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Pak John Steamboat & Yong Tao Foo e@Curve

Many may be familiar with The Curve / Ikano / Ikean around Damansara Mutiara area but most might only drop by e@Curve just to catch a movie and rarely walk around to scout for bargain and/or food. That kinda explain why several promising restaurant / cafe close down one by one, after all the food and beverage hub is visibly located along The Street that connect e@Cuve to The Curve. Well now with the opening of Pak John Steamboat & Yong Tao Foo at LG of e@Curve, there's more reason to head over beside movie.
The price range is from RM28++ (plus tax), you can eat all you can in the comfort of a shopping mall, and to be frank RM28 is pretty decent price here in the mall. Pak John is the first BBQ cum Hot-Pot halal buffet here in Malaysia serving with utmost fresh and quality concern quality. With a wide array of fresh yet unique ingredient to choose from, you might have to return at least once more to fully try out each and every single of it on the refrigerator.
While the safest base for steamboat is Chicken Soup and Tomyam, Pak John took a bold move by introducing Miso Soup (and on their website stated there's Curry too) which fit perfectly with all the ingredient. Like every good steamboat the base is made fresh without the use to MSG thus you don't have to worry getting thristy after consuming it. Even before adding in the ingredient, the soup itself taste so good that I could have a bowl to gulp down while waiting for the rest to boil. Personally I think Tomyam Soup has the kick but not the aroma, Chicken Soup was good and flavorful, while the Miso Soup has to be the hero with thick and aromatic taste to it.
The pot sharing concept is made with typical pot you see elsewhere but here in Pak John the center part of it is dedicated for BBQ purpose. The unique pot is design in a way where after a few round of Grilling, the staff can easily change the hot plat on top with a new one. Margarine is provided at the food counter too and on what you should grill on top is totally up to your creativity. You can even make fried noodle or scramble egg cause it is hot enough. I hope Pak John can provide Banana Leaf in future so that it add extra aroma to the grilled food, and hope the hot plate can be bigger for everyone to grill simultaneously instead of waiting for turn.
However despite the wait time, I actually am enjoying myself to various other 'attraction' here at Pak John.

  1. Free WiFi with high speed / bandwidth and I manage to upload live instavideo within 30 seconds (
  2. Cozy and peaceful ambiance
  3. Fully air-conditioned
  4. Snack on ready to consume food item
  5. Photo taking
  6. and most importantly spending time bonding with friends and family
Some of the dishes may look simple without fancy ingredient in it, but you shouldn't skip this because the taste profile of each individual dish is pretty rich and tasty. Take Thai Fried Beehon and Black Pepper Udon, they have very interesting taste despite the plain looking presentation and one flavor doesn't overpower the others. Like other steamboat chain, Pak John strive to provide only utmost quality food item which include their sauces. There were quite limited homemade sauce for you to dip along but on of their house specialty would have to be Green Chili Sauce where you will feel spicy, sweet, sour in stages upon consuming. There were also a wide variety of noodle to select from but sadly there were not labeled, thus not sure if there's any special noodle. However fear not as this is just the second week of their opening and there are still in the midst in gathering feedback and sorting things out by stages.
Pak John also differentiate itself from its competitor by introducing small but noticeable food into their menu, stuff like Waffle, Sweet Corn, Coffee, Tea, Ice Cream Potong, Udon, and on weekend they do have a wider variety of Dim Sum too! With all these open concept, you can really unleash your creativity as you wish. For example you could have ice cream on top of you waffle, sprinkle it with chocolate chip and crunched nuts. Or you can also coat your ice cream with the chocolate fountain to for a layer of crunchyness on your ice cream just like Choco Top in McDonalds.

Personally I enjoy the BBQ part, I typically almost grill everything with it. I love their Smoked Abalone Slice too grilled along with Sweet Sauce, and the texture is simply amazing. Marinated Chicken was good and the spicy one is really burning hot.  Each and every ingredient is not only guaranteed fresh but also is different from what you get outside. The squid ball actually is stuffed with chunk of squid into it, there's extra mushroom hidden inside the Shitake Ball, and not forgetting the Cheesy Japanese Tofu, of course the long list continues.
Throughout my 3-4 hours dining at Pak John, there were plenty of walk in customer and that night was fully booked when the clock strike dinner time. So the next time when you don't know what to eat, or is very hungry but not willing to spend huge amount of money to get yourself full, do drop by Pak John for an awesome delight. So far Pak John walk the walk, and did serves only nothing but freshness and quality food from very minor thing like sauce to the main ingredient.

Lot LG-13A & LG-15,
Lower Ground Floor, Ecurve.
No 2A, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya Selangor.

Business Hour:
Mon - Thu: 10:00 - 22:00
Fri - Sun: 10:00 - 00:00

03-7733 3913
018-386 3139
018-389 3139


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Tiger Radler - Double Refreshment

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. That's what we have been told all this while but what happen when you give Tiger Beer, World's number 1 International Asian Beer? For the first time ever I can finally break free from lemonade and enjoy an awesome new drink from Tiger Beer with its launch of Tiger Radler at KL Live on 6th December 2013 where more than 500 attendees from media, blogger, to even fans crowded the place eager to try out the all new Tiger Radler. Guest we assured to be entertained by comedians, live band performance and DJ to further boost the Double Refreshment kick.
What's better way to treat yourself to a hearty dinner after work and after the tension to fight through the massive KL jam with a bottle (or two or three) of double refreshing Tiger Radler? Tiger Radler carry mild sweetness as well as very mild sourness in it with almost non-existence alcoholic smell properly overpower by the refreshing lemon scent.  

Some of you might be wondering what is Tiger Radler since I kept mentioning how refreshing it is. Well it is a combination of Tiger Beer with natural lemon juice which created an easy to drink sensation . The refreshing taste of Tiger Radler is something I really enjoy having along over a great meal and with companion from friends and family. 
Tiger Radler consist of 2% alcohol which blend well with the fresh lemon juice. It will be a perfect beverage for nearly any drinking occasion with friends and family. Now you don't have to worry about drinking too much and everyone can share a perfect moment over Tiger Radler. So glad that Malaysia and Singapore will be the first 2 Asia country to try it out and the European market was massive over Tiger Radler just few months back.

To find out more about Tiger Radler do like their fan page for not just updates but also invites and giveaway in near future.

You too can search for #mytigerradler #mydoublerefreshment to get instant live updates on social platform

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Porcélene @ Empire Damansara

With the recent hype on colorful umbrellas hanging high above the sky on social media platform, come another attraction here at Empire Damansara with the official launch of Porcélene.

Porcélene is not just typically another new restaurant but instead it is an integration of Asian-European fusion that is fun and flavorful that suits not just the local but also the taste bud of the foreigners as well. Equipped with a cozy dining atmosphere, Porcélene is ready to set the bar high by marrying uniquely tasty food with a glass of wine pairing as well as a jazzy performance from Crinkle Cut and other local band on alternate day. The 3 level high (with a rooftop experience coming soon) matches the overall Empire Damansara theme with each level design to give comfort at its best, and performances will be held at the Bowler Room on the 2nd floor where Malaysia's First Acid Jazz Bar is located as well.

With so much to highlight on the ambiance, let's not forget the main hero here, the food. Porcélene is not your ordinary dining space, it serves not just entertainment but romantic yet classy & tasty fusion that doesn't hurt your wallet on any occasion.  With just RM16++ you can get a beyond decent set meal for your lunch and trust me, they are generous with the ingredient.

Pizza Number Ten (RM36)
Pizza Number Ten consist of Shredded Duck Breast and Crispy Skin, Cucumber, Spring Onion with Hoisin Sauce Base. Despite not a huge fan of duck meat, I was surprise that I actually had several slice of this and not only it has this cheesy bite to it it also has some sweetness in it whereby the skin was nicely done over authentic wood-fire oven that infused it into part of its flavor profile.

Pantai Timur (RM36)
Pantai Timur as its name suggest is made with Mixed Seafood with extra Spicy Sambal Belacan. Love how it all blend so well with not overly spicy taste to it. Definitely a must for all the seafood lover out there.

Hahm Yoke Than Sotong (RM18/serving)
Deep Fried Squid Saute with Salted Egg and Curry Leaves is what made Hahm Yoke Than Sotong so enjoyable by every diners. The aromatic of this dish can reach up to miles and those who had salted egg before would definitely drool for this, especially when it is embeded into one of Asian's preferred dish - squid.

Cajun Cutlets (RM38/serving)
Chargrilled Lamb Culets Topped with Homemade Cajue Spices. No doubt one of the best and flavorful lamb I had in ages.

Signature Aglio Olio Di Nero (RM19/serving)
Squid Ink Spaghetti with Mushrooms, Sun Dried Tomato, Garlic and option to add Chili Flakes or Dry Chili to Spice It Up! Never really try squid ink spaghetti simply because of its dark color but brave myself to try a scoop and damn, not only it is good, the ingredient given was generous and that every bite there's the present of mushrooms.

Sauteed Roasted Potato 
Never knew potato could taste this good. With mild sweetness from the fresh onion, these roasted potato give that extra flavor to any of your dish without overpowering them but instead complimenting and completing the awesome journey down your tummy.

NYC Short Ribs (RM46/serving)
Succulent and Tender Beef Ribs Glazed with Homemade BBQ Sauce serves with Cross Trax Fried and Mix Salad.

Roman Salmon Roast (RM38/serving)
Serves with Roaster Potato, Shitake Mushroom, Edemame Beans and Champagne Cream Sauce, the salmon is as fresh as you could get, tender and moist, this is perfection at its best.

Paella De El Submarino Amarillo (RM58/serving)
Spanish Rice with Green Mussel, Shrimp, Squid, White Clams and Pan Seal Fish Fillet. By reading its description does make one drool all around the menu, but I am not a fan of Spanish Rice which is slightly sticky and watery but rest assured that this is definitely a "one stop" dish where you get to enjoy tons of seafood in great amount in a single spoon.

Mini Tart
Signature Tiramisu
What's better way to put and end to an awesome dinner other than sweet dessert? The mini tart however was slightly over the dry side toward the bottom of the tart but credit have to be given to the not too sweet cream sitting above. Signature Tiramisu is a must have dessert, its bitter yet mildly sweet smooth texture is definitely something that would enlighten up the feeling of first love.

Lot 13, Empire Gallery, 
Heritage Lane 2, 
Jalan PJU 8/8A, 
Damansara Perdana, 
47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Porcélene: 603-4065 0039 
The Bowler Room: 603-4065 0040

Operation Hours:
Tue - Sun: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am



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