Thursday, October 8, 2009

Project Alpha

What is a blog?
That was the first question that I asked myself when it was first introduced on the world wide web.. And someone told me it is some sort of personal diary.. But it have more to offer than just a personal diary, it could be a marketing tool, a communication tool, a journal, and the list goes on..

There are a number of people earn by just blogging, and best of all, they blog about their interest.. In another word we are not forced to do things that are not within our interest like our 9 to 5 job.. We get to blog about anything, and everything as long as it is not offensive and doesn't break the law..

Take traveler blogger Nicolekiss for example

She blog about her journey around the world..

John Chow

He earned money by teaching people how to earn 0.o


She have a great passion about cheese

Just to name a few otherwise the list keeps going on and on.. All these blogger have high unique traffic to their site each day thus making them able to sells ads on their site, earning more than our 9 to 5 job and best of all they have flexible 'working' hour :p

However I do agree with Timothy Tiah, the founder of nuffnang, that blogger blog because of passion, even if you remove those earning they will never stop blogging..

I started off blogging with greed, money and contest, but soon after I learn the meaning of blogging, I no longer login to my account everyday to check on my earning, and no longer refresh the earning page every hour.. If I earn that would be a compliment to me..

Timothy Tiah also proved to me that you don't need your very own domain, don't need nice design and layout to get high traffic.. The only thing I should do now is to really emphasize on things that I love to blog, and hope one day I can be like those gurus out there..

Nuffnang is currently running Malaysia’s first online TV Show about bloggers code name Project Alpha.. Unlike other 'reality' show where result are twisted and turned someway somewho, Project alpha will be feature few of Malaysia top blogger about their lifestyle, and tips on blogging.. I get to know further about each and every feature blogger and the true look of them (for certain of them who never post their photo in their blog). It shows footage of each blogger's lifestyle, not all about blog, but also their daily routine, their interest, and their success.. If you have not been aware of this, go check it out here..

Here are some tips on what you should avoid while blogging (more to personal preference)..
Do not over use anything/element..
1) Do not overuse glitter text
2) Do not overuse autoplay video/music
3) Do not overuse animated images
4) Do not overuse high res images

All these are VERY irritating and I am certain that it will piss someone off..


Sharinginfoz said...

congrats for winning. feel free to visit my blog

Jimmy T said...

Lol nice you WON! =]

Fallen Angel said...

Hey thank sharinginfoz and jimmy t..
Do drop by more often..

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