Saturday, October 31, 2009

Traveling back in time

Stumble upon this little product that can actually bring you back to the past.. :p Well read on you will know what I meant..

I saw some site with the title Virgin Again and as a normal guy I would click in to see what it have to offer.. It is not in english so I have to use google translate to aid me

The Muslim world is angry at China.
Nation maokonfutsianskih atheists started doing business in the most sacred for any respectable Muslim - virgin brides.
The Chinese company Gigimo supplies for women who had premarital sex, but wishing to marry chaste virgins, a special set to simulate defloration.

Well from the translated text, it seems that there is this company in China that came out with this product "Virgin Again" where it could 'restore' the virginity of a girl as claimed.. The muslim is angry with it is because girl can now cheat and lie in marriage with the aid of virgin again despite that she is no longer a virgin..

What do you think? Good? Bad? Or just to boost the satisfaction to the max?

1 comment:

sukiminna said...

my opinion it depends on wat purpose u use it for..for married couple then its good ma..evryday like first nite..yeah

but if you use it to cheat on ur pakwe..then not good lah

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