Saturday, November 26, 2011

Umami Steamboat

Umami Steamboat is located at Dataran Mentari where some call it a Steamboat hub as you could easily spot any  of such outlet at every corner you take. Being surrounded with stiff competition, one can assure that Umami strive to serves not only speciality in terms of dish, but also tip top seafood that add the sweetness into your soup and the juicy tender in every bite.

Umami Steamboat
12a (Ground Floor),
Jalan PJS8/17,
Dataran Mentari,
46150 Petaling Jaya.
Operation Hours: 11am - 12midnight
Tel:             03-56222663      

Umami Steamboat serves buffet style to diners or some called it all you can eat with a one off price that is inclusive of seafood steamboat, BBQ, Ice Kacang, Drink, Dessert, a warm and friendly service, and not forgetting the FREE WiFi while you dine!

Adult: RM26.80+
Child (<130cm): RM13.40+

Umami Steamboat serve 4 types of soup namely Tom Yam, Chicken, Fish Head, and Herbal soup. If you love Tom Yam then you shouldn't miss this because it is thick and spicy enough to satisfy your 'pedas' need. Alternately Herbal soup is one you shouldn't miss too. It doesn't have the 'over herbal' taste and everything is tongue friendly that you can even drink directly from the pot even before you begin!

Right before you begin, you can actually munch the moment you sit down. No more waiting for it to boil after a long and tiring day. Head to the snack corner for a start to open up your appetizer.

A wide variety of ready cook snack / food is there for the hungry monster for people like me. They aren't ordinary snack, they are addictive snack which range from east to west.

Drooling already? Remember this is just the appetizer. Oh before I forget there are plenty of speciality when it come to choices for sauce. Most Malaysian can't / wouldn't dine without some awesome sauce and Umami got that cover, so you sauce lover need to fret not. 
Just before I even have chance to go into the main dish, there were already more food served, this time it is from the BBQ area.
I personally loves the fried chicken, it is my munching "buddy" within the waiting period. I just can't stop om nom nom nom that piece by piece till I strip it down bone by bone. One of the best part here compare to other places is that Umami offer a wide variety of side dish and you will be amazed by what they have on the dish selection area.
Now ain't that mouth watering? No? Indeed these are just some 'typical' dish that every steamboat should have. But here come what really differentiate Umami from the rest..
Yes, from scallop to oyster to lamb to beef to crab and the list goes on are some of the few dish you will see in every table. Malaysian do loves seafood don't we? All these are freshly served where you can still feel the tender in every bite. Think that's the end of the dishes? Sorry to disappoint you, there's more..

The only regret I had having dinner here in Umami is that I don't have a huge tummy to fill everything in. I didn't get a chance to try out everything and let's not forget there is a salad station too.

I would say with given dishes, it is definite a catch to dine here as everyone would go home not just with a full stomach, but also a satisfy on the face. Umami did train their staff well in handling a full house customer, they tend to change a new plate for you once it is almost full with shell, they will come adding in more soup shall yours is drying up soon, and they handle you like they how they wish to be handled.

Do note that Umami is having special buy 2 free 1 promotion every Monday & Wednesday and this promotion will last till end of 2011.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Puss in Boots

Had preview screening of Puss in Boots last night at 1 Utama and it all happen thank to ChurpChurp, your pioneer tweet reward site in Malaysia. 
Puss in Boots if you still haven't figure out who this cat is, Puss is a character from another well known animation movie named Sherk. Probably the cat with pitiful big eye would help you recall?
As much as I would love to enjoy the show I was thrown with disappointment after disappointment. Puss in Boots is all about Puss obviously but I found that there were plenty of scene time wastage. It focuses way too much on the past and it was just another typical past which reveal what's gonna happen on the future.
So a big boo-hoo for that? Furthermore it wasn't that funny as I expected. There weren't many icon introduced in this movie and the 3 main Character would be Puss, Humpty, and Kitty Soft Paws.
In Puss in Boots, Puss's adventure weren't even close to great. It was pretty much cut off to make space for his childhood story instead. There were however twist toward the end of the movie but it was again a predictable twist. Probably not a recommended movie if you ask me unless of course you have kids who beg you creatively, only then you might wanna consider bringing them to this.
Rate: 1.5/5

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What would Puss in Boots do?

If I were Puss and Kitty Softpaws I would be the Asian version of it..
As a Chinese there is a saying "Use force against force" and I would eventually believe that because Chinese (or was it me) is born Kiasu and Kiasi T_T
I would use Kitty Softpaws "Now You See It Now You Don't" to obtain the weapon from the baddies and surprise them with a opening tag "You Never Saw Me Coming"
Puss in Boots

If you wish to score a chance to be invited to the movie, do take part in this contest.

You Are The Apple Of My Eye

Had my second screening at MBO Subang Parade momentary ago and this time round I am watching You Are The Apple Of My Eye. During my visit I've experienced disturbance during the movie. I keep getting this "Hsst" sound on and off for quite some time.. Don't really know what cause the sound but it definitely not coming from the speaker.
This movie is adapted from a novel written by Giddens Ko and the movie is aid audience re-live their forgotten sweet memory.
Love during school time, who doesn't have it? Me.. Technically I'm #foreveralone back then.. But the movie do have few scene that would make the audience to flash back to the good old day (or the other way round).
If you are born before the 90s I'm definitely sure you get to see a reflection of yourself on the big screen.. With a perfect mixture of comedy and romance, it all blend well to keep the audience awake and hope for more.. I however find that the humour part was rather so-so.. Perhaps I have set higher expectation since many praised the movie.
**Off topic: I saw someone who resemble a friend of mine and a guy that resemble Edison Chen**
Overall it was probably the best Chinese love story that I've come across in 2011..

Rate: 3/5

Monday, November 7, 2011

My Happiest Moment

The reason my blog is named after Beautiful Mistake is because it all begin with the wrong intention. I was and still is a contest junkie and I took every entry/challenge of mine seriously. The reason I started blogging is also because it was a mechanism of the contest back then.
Different contest may have different requirement and rules and regulation that we participant have to obey. This is where the interesting part. I will have to throw such question and task to myself and thus keeping me thinking and executing all the time.
Taken from Simon Facebook (
Of course after all the effort I invested in, I would be crazily superb happier if I won. But in reality everyone again have different taste and judgement point, thus winning ALL the contest is a dream.
Taken from Pensonic Facebook (
Of course people (or rather the judge) would then question why should we event consider this guy a shot? Well, if you notice those "winning" photo they don't come from my camera. I hate bragging! These photo where I was tag is what you see, but what you really don't see is that those that I put in 10000000000% effort and end up getting nuts.

***Note that I'm not complaining nor am I bragging in anyway

It is not all about winning when I decided to be a junkie, it is the process that make it fun and memorable. I in fact have more of "process" photo than winning photo. Call me weird but that's what I enjoyed.
It would be even memorable if we both are involved in every stage of the contest because we have already won ourself a lifetime journey and memory that others couldn't afford to reward.
I take it as a motivation to keep my brain alive and to keep me coming back for more :D There were however plenty of creative people out there that shares the same interest and I'm pretty sure that they would have also enjoy the process of joining any challenge.
My Happiest Moment is definitely the artwork that I've created and I'm proud with each and every single of it.
All thank to the photography technology, I can now create a contest and with a little aid I could capture the memory along.

In Time

Am pretty sad that lately all my premiere screening clash with one another and that I only manage to catch up upon release date. Good thing I still get my premiere passes to pile up my rubbish collection..
In Time starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried is a movie where many would consider fresh. It happen in the futuristic world where the population had grown out of control and people have to die young. This created a whole new transformation where time is not the currency where the rich lives forever and the poor die young..
This ain't new to me as I've seen the MV few years back from Nickelback - Savin' Me and heck before this there's more of such concept.. But let's get back to the movie..
The movie begin with an attractive pace, where people rushing against time and how time is appreciated in their world and how people thank God for another day of living.. The pace slowly slop down hill with more talks and plan, a plan that failed.
Since then everything revolve on a runaway and trying to save everyone living.. I find it kinda annoying when the time transfer thingy repeat like every 5 minute.. Seriously I think this is overdone, you don't see rich people transferring money here and there every now and then in millionaire movie don't you?

Rate: 2.5/5

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