Wednesday, April 29, 2015


When was your last time having home cook food? I bet many of us, especially student from outstation and working adults had already lost count and is so used to the typical take away / 'ajinamoto' food out there. Good news is, if you've miss home cook so much, Tossed! is here to satisfy not only that craving but also transporting you back to where home is.
Tossed! is strategically located in Level 4 of Jaya Shopping Centre at Seksyen 14 (just beside Digital Mall) and offers patron a soothing comfy dining atmosphere. Now you may not have such fancy deco back home, you have to admit that owning one (similar to those in Tossed!) is always one of your wish.
Whether is on a swing chair or dining on top of the patch of green grass (artificial grass that is), there will be a section which caught your attention. The best part dining here beside the scrumptious food has to be the simple yet cozzy feel. Whether is a gathering or even an alone time, Tossed! is where you really wanna be.
I started off by ordering a glass of Mix & Match Fruit Juice, just because I feel like being healthy.
Mix & Match Fruit Juice- RM11
The drink is a mixture of Apple, Orange, and Watermelon. Refreshingly soothing to the throat and has no added sugar to enhance its sweetness and yet taste awesomely good in every gulp.
Flat White
Next beverage I tried is the Flat White, though the drink wasn't in the list of menu, it does have a velvety consistency following foamy steam milk. It was soothing and very awakening drink with the shot of espresso in it.
Tossed! Beef Burger - RM22.90
This Beef Burger is a home-cooked style gourmet beef patty slapped together with a slice of aged cheddar and an array of fresh vegetables in a bun, which will surely satisfy. Due to religion beliefs, I have to give this a skip and only munch on the crispy out, fluffy in fries.
Tossed! Fried Rice - RM18.90
Tossed! Fried Rice is consist of shrimp & chicken slices in a sambal infused rice served with a fried egg & chicken wings. Personally I don't like sambal due to the very strong and overpowering smell of 'belacan', but for this, I love the presence of sambal yet the absence (or very mild) of belancan in every spoon. Fried chicken was good and juicy to my liking. Ah this is what I really miss and it had been a while since I have such simple yet flavour packed dish.
Seafood Marinara ( choice of Fettuccine ) - RM 20.90
Seafood Marinara has a strong tomato base sauce mixed with fresh seafood. I love the sourness of the tomato paste the way a good pasta should always have. If I'm coming back for more of Seafood Marinara, I would opt for spaghetti cause I like my noodle thin.
Beef Bolognaise - RM17.90
Minced beef in a traditional tomato based sauce.
Spicy Prawns Aglio-Olio - RM18.90
The Spicy Prawn Aglio-Olio is simply heavenly. The spaghetti is very well timed and cooked served with garlic infused olive oil as base along with fresh prawns. A hinch of spiciness kicks in follow by the fragrance of garlic, making it irresistible especially for a garlic person like me.
Salmone Fusilli - RM 20.90
Salmone Fusilli has a perfect blend of flavour, savory from the creamy cheese went well all along with the salmon and fusilli. Personally I would think this is good for you to share with others as it you might get 'gelat' with the rich cream and generous portion.
Tossed! Signature Fruit Salad - RM18.90
An explosion of colour and flavor tossing fresh fruits & vegetables with homemade vinaigrette. I never, I repeat, NEVER had a fruit salad that is this delicious and refreshing in my life. The Fruit Salad may seems like a bowl of mixed fruit, but what's really happening in your mouth is an explosive of juice and natural sweetness. It doesn't matter if you're a fruit / salad person or not, once you try this, you'll always come back for more, that I can assure.
Tossed! Signature Wings - RM12.90
In trend with the recent Korean hype, Tossed! came out with their version (or at least similar) of Korean Styled Crispy Chicken Wings coated with a house specialty sauce & garnished with sesame seeds. The fried chicken has a well balance of batter vs. meat and is crunching on the outer layer. The sweet sauce did enhance the flavor. Overall it is a good snack to go with your meal.
Royale Pudding - RM8
A rich vanilla bean pudding served with sticky toffee & topped with a raspberry coulis The way to eat this is to scoop all the way from bottom up. There will be a hintch of bitterness where it will soon be cover with pudding sweetness and ends with slight sourish flavour. Love how each flavour come into your palate one after another and definitely like the smooth texture of it.
Sticky Date Pudding - RM15
A slice of freshly baked Sticky Date Pudding drizzled with caramel sauce paired with vanilla bean ice cream. Pudding was good but is slightly over the dry side, which is no big case cause the ice cream does its job by adding moist to it. Ice cream are outsource from Fat Baby so if you're a fan you know you're into something awesome here.
Banana Fritters - RM12
The freshest bananas battered & deep-fried to perfection served with vanilla bean ice cream & maple syrup. The banana came in a huge size and is indeed a sweet and healthy savory to end a good meal here at Tossed!

Overall Tossed! is not just a makan place, it is an excuse for you to held gathering with all the interior and scrumptious meal. Is a venue where you could spend hours around without much distraction and is where you made your tummy happy. Check out Tossed! for more promo in near future.

4.51, Level 4, Jaya Shopping Centre,
Jalan 14/17, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Tel: 03-79318994

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Slurp Cafe

Slurp Cafe is a heavily comical / anime inspired, comfortably situated in a high-profile area neighbouring PJ New Town, Taman Paramount and SS 2.
From the outside it may look like a Japanese restaurant but upon closer inspection you'll be sure to take out your phone and snap some picture of its interior.

Though it is kinda packed with with figurine and toys from all sort of comic / anime, they are very well organized in corner so that it doesn't gets in your way venturing around. What's more with the recent release of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, I'm sure you can't get enough of selfie with the Slurp Cafe deco.
Okonomiyaki -  RM 29.90
Slurp inspired dish begin with Okonomiyaki, a Japanese styled pancake what wrap in with squid, scallop, bacon, and prawn. The pan skin was crispy and savory Japanese Mayo did open up the appetite for more good food to come.
The Best Chicken Salad Ever - RM 14.90
The Best Chicken Salad Ever come in a surprising portion with a big bowl of your typical salad ingredient like fresh and crunchy lettuce, carrot, sliced tomato, hard boiled egg, and is topped with generously huge piece of grill chicken with some dressing. It was good to make you full but the great blend of texture and taste profile would make you opt for more.
Black & White Omurice - RM 23.90 + RM7 (Chicken Chop)
Mentaiko Omurice - RM 19.90 + RM7 (Chicken Chop)
To me the Omurice in Slurp Cafe is one of the MUST order food item on its menu. I love the Black & White Omurice where the squid ink rice is simply irresistible. Topped with fluffy and soft moist egg, this dish is made for you to adore inside out, and is appealing to both your eyes and stomach. You can opt to have side dish like Chicken Chop, seafood and others.
Maggie Murtabak - RM 23.90
I have heard of ramen burger but this would be the first time trying out a similar version and is named Maggie Murtabak. The usual bun is replaced with Maggie 'bun' and you could pretty much have a familiar taste of Maggie while sandwich in between these buns are a juicy patty topped with sunny side up. The Maggie Murtabak is uniquely good (after all most of us grow up with the brand), and you could find familiar taste in an alien dish.
Durian Coffee
Not many cafe serves Durian Coffee and Slurp Cafe is one of the very few in Klang Valley that has that. You can opt for hot or cold Durian Coffee and not only there's a strong presence of Durian aroma, the coffee itself is thick and creamy, best part of all they are not overly sweet to my liking.
Sambal Pasta - RM 24.90
This Sambal Pasta is a East meet West dish where it incorporated the ingredient you usually find in a luxury plate of nasi lemak into pasta instead. Not only that, it too has item from different race cuisine all in just one plate. If you love spicy food and your breakfast is always nasi lemak, this is definitely for you.
Mango Blast

Strawberry Fountain
There is no way you could leave Slurp Cafe without having its newly introduce desserts, namely Mango Blast and Strawberry Fountain. They are made with sorbet ice cream, and serves with freshly sliced fruits like mango and strawberries.
Overall Slurp Cafe is different not only on its comical inspired concept but also the dishes itself. They offer great balance and for some explosive taste profile to the palate. There are so many more food item on its menu and single visit to the cafe wouldn't satisfy your craving enough. For more do check out Slurp Cafe at their website.

Slurp Cafe 
No. C-16-01, Dataran 32 (3 Two Square)
No. 2, Jalan 19/1
46300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: 03-7497 1367

Monday, April 27, 2015

iLuminate Show @ Genting

All the way from recently popular reality show, America Got Talent, comes a performance that make appearance in the show, the iLuminate Show that would sure to amaze you in the dark.
You may be interested to know that iLuminate was created by Miral Kotb based on her inspiration of fusing dance with cutting-edge technology. To achieve the vision she had in mind, dancers don trademark light-up suits that are controlled wirelessly and take to a darkened stage to perform choreographed dances and illusions, providing a unique performing arts experience.
While you might though you have seen it all on TV / Youtube, the iLuminate Show is an hour long show and it comes with a stage play where its about a hero saving his loved one.The iLuminate technology has also been used in performances by some of the biggest names such as The Black Eyed Peas and Christina Aguilera. iLuminate has been featured on shows like X Factor, Dancing with the Stars, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Good Morning America, as well as at music awards shows including the Billboard Music Awards and American Music Awards.
Personally I find it is a little too long for a show with simple plot but nevertheless, it is truly an eye opening show that incorporated stunning effects created with nothing but lights and performers in black outfit. The best seats to watch this would be middle row with center seats cause it is where you get to watch all the perfectly aligned illusion. So hurry up and book your tickets before all the best seats are sold out.
iLuminate would be held at Genting International Showroom (GISR) from 03 April - 28 June 2015. For further details about iLuminate, do visit or call (603) 2718 1118

Saturday, April 25, 2015

This is how you should treat your Mom / Secretary

Run out of idea on what to present your Mom this year? Don't know how else to pamper your Secretary without over spend and yet look luxury generous? Well good news for you if that's what bothering you cause The Spread is inviting you over for the best pamper gift you could every present to people you loved and care about this Mother's Day / Secretary's Day. Grand Hotel & Residences celebrates Secretary’s Day on April 22, 2015 and Mother’s Day on May 10, 2015 from 12 noon till 2.30pm respectively. During this promotion period, there will be assure During the Secretary’s Day and Mother’s Day Buffet Lunch promotion, The Spread serves a sumptuous buffet lunch delicacies with an endless choice of more than 100 gourmet delights.
Surrounding with luxury pillar structure, wide, spacious and soothing atmosphere, The Spread is one of the best place to pamper the VIP who deserves it. What's more there is also a deck where you could enjoy your scrumptious meal view a great view that include KLCC Twin Towers.
Appetizers include Fresh Oysters, Mussels, Tiger Prawns on ice, Sushi, Sashimi Rojak Buah and Caesar Salad. Main dishes feature International, Asian and local favourites such as roasted items on the carving station, Pan Fried Fish, Chicken Pie, Roasted Root Vegetable,Deep Fried Salt and Pepper Squid, Fish in Banana Leaf, Salmon, Butter Fish, Beef & Chicken Satay, Tandoori Chicken, Lamb Kebab, Fish Tikka, Briyani Rice, Lamb Curry, Prawn Noodle,Laksa Johor, Stir Fried Chicken, Vegetables, Beef, Crabs, delicious Indian specialties such asbutter chicken and pakora. In addition, enjoy favourites such as nasi bryani, soft shell crab tempura and many more.
End your meal on a sweet note with irresistible sweet temptations like Assorted Waffles, TauFoo Fah, a selection of Nonya Kuih and one of the main highlights is the Cold-pan Fried Ice-Cream which patrons favor the most. The cold-pan fried ice-cream origin of Thailand Fried Ice-cream store brings you concept of making ice-cream right in front of you. The menus changes daily and on every event you can look forward to delightful spread each day or each time patronizing.
Whether it is appetizer, main dish, or even dessert, there are endless surprise in both presentation and taste profile that would definitely kill that craving for good quality food. The Spread is one of the limited place that actually serves interesting flavour ice cream which include wasabi, black sesame, and green tea. Not only it is uniquely good, its texture is very smooth and milky that actually sooth all the way down to your stomach.
There will be live station where you get to order made upon ordering dish like Kak Mek Char Koay Teow and others. It truly is indeed a plate of Koay Teow that is infused with the 'wok hei' accompany by a chilling cool drink, there is nothing more you could ask for cause they are there right in front of you.
This may sound weird but often in a buffet spread, drinks would usually not have the WOW factor, or at least taste ordinary. However here in The Spread, their watermelon juice is not just refreshing, but the mixture of lemonade in it cause the flavour to explore in every sip.

The Secretary’s Day & Mother’s Day Buffet Lunch is available at RM111 nett per person. A delightful door gift is available for all patrons, whilst stocks last. Capture a picture-perfect family shot at the photo corner and take home the photo memento for lasting memories.Patrons will have a chance to win STYLISH prizes such as Pandora Jewellery, Kipling, Chloe Perfume, Hotel Vouchers, Dining Vouchers and more!

In addition, Mother dine for FREEE, limited to one mother per table in a single receipt during Mother’s Day Buffet Lunch.

The Weekday Buffet Lunch is also available daily (Monday – Friday) from 12noon till 2.30pm and priced at RM111 nett per person. Prices are quoted nett Ringgit Malaysia inclusive of 6% GST.
To make a reservation or for further inquiries, please call The Spread at 03 2268 1123 or email to

But wait don't just let the celebration stop there. St Giles The Gardens is very pleased to extend to you the WeekendSTAY, SHOP & SAVE Promotion. Enjoy Cash Voucher from ROBINSONS and great discounts with JJ NailStudio Mid Valley, Globby Kidz, and Kid’s E World. This is more than your usual weekend! From RM372 nett (Deluxe room with FREE Wifi). Stay min. 2 nights to enjoy additional 10%discount on Best Available Rate (with Promo code: WT042015 ) . Valid till 31 December 2015Call 603 2268 1111 or email for more information/ reservation.
St Giles The Gardens- Grand Hotel &Residences is strategically located in the premier precinct of The Gardens; a 9.7 acres developmentwithin a prime 50-acre site of Mid Valley City, anchored by a high end shopping gallery and twolandmark office towers. Developed by Mid Valley City Gardens Sdn Bhd, a fully-owned subsidiary ofIGB Corporation Berhad, Mid Valley City is a modern, integrated, mixed-use development combiningretail, shopping, leisure, dining, entertainment and hospitality. With its prime location, Mid ValleyCity is the preferred destination for both leisure and business travellers, ultimately offering a wide choice of accommodation with over 1,600 rooms (448 Deluxe to Executive Premier rooms with sizes ranging from 38-40 square meters & 199 luxury units of residences suites) and residences and a haven for shopping, plus ahost of activities to suit everyone.
For business people, you'll bespoilt for choice at St Giles The Gardens- Grand Hotel &Residences. The Gardens Ballroom, located on the 5th floor accommodates up to 350 diners (banquetset-up) with a pre-function lounge for a welcome reception or pre-dinner cocktails. The BallroomBalcony which can host multiple types of set-ups and events such as tea ceremony, VIP gallery, break-out room and more. With this unique feature and the only ballroom in Kuala Lumpur with a balcony,the capabilities of this function room are versatile and endless. There are 9 other small function rooms aptly named Skyview Rooms and they are located on the 28th floor and 29th floor of the Hotel.Bringing you to greater heights, the fully-equipped function rooms are ideal for impactful meetings and effective training sessions with your team. Providing panoramic vistas of the city and with seating capacities ranging from 20 to 100 persons, there is also a business centre on level 29 to serve your administrative needs.
Whether is a rewarding stay or a pamper session at The Spread, delay no further. After all your Mom never put your attention on hold and your Secretary always strike to complete every single schedule before dateline. It is the best way to say Thank You with action, it is a way of showing appreciation from heart to heart with all the luxurious treat and pamper without even burning a hole in you.

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