Monday, December 7, 2015

Point Break

A Special thank to TGV Pictures and SINI for the invitation to the premiere screening of Point Break at TGV 1 Utama last week.
The plot evolved around a group of daring thrill seeker criminal who's objective it not to get rich but instead they aimed to achieve ultimate form in life. Thus stolen goods and money will be distributed among the poor.
Without a proper / usual criminal pattern the FBI find it hard to trace the criminal down and had since then entrusted Utah, a newly recruit training officer who's past given him the thought of these criminal. Though the ideal of daredevil stunt criminal doesn't sound convincing but Utah manage to pin point their next targeted location.
While I personally think the movie is more toward the 'artistic' side in the movie industry, those who love extreme sport will definitely love it cause there are plenty of scene from mountain motor stunt, impressive wave surfing, climbing and mare more to name a few.

Rate: 3/5

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sepiring Mid Valley

Malaysia is known for its food paradise status, whether you are craving for a oversea or local cuisine, you can satisfy that craving easily with so many scrumptious outlet running around especially within Klang Valley. However Sepiring took a step ahead, marrying cross country cuisine, combining the best from each cuisine, serving very unique fusion in taste and presentation.
Carrying the theme of "old taste" sepiring is decorated with all the good old memories atmosphere with really soothing seating area while you dine here. There is no way you could miss this place especially if you are shopping with your GF/Wife in Mid Valley as the brightly lighted indoor open space is set to attract your attention.
What unique here in Sepiring has to be it's unique fusion taste that may sound (or look) ordinary but would offer explosive taste upon consuming.
Penang Rojak - RM 9.90
The sauce is really thick and gluey, has sweetness and spiciness in it. It might be very spicy to some because there are cuts of chili padi in it but trust me, this plate of rojak is so good that you keep coming back for more.
Yam Cake - RM11.50
A very firm and packed yam cake serves with really good and thick sweet sauce and chili in separate plate. What I like more here is the generous amount of condiment that come along with it for that extra texture while you eat.
Nasi Lemak with Rendang Ayam Kunyit - RM18.80
Beside the usual condiment that accompanied with a Nasi Lemak, Sepiring version comes with a drumstick and thigh Rendang Kunyit Ayam. Fully coated with turmeric sauce, the meat is very tender and soft, with all the taste infused into it. The portion is really huge and good for two (if you are not super huge eater) with overly generous amount of peanut and anchovies.
Nyonya Nasi Ulam with Ayam Percik - RM20.90
To describe this dish in short, this is one good plate of Nasi Ulam outside Terrengganu. Aromatically fragrant rice is covered with rightful amount of chicken floss, serves alongside with kerepok lekor, half salted egg, vege, and big piece of Ayam Percik. Is like having all the good element from different dish and make it into one irresistible dish.
Spicy Smoked Beef Pasta - RM15.90
I personally couldn't take beef, thus sadly have to give the appealing dish a pass. But according to other foodie ( this is what he had to say:
This is probably one of the most asian-defined pasta that I've had in awhile.
Nyonya Laksa - RM15.90
You can't go wrong with thick and tasty broth, and this is what Sepiring Nyoya Laksa is all about, serves along with generous amount of fish cake, shredded chicken and large size prawn, and toufu puff. Truly a bowl of goodness to warm you up especially during this rainy season.
Curry Laksa - RM15.90
This has to be my favourite noodle dish here in Sepiring. It uses chinese ramen to replace the usual yellow noodle, and is serves with very eye catchy BBQ chicken that offer sweetness in every bite without being overpower by the taste of curry laksa. Broth was rich and tasty and is not spicy compare to other.
Chicken Satay Burger - RM18.90
A very successful Sepiring interpretation of east marrying west, the Chicken Satay Burger is sure to be one of the most drooling food item here with a catchy charcoal bun, sandwich between are layer of goodness like onion ring, cheese, lettuce, chicken satay. Serves along side are kerepok lekor and cutted salad.
Bubur Cha Cha - RM 6.90
Perhaps this is better known bowl of dessert for the older generation (which include me), but once you try it you will know how addictive it is. Serves warm, the burbur chacha comes with generous amount of cubed ingredient. It wasn't overly sweet to my liking and is indeed very santan-ish.
Durian Pancake - RM11.50
Come with 3 piese of very packed and aromatic durian pancake, wrap with skin that is not overly thick and consist of actual durian meat inside with the meat portion is more than the cream. In every bite you will sure to taste bitter sweet in it.
Durian Cendol - RM9.20
Still couldn't get enough of desert? Then try their Durian Cendol. Unlike other version, this bowl of chendol is covered with all the ingredient instead of ice and is topped with a scoop of durian meat. The ice is finely shaved that melts immediately in your mouth.

Sepiring carry the aim to bond your relationship by sharing your dish with your loved one, thus the huge portion are meant to be share, even if just a spoonful. While it may seems to be an 'aunty uncle' food, it is definitely something you would be surprise with how amazing the taste and is comparable to other cuisine.

Lot FK010, First Floor,
South Court (near Metrojaya),
Mid Valley Megamall.

Operating hours: 
Daily 10am-10pm

03-2287 2798


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