Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Road Trip with My Broadband

Remember how I mention my life would be if I were to unplug myself from the Internet world? I would basically be nothing more than a dead fish. We first have portable computer AKA laptop, slowly we have netbook which in this case is a smaller version of our notebook and lighter of course, then now we have smartphone, which is again a smaller version of our netbook. Gadgets have transform from one form to another which basically it is now only the size of our palm. Cool eh??

However it is meaningless if there is no connectivity to it. Without the Internet, all the gadgets we are holding is just nothing but a piece of high tech looking junk.. Sometime it is not how new the technology any gadget have, but it is often the content that one can enjoy through these device that matter.. For instant if you have a phone which can make calls, text, and make 3G call, that's pretty bored right? But if you have a phone which you can receive your friend's update, see your friend's latest photo, and bla bla bla, isn't that cooler?

That's why I need to have ma broadband with me whenever I go on a road trip.. Not only I can receive friend's status but I can call for help too when I'm lost somewhere.. This is what it all matter to me in terms of gadget.. There are several telco in Malaysa that offer broadband on the go and one of the most active one would be P1 Wimax
Have you guy watch Project Alpha Season 2 yet? They are now featuring Niki AKA the Bangsar Boy
Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

IP MAN 2: Where East Meet West

Just came back from premier screening of IP MAN 2, just a day ahead before Nuffnang exclusive screening and here's a MEGA spoiler for you guys :p Stay away if you don't intent to read even a tiny bit of spoiler that is related or none related to the movie in a direct or indirect manner.

It was like my erm.. 5th time catching a movie, yea a free screening at GSC Pavilion.. Not that bad overall but it is kinda far from where I live.. Oh ya whenever it is a GSC-EON screening, I can expect that pop corn and coke is there ready for me to munch.. And I was correct, buahahahaha!!

Highlight the following as I think it contain some spoiler which some people might not like

In the begining of the show, they show some flash back from the previous movie. Just a quick flash back to get audience back on track. Only then it zooms into what happen after the incident where IP MAN was shoot on the shoulder, as well as what happen to his counterpart.

Earlier part of the movie was about sifu vs sifu, because back then, to open up a martial club, you need to gain respect and permission from others martial school.

The ending part however is all about how and what westerners think about Chinese culture which include martial art. It was dignity that stand all along the fight here. So go catch it if you are still interested after reading ma version of spoiler.

Ok enough spoiler.. Personally I think it is a movie that is heavily cultural oriented.. It remind the audience on how we used to be treated, and how we gain some respect, not through fight but through the message conveyed during the overall process..
In short the storyline of this movie can be told with this title "The diary of IP MAN part 2". Even though one can still watch and enjoy the movie (provided that you are into this genre), I would still recomend one to watch the first part first before this, because they are somewhat related, but not heavily..

I think this movie deserve a well 4/5 rating for those flying fist.. Just kidding :p Actually is for the moral value, yea an Asian moral value that the audience can learn from.. Unite we stand! Next up, wish I could catch Ironman 2 tomorrow.. Pray pray..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guess what I've won??

Here's some hints.. Check it out..
 P/S there is no prize for guessing it correctly :p Just for the fun of it..

Come let's comment..

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The best chair ever made

Wonder why they name it chinese chair but anyway here it is a free form chair

My Dream Destination

Althought I love my country so much, love the food here (come on just admit it), love the people here, love the priviledge here, and love my friends and family here too, but my dream destination sadly enough is not within Malaysia. If I could just ignore the financial constraint that I have, I dream destination would be Japan.. Let's play a guessing game here..

My favourite shop at any given mall here in Klang Valley have to be S&J, inQbox, and Action City. So what do I have in common with Japan? Well I like cute-but-weird-yet-creative-maybe-not-that-useful-type-of-stuff-or-maybe-it-has-its-purpose, and where's the best place to find all thse but Japan?
Apart from that, there is this kawaii 'dolls' too
Also famous for their punk / gothic / cosplay too
However I don't really fancy about their food..  But I have to take my hat off to respect the Japanese for their technology
Japan too have a fair share amount of trans / ladyboy / kawaii dude which I happen to fall in love...... with their song
AnCafe is one of them..
Japan might not be listed as one of the wonder of the world in general, but to me it doesn't have to because it is already a wonderful place to me for leisure, for vacation, and even for serious business.

We all know that the living cost in Japan is high, but I remember mentioned that if you know how, having a vacation in Japan is quite cheap. What's better is travelling with is not only cheap but comfortable too. Did you know that you can even book your flight via mobile? Do check them out ya..
If you missed out Project Alpha Season 2 espisode 4, 5, 6, 7 you are in luck, cause you can view here right below
Project Alpha Season Episode 4

Project Alpha Season Episode 5

Project Alpha Season Episode 6

Project Alpha Season Episode 7

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Samsung NX10 Aftermatch

Thank Shaz again for the special invitation to the official launch of yet another innovating product by Samsung at Ciao Cafe somewhere near ampang. Oh ya thank Shaz again for picking me up from LRT station, you are the best bro..
It was casual yet classy place I have to say, and Shaz even think of throwing a birthday party there.. Lol.. Get to Mingle around before the official start and I went around shoot around and I saw Jia Han.. But he will come into picture later, let me go according to flow.. So they have this display unit of NX10 for people like the pro to play with and here it is..
Slowly the crowd started to pour in and the place was filled.

And what's behind the stage was a golf field, golf anyone?
Ladies and gentlement, let the show begin... We have Mr Yu head of Samsung to give an opening speech..

Followed by a speech by the marketing director.. but before that say hi to Shaz who is playing with my camwhore digicam
And now the marketing director
All the others directors joined in for a Q&A section before we head for the showcase... oh my..
Have you seens Shaz's gear by the way? It is one heck of "big canon"
Yay, is party time, time to catch the showcase, and wait everyone is busy shooting the themed model and I could barely squeeze in, so here's some shot that I took from out of range
So here we are in an air-conditioned room, and this is the digicam section
and this is the pride of Samsung digicam range.. I happen to own one (the one I'm using it to shoot these lovely photos), does that make me a pride owner too?
And here.. is the wall of photo frame
Since it was so crowded I went out to take a breath and I saw model posting.. OMG
Finally get a chance to take photo of this highly anticipated section, the NX10 area
Model showing off these awesome gear..
And model with lastest product from Samsung
Oopss.. Guess Jia Han's photo is not in my cam.. Doesn't matter you guys don't want to see that anyway right? Well that's pretty wrap up the event that lasted around 2-3 hours.. Really appreciate Shaz for all these very exclusive event and am looking forward for more..

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Crazies

I know probably I've said this before, but heck, The Crazies is a new level of horror movie. It is not your typical type of zombie movie, but the cause is through some sort of infection.
 Please don't judge this wrongly, it is NOT, I repeat, NOT a zombie movie. However is it a movie that is kind off frightening even though they used the same old frightening method
So what is it in this movie that make the town so haunted? It is about your neighbor and family gone crazy (infected with polluted water) that will go after anyone alive, they will haunt you and kill you alive.
Now that is one heck of infected fella who wants a piece of you..
Why I love this movie? Because it goes straight to the point with action and less talk.
There is action after action where it keep the thrill in me and at one point of time, I jump so high when I got frighten. wtf..
Seems familiar? Like I said there ain't new element introduced to the movie, is more on escaping and action..but still it was quite an enjoyable show.

Though it didn't manage to make me crazy after watching it, I would be crazy to not to give it a higher rating. I think it is somewhat higher than 3.5 but lower than 4, so 3.8/5 will be the best. Lol.. I'm not crazy for giving such rate, is jt is just a tough decision..

iTalk WHOA party aftermatch

Approximately 2 weeks back, I had to push away all my appointment, even my date with premier screening too, and guess why did I do so? Simple, I just refuse to be left out from iTALK WHOA party, is party yay.. The party was held at Borneo Sunway and I must admit, not only they have a wonderful location and deco, they serve good food too..
Classy ain't it? Since I arrive early as usual, I wonder around busy talking photo until I spotted a familiar face
Hey it is Ewin from
How are you there buddy? You don't look good that day.. Then my sense told me that I am gonna see Jason Goh from too and I am right about that. Picture later on..

The stage and do you see what I see? DRUMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! Yeah baby..
There crowd has not pour in yet as you see and the night is calling upon
They even have this iTalk station for guest to play around and to register. Oh ya did I mentioned that you get RM5 credit immediately upon signing up? Hurry register for one now. You can read my previous entry about the key feature of this portal. Bet its gonna amaze you.. I tried on it and there's NO word that could precisely describe how clear the call is.
It doesn't take long for guest to experience the platform, and they are so hooked with it that they didn't notice that the party is started..

Sneak peak at what is in iTalk WHOA portal
Our MC for the night, pity her, have to scream to attract people from the clingy iTalk station, WHOA!!
Ok finally, some 'party' crowd for the photographer.. As for me, I'm photographer for the photographers :p

So let's officially begin the party with an opening speech from TM, and it was his birthday too that day
I thought I thought I saw Jason Goh
I did, I did, he is Jason Goh!! But pop, you are on cadid camera..
The team was there to kill our doubts
"Wait wait wait wait..." Some game going on

So it is a transfer ice from cup to cup with chopstick and to finish the cup of juice fastest to win game.. Spotted more familiar faces here.. We have and tallboyz
So bring it on baby..
Snap snap snap, flash flash flash Nikki the Bangsar Boy was there too??
Before I shout Pop, pop.. I heard people shouting Jeff!! I turn around and guess what it was Shaz from Xfresh FM..

and that was his gear.. awesome right? The trend of 'carrying a kancil on your hand' seems to become common nowadays..
Now it is Bunkface time.. WHOA

A final song from the band before everyone wrap up the night.

It was indeed a WHOA party with WHOA food, WHOA band, WHOA goodies, and most importantly WHOA people from all walk of life.. It is like an exclusive night for all the famous blogger around town to gather, except me of course.

Am looking forward for its upcoming event.. Until then, let's WHOA with its platform

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