Friday, October 30, 2009

Project Alpha Season 2

Project Alpha (You should be aware of this if you are following this blog) Season 1 had feature 7 Top Blogger as follow (in sequence)

1Audrey -
2Nicole -
3Red Mummy -
4Kenny Sia -
5Beautiful Nara -
6Audrey -
7Audrey -
*Photo credit to respective blog and nuffnang

Out of topic for a moment, while searching for their photo, it ache me cause I miss the opportunity to attend Nuffnang Blog Award with coolest Asia blogger.. It must be one heck of night as this is the first of its kind of award with people you might have been 'stalking' for long.. :p Never mind hope that I could win some invitation in the following year..

Project Alpha Season 1 is on the progress of showing sixthseal and which means it is ending soon :( Since the beginning of the show, Nuffnang has stated to look for blogger to be featured in Project Alpha Season 2.. Really wonder which blogger will be feature in the following season? Cheeserland? Saimatkong? Emenang? Ewinee? Jojo Struys? When would be the official launch of season 2? Just couldn't wait any longer for a better, badder, wilder, crazier season of project alpha. Actually I wasn't that into blogging before this, but ever since the kick off of Nuffnang Blog Award and Project Alpha, I somehow get inspired and motivated to write more entries..

I always think that I have to have a decent design, my own URL, a DSLR camera, a cute face, a good grammer, and the list go on, you get the idea right? But I was wrong, not every blog site with high traffic have splendid look and feel and layout, some high traffic site still using free domain name like, etc, some uses only digicam / cell phone cam to shoot photo to be posted, some purposely use broken grammar and spelling like "I iz hungry", some blogger have ugly decent look, I mean don't have those model look and they are still making to the top interms of blogging.. What's more important are not those that I've mentioned, it is the content of your entry.. If it is a copy and paste, well there is no specific reason on why one should visit your site.. With the aid of fast growing social networking site like facebook, twitter, you can promote your site rapidly and capture certain percentage from your friends..

Despite the fact that Malaysia have a very low internet user penetration, there are more and more blogger appearing on web each day.. The future of blogging is now here..

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