Friday, July 31, 2015

I am ReadyToP1ay, are you?

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I am always afraid of water since the day I was born, up to the extent I don't dare to pamper myself to a luxury dip in a bath tub. For that fear, I have to lose out a lot especially during my vacation to the beach. Despite having life jacket on me, sailing on the open board sea is good enough to give me the chill, holding tight to any and everything I could.

That's why I am often the 'jaga barang boy' who will be babysit your belonging while others are having so much fun releasing stress. What motivate me to take up swimming lesson has to be an incident which I regretted not taking swimming seriously when I had the chance to learn. It was an embarrassing moment for me to have fell into a pool during a party and was screaming like a girl for help.

The secondary reason that motivate me further to learn how to swim comes in a form of healthy lifestyle. You see I was growing sideway as I grow older and had eventually lower down my self-esteem. I did tried out other form of exercise but nothing seems to be working as my friends are leaving the country to work overseas. Hence I took up the courage and started learning swimming.... all by my own.

Embarrassingly I started learning in kid's pool but of course the wise side of me pick a right timing where there's no kids around during my 'drowning' time. When I am comfortable then I switch to a shallow pool and since then I never step foot onto the kid's pool again. Technically I learn all my moves from YouTube videos. Started off with breathing, follow by floating and soon voilà my first breaststroke. Over the years I keep improving on the technique and learning new skills all from the Internet. I do admit I couldn't live without the Internet but hey at least I didn't waste my life around nonsense and I'm definitely proud doing so.
Years of perfection and practicing, not only I could join my friend on a pool of sea, but also I could comfortable pose / fool around in and/or on the water/sea. Though I have not master each and every swim technique, I am proud to say I could now swim for laps / hours as part of my daily diet plan, while leading a healthy lifestyle.

My target next would be mastering butterfly style and perfecting it. Though I am only doing my swim casually, I also tend to give out free lesson to whoever who is keen to learn to swim. That's because I have been there and know how it felt and believe that I have had lots of bad experience while I learn swimming all by my own, so I wish I could guide and train those who are keen to not have to go through the journey like mine.

If I can learn swimming from YouTube, you can learn anything from the Internet too, which is why a stable connection that doesn't burden your pocket is FREAKING IMPORTANT! Your time is precious, thus stop wasting time waiting and start making changes that actually make an impact in your life. With that in mind, #P1 is dedicated to upbeat their already attractive plan, providing unlimited Internet, eliminating your frustration, aiding you on your focuses.
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Friday, July 17, 2015

Raya ain't complete without this

People in Kampung are often the friendliest earthling you could possibly find on planet earth. Regardless of your background, your religion, or your financial status, whenever there is a festival or celebration everyone, and I seriously mean everyone would be invited to celebrate the joyous moment together. Growing up in a Kampung I have always attend pre, during, and post raya open house by the villager and man I can't never get enough of the food there.
Speaking of Raya food there's this one particular food which does not only remind me of the good old time, and it was uniquely different from other array of dishes, and it is known as Lontong. Everytime I visit an open house, Lontong is the dish I aim on and although everyone serves Lontong in different style and variety, the rich fundamental yet simple element of rice dipped into rich flavoured coconut-soup is simply something I would die for. I believe those who are celebrating Raya would agree with me that Lontong does bring back some good old memories in their life. While living in a fast pace world today it seems that Lontong aren't commonly or widely available in city area, perhaps it is due to the hefty work involves in preparing one, and this had cause Raya to be less complete to be honest. 
Well the good news is Mamee Chef, which offer a premium arrange of instant noodle has just release a Lontong flavoured instant noodle to satisfy not only the craving but also bringing back the nostalgic memories in us. This is no ordinary just another new flavour gimmick, the Lontong flavour is a collaboration with Dato’ Chef Ismail who spent months creating not only the authentic taste of Lontong but also integrating first La Mien (also knonw as pulled noodle originated from China) that enhance the texture of the entire bowl of sluprilicious Lontong Noodle. Using an array of spices like turmeric (kunyit), dryginger, galangal (lengkuas), lemongrass (serai), key lime (limau nipis), candlenut (buah keras) andshrimp paste (belacan) powder, this Lontong is gonna be a taste you loved and and yet surprisingly new texture to your taste bud as now Lontong comes in the form of noodle. The amount of effort put into making this memorable dish doesn't end there, Mamee Chef Lontong also comes with condiments such as chilies and vegetables to further enhance and closely bring back the nostalgic in each and everyone of us.
On top of all these Mamee also appointed Nora Danish artist as its Brand Ambassador. Nora fits the brand perfectly because regardless of her hectic schedule, the busy mother who is intelligence, confidence, lifestyle consciousness knows what's authentic and is good for her and her family. Nora who starred in Suamiku Dari Langgit, which is currently playing in all cinema near you, shared how thankful she is to be able to enjoy and prepare complicated dish in just minute. Speaking of movie, Suamiku Dari Langgit was actually surprisingly good to watch especially during this Raya with family and friends. It was hilarious, straight to the point and filled with so many day to day basis joke that would definitely cheer you up like when you're having a cup of Mamee Chef Lontong
For more about Mamee Chef Lontong head on over to for updates. Before I end my post, would like to take this opportunity to greet you a very Selamat Hari Raya and happy holiday.

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