Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Internship

The Internship is scheduled to be release on 12 Sep 2013 here in Malaysia but I attended the very early screening by Timeout KL and all thank to Victor for the ticket.
To be honest I'm never a big fan of Owen Wilson nor Vince Vaughn but since it is an internship in Google, that's something interesting.
It all begin with how to old fashion grown up losing their job over a traditional sales pitch and was desperate to look for a new source of income. They then turn to an opening in Google as intern. The catch here is that every intake student would have to compete with other team to secure a permanent job in Google. With such plot I bet you would figure out how the ending part would be, don't you?
The only thing that attract people to watch the movie have to be Google. We've seen how awesome Google working atmosphere is and The Internship is where you can witness how the process is, even though it looked like it was a made up working environment, you'll never know unless you've / you're working there.
 There were quite a number of geek joke and not forgetting a number of lame humor too. Overall I think there is still plenty of room that has potential to make it a better movie.

Rate: 2/5

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Shop like a boss

I once blogger about Layar, the mobile app that make it to the headline worldwide, providing not just augmented reality feature but also a platform to search for relevant info / item such as petrol station and its distance, twitter user around you, price checking and plenty more. Well that heat die off pretty quick for one main reason, it wasn't localize enough and without much content from within each region, it just went cold. However the good news is now there is something similar and its focus is currently on both few country now which would indeed benefit us as Malaysian.
Save22 allows you to window shop leading retailers in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines before you go shopping. Save22 keep the site updated with comprehensive pricing, promotions and sales information updated daily. You can browse and search for products and promotions from your favourite retailers
As shown above, they do have a rather huge collection of retails and leading brand capture and updated frequently. Beside highlighting the on going promotion, pricing, location, and several other useful yet informative details, save22 too is capable of detecting your location and highlight stuff you with promotion nearby you and that you might be interested in.
Other sort of key element such as the expiry date of a particular promotion. With such cool feature you can plan ahead not only your journey but also on saving that extra cash that could really put into good use on other purpose.
Searching is also made easy and simple. Save22 emphasize on the KISS method where first timer would easily get used and get hooked to it hunting for great saving. Such achievement / satisfaction is money can't buy but it can be reach through your involvement. Not only you can unleash the superhero in you by practicing eco friendly daily lifestyle, you might also be idol to those who always envy you getting best bargain and saving lots more than them.
 With Save22 you will be a star among your friends before you realize that. So hurry go check now

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Heat

It was another decision making night though it seems either movie would results in the same. The choices made available was Monsters University which I already watched on Sunday, Badge of Fury, The Heat, and White House Down which was then being postphoned to this coming Monday. Ended up going for Badge of Fury at GSC Paradigm Mall.
The movies stars Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy as the main attraction in The Heat. Highly ranked FBI agent who always think ahead of criminal was assigned to work with a Boston cop in order to take down a ruthless drug dealer.
While it may seem to have some real badass action scene in The Heat, it turn out to be a comedy to me. With the weak investigation plot going around, the focus wasn't really on the storyline but rather on the two partner working together, scratching each other's back to achieve their ultimate mission assigned.
Like every other movie Sandra starred in, do not expect to see a womanly side of her nor from Melissa. The movie no doubt has more adult humor than breathe you could catch in between laughter. 

Rate: 2.5/5 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Despicable Me 2

Special thank to @NuffnangMY and @Churp2 for the premiere screening of Despicable Me 2 yesterday at TGV Sunway Pyramid and it was a 3D screening, which I personally think was surprisingly OK if were to compare to other so called 3D movie / animation
When one heard of Despicable Me, the only thing that come in mind has to be the minions. The minions somehow are more favorable than other character in the animation series, which I could foresee a solo movie focusing purely on nothing but the minions only.
Since the plot has been mostly showcase in the trailer, you can expect no spoiler by reading on. Gru since his past mission of stealing the moon, has now become a Godfather to three  gorgeous little girl. Pledge on aborting all his evil mission, Gru ventured into some other legal business.
When a new villain arise, Gru was summon by a group of justice that is established to save the world from great danger, and by great I do mean nasty stuff like stealing the moon, get it? The overall movie focus pretty fairly on both Gru, the girls and minions.
The plot was somewhat weak to me, as most of it is very predictable and pretty straight forward. The only part that keep me focus beside the minions is where the villain only appear toward the end of the show. Like every week ending, villain who planned to take over the world was not well prepared and was defeated within a few blink on your eye.
Despicable Me 2 is a fun to watch movie but you can forget about the none logical and somewhat disconnected plot.

Rate: 2.5/5

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Samsung Multifunction Printer: Redefining the way you print

Imagine you're on a hurry and after shutting down your notebook and placing it into your notebook bag, only then you remember that you forgotten to print a very important document / files that you required for the next appointment you're rushing over to.
Those older type of standalone printer may require you to boot up your PC and connect it to the printer to print the document you required. Newer generation of printer may have networking feature where you can still print document without having to boot up your notebook. Network printing has a small but not frequent risk of networking issue. As easy as it may sound, there are still quite a large number of user find it complicated to setup a network printer and I did know a handful of them who would engage services just to get it done.
Samsung SCX-3405FW on the other hand could solve your headache immediately in such given situation. Anyone who know how to connect their mobile phone to their WiFi router shouldn't have issue connecting their phone to the all-in-one printer. The best thing in SCX-3405FW is that it only required a single cable which is the power cable.
The connectivity method is via WPS / WiFi Direct which is basically within a push of a button.  If you look closely beside WPS there are 2 other button which help made our world better. the ID Copy button is where you can scan and print your ID front and back and it will intelligently print it nicely and in order. The other interesting mode would be the Eco mode. Once it is activated, the printer will reduce the size to fit it into half A4 paper and is capable of printing up to 2 page on a single A4 sheet.
Not only that the Eco Mode actually help you save your toner which indirectly will help cut down Co2 as well. You too can customise on what you want to print and what to eliminate.

In order for you to enjoy the wire-free and hassle free printing, you will need an app named Samsung Mobile Print on your smartphone and it is available on both Android and iOS plaftorm. Once you connected your phone to the Samsung printer you can do more than just printing from your phone.
From photos to document to webpages or even facebook status, you can get it all printed with less than 10 second of your time. Beside that you too can perform a scan and get the scanned item into your phone directly. If that didn't amaze you, what about sending and receiving fax from your phone?
There ain't much to cover on the panel except that I could barely read what's written on the panel when it gets exposure from the sunlight. The adjustable panel did help abit but still it would be best to have a more readable panel instead.
Here's a quick video on how easy it is to print with Samsung Mobile Print. Do note that the app support only few selected model and I believe with such great feature, we could see more model to be listed in near future.
Here's the details of the Samsung SCX-3405FW and is priced between RM600-650 which is pretty darn cheap cause you are paying for a laserjet with all-in-one feature.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Concorde Hotel: Warung Nasi Padang Ibunda

In conjunction witht 2013 upcoming Ramadhan / fasting month, Concorde Hotel invited Ibu Dewi, Nia and Nahendra to unveil mom recipes at Concorde's 'Warung Nasi Padang Ibunda' food promotion at Melting Pot Cafe and Concorde Ballroom on July 10 - August 7, 2013
The Padang food beg to differ from other variety of choice when it comes to fasting month and Padang food is also popular in neighbouring Malaysia and Singapore, famous for its rich taste of succulent coconut milk and spicy chili. Padang foods are closely similar to Malay cuisine and the distinct lies between the cooking method / preparation and though some minor ingredient may be added while preparing Padang food, it actually boost up the flavor and/or aroma of that dish.
The ballroom and its surrounding area was heavily decorated with Rumah Gadang (Minangkabau: 'Big House') both on the stage as well as a backdrop area. The overall ambiance is rather classy yet soaked with the traditional feel that define the theme. Among the signature Padang dishes are

  • Soto Padang,
  • Rendang Ayam / Daging Minang
  • Ayam Goreng Rempah
  • Ayam Gulai Pop
  • Gulai Perut Lembu
  • Gulai Ikan Goreng Lado Hijau
  • Kelio Ayam Nangka
  • Urat Kaki Lembu
  • Ayam Gulai Pop
  • Gulai Perut Lembu
  • Gulai Kambing
  • Sotong Tusuk
  • Sambal Lado Jariang
  • Terung Balado
Urat Kaki Lembu
Udang Gulai Paku
Keliu Ayam Nangka
Rendang Daging
Terung Balado
As for desserts, the highlight were Godok Batinta, Serabi, Sala Lauak, Cenil among other variety. Along with Nasi Padang, there were also local and international cuisine to go along with along the buffet spread. Dishes like roasted whole lamb, Mee Rebus Johor, Ikan Panggang Berempah, YOng Tau Foo and many more. 
The type of sauces
Chicken Satay
Beef Satay
Peanut sauce to go along with Satay
Sideline of cucumber, sambal, rice, and onion
Assorted Yong Tou Foo
Mee Rebus Johor Station
Popiah Basah
Ikan Pagang Berempah

Chinese Cuisine Area

Malay Cuisine Area
Ikan Goreng Ladu Hijau
Ayam Redang Minang
Paru Dendeng
Udang Keliu
Gulai Lomak Cili Padi
Soto Padang
Ayam Goreng Berempah

Salad & Cold Dish Area
Summer Roll
Smoked Duck Breast with Mango and Asparagus
Roast Beef and Spinach Salad with Horseradish Cream
Crab Salad with Green Mango
Shrimp and Rice Noodle Salad
Roasted Tomato and Pasta
Tandoori Spiced Chicken Galantine
Grilled Tofu with Broccoli and Sesame Dressing
Roasted Cherry Tomato and Chicken
Thai Seafood Salad
Calamari Salad with Salsa Verde
Seared Tuna with White Bean

Dessert Area

In general most of the dishes here were good and unique in its way be it aromatically or taste wise. However not every food I tried memorable. Personally I think the Mee Rebus Johor did surprise me in an unexpected manner. The thick and sweet 'kuah' make an impact upon my first sip and it was satisfaction thereafter with the classical ingredient to go with.
While most of the dish may look hot and spicy they aren't. In fact the only dish that actually burn my mouth was 'Ayam Merah' with a strong flavor to it. Most of the chicken were pretty dry and the one dish that is especially noticeable would be 'Ayam Goreng Berempah' as it doesn't have any gravy to go along with. What I enjoy most about this Ramadhan Buffet is definitely the mixture of several cuisine that would attract diner with all sort of preference. Though the Chinese Cuisine doesn't have much to shout about, the fresh seafood was definitely a pleasure. I couldn't resist the colorful dessert that is not only eye catchy but also deliciously good. They weren't overly sweet and is just nice as it should. I especially love their chocolate based dessert with a little bitter to it.  Beside traditional drink like coffee, teh tarik, and sirap bandung, they do serves sugar cane and soya bean too.

2 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 2144 2200 ext 2337 (Melting Pot)

Melting Pot Café $108.00++ 

Concorde Ballroom $90.00++ (early bird special) and $114.00++ (normal price)

15% discount for Alliance Bank, CIMB, Citibank, Hong Leong, Maybank, Public Bank and RHB cardmembers

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