 people "axe" up.

So as a conclusion here's the prize list

Grand Prize
1 x 4D3N trip for 2 to AXE’s private island in the Caribbean worth RM40,000 (all-expense paid!)

Second Prize(s)
4 x RM250 cash prize

Third Prize(s)
10 x AXE Hamper worth RM200

So for those who's still dreaming on having a great getaway, here's your final chance. Below are more details on Axe

About Axe
AXE, the world’s most popular male grooming brand, is now here in Malaysia to help guys smell good, feel great and look their best.

Social Media
Join Axe Malaysia community on Facebook ( and they will be serving some pretty hot dishes – from great deals and promotions to news about our sizzling parties and exclusive invites. So pull up a chair and interact with others in the AXE community.



Hit the glam girls with an airy freshness that’ll smooth any move you make and an edge of spice that’ll get the chicks and clicks coming on your Facebook profile.


Smooth, rich and sensual – all the qualities the sophisticated ladies love are packed into one spritz of this variant that’ll make you smell really good and tantalizing.


Raise the pulse of that sporty babe with whom you want to play tonsil hockey, with an energizing citrus fragrance that gives you a fresh, sexy beat.


Nice girls now have a vice – you. Turn all of them naughty with the arresting aroma of sweet, succulent fruits that they’d love to sink their lips into.


Unleash your untamed side with a unique melt of hot vanilla with cool mandarin, an exotic fragrance that’ll have her purring like a wild cat.


A unique fragrance that just leaves a mark long after you’re gone which will makes it rain girls on you.


A fragrance so seductive, it’ll unleash uncontrollable attraction.

School Holiday - Must Do

Forget About Time Table: wake up call at 6, Breakfast at 6.30, Homework at 7, Tuition at 9,…..  It’s time to play!!!
Here are MUST Dos in Genting this school holidays.

Genting International  Magic Festival 2012
We Love mystery & surprises! That’s why we are extremely thrilled that 8 award-winning magicians from Superstars of Magic 2 are here to dazzle us with their spectacular acts! Join us from 18 August to September to witness this amazing experience.
Website URL:

Bubbles & Bites
We have a swanky new dining outlet! Come drop by, pop some bubbles and grab a bite! Bite in our “Simply Fresh hamburger” with 200 gsm of fresh ground beef and wagyu lard on a soft burn.
Website URL:

Genting Mooncakes
Moon cake festival is a season of re-union with family & friends. Make sure you bring home some authentic moon cakes to share together with exchanging stories…
Website URL:

Genting Theme Park
There’s so much of excitement & fun at our Indoor & Outdoor Theme Park with loads of thrilling adventures for everyone.
Website URL:

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bubbles & Bites Signature Dishes

Behold as what you're about to see might cause starving in you. Consider yourself warned.

Here's some of Bubbles & Bites Signature Dishes
Pizza Carnivore 
Pizza Carbonara
Home-style Macaroni & Cheese
Al Dente Spaghetti
Our ‘Simply Fresh’ Burger
Parmigiano Burger
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich
Fish and Chips
Braised Lamb Shank
Whole Roasted Kampung Chicken
Traditional Tiramisu
Trio of International Dough Fritters 
Signature Hot Chocolate

Before we dine in to the food photo, let's take a look around this restaurant shall we?

It is definitely a good place to hang around with great ambiance to chill in, also not forgetting about the food.
Tantalising meatballs
Fish and Chips
Pizza Carnivore
Thin crust Isle of Capri pizza
A wide selection of bottled drinks
Bottega Gold
Moet & Chandon Brut Impeiral
Pink Vodka
Segura Viudas Brut Reserva
With so many more to offer how can you not stop by and try it out?

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