Thursday, October 28, 2010

AmBank Inspector ATM Official Launch

Wow, thank to Nuffnang and this is my very first Glitterati Plus event that is sure to be wonderful. Attended to the event was several others famous blogger like Tian Chad, Suresh, Shanon, Edwin, Henry, and etc.. Sorry guys I'm bad at memorizing but promise would do better next time. Ok cut the crap shall we?

So what is this Inspector ATM all about?
So it seems that you could win something out of it $_$ cha-ching XD

It was actually AmBank getting involves into the social media or Facebook to be more specific. They would love to reach out to the millions of Malaysian after all we Malaysian has been reported to be the country with most frequent usage and with most friends. I've seen people with 4k friend.. @_@

AmBank Inspector ATM is actually a game, a contest where you could win yourself some iPad / iPhone. That's not just all, you too can win other cool prizes too.

To participate you need to first join and register yourself at AmBank Inspector ATM facebook (
Then head to any 7-11 with AmBank ATM machine and perform any kind of transaction that allows you to print receipt. Please do keep the receipt as you need it. After that snap a photo of you and the ATM.
Now score as much as possible to win. There are basically few ways to score, like getting votes, playing games, and performing more transaction in any participating 7-11 store with AmBank ATM. You don't need luck in this contest, all you need is effort. So no finger crossing required here
That's all for the launch
 Hey wait.. why are you running to 7-11 without me.. What the... By the way there were fun with games and activities all around Taylor's Lakeside campus where the official launch is held. You can also sign up on the spot and then be transferred into the cube where you could grab as many voucher as you could..
I manage to get RM20 KFC voucher and RM12 7-11 voucher.. Not bad for a starter.. Later on everyone decided to have a piece of the machine too before we head to the awesome restaurant run and manage my Taylor's student itself.
 Hope to see you guys tomorrow..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Adele: Rise Of The Mummy

As fierce as the title may sound, the movie is somewhat the opposite of what you've (or at least I've) expected / thought.
The movie is based on a comic book titled The Extraordinary Adventures Of Adele Blanc-Sec by French writer/artist Jacques Tardi. I don't know why the title was changed to Adele: Rise Of The Mummy in the movie which someone from the same hall that I was watching the movie earlier the night mistakenly it was the Mummy series which is of course not.

But come to think about it, the trailer too was kinda misleading in my opinion as there was only music playing and the music is heart trembling whereby there ain't even 1% of such rhythm in the movie. All you can hear off is the those funny and cartoonist type of song o.0 what the heck!
There was no pace if you ask me and the plot was rather weird. I think the original title suits the movie best as it was not all about mummies. It was Adele's journey, Adele's adventure, and Adele's encounterment! I guess the marketing team change the name to give the movie a brand new feel and a forceful rush to the movie, after all who don't get fired for doing shit?

Rate: 1/5

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Well it seems that the heat is on! I don't mean not just movie but the heat of the competition from advertising network here in Malaysia. Thank to Nuffnang for the screening tonight, but there was a more competitive screening at the same night same venue but with some lucky draw whereby 2 Sony walkman was given away after the screening by a newly born company named Sirens and it was also their first screening. Will see if things can be consistence :D

Takers is yet another action movie staring few big names like Matt Daemon, Chris Brown, Paul Walker and etc.. It is about a gang who are highly professional to rob and take anything they desired. They invest plenty of time plotting and drafting the operation and make sure everything go according to plan.

They are really unstoppable because every robbery is executed almost perfectly. But when there's money at stake there's greed, and where there's greed there's betrayal. Kinda typical right? I ain't no sharing any spoiler here this is already in the synopsis of the movie itself. The question here is who, how, and why.
Action scene can only be seen on the beginning and the ending portion of the movie and the rest are more to planning, and some character build up.
Not overall the best movie but neither was it bad.. Was okay to watch except that the fight scene was rather shaky. Could have include a bigger twist to make things more heat up and to further wake the audience up as I see someone yawning in the middle of the movie.. Lol

Rate: 2.5/5

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Child's Eye

I guess it is pretty sure what the movie is all about if you're superstitious person or if you are Chinese, and yea it is pretty much about ghost or spirit that can be easily spotted with a vision from children.
The selling point of the movie is well

apart from the 2 pretty lady (Rannie, Elanne Kwong) it is also because it is a first horror movie in 3D, am I right? or as what I've known off..
But apart from these attraction, is the movie any good? any value for money? I on one hand doesn't think so. Here's why.

1. Rannie ain't that good in her act when it comes to horror movie even though I never really see her acting in other genre of drama / movie, I'm still pretty sure that she did way better than she did in this title.Maybe she is better off playing role of a cute and gorgeous teen
2. Just because it is a 3D movie, certain number of animated CG was introduced to the movie and I swear they are not only stiff but fake too. It seems to be they just did it for the sake of the 'realistic' effect but hello how can you have a realistic result when the animation looks fake?
3. Loopholes, well every movie I have to admit does have glitches but common glitch shouldn't appear more than once and shouldn't be easily spotted. How on earth can a spirit / ghost have shadow o.0 and how on earth can a human shadow cover em??
That's what I think destroy the movie. However I do enjoy the first half of the movie when pace are starting to build up. Then when they discovered something new, it started to slow down the pace.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Celcom XPLAY Shout Awards

You've heard about Xpax but what exactly is Xplay? Be warned that Xplay is not for those with weak heart, but rather for those who have the thirst for some really awesome and cool parties in town. Xplay you see is not just about music, but rather a mega size over rewarding music event with music from various genre and it gather around all top artist and DJ that would definite electrify you night through out
Now what is Shout Awards then? Well it is a show dedicated to reward and to create recognition and to salute our best of the best home made artist who does not just create name for themselves here in Malaysia but also other part of the world, they truly made us proud to be Malaysian. Therefore this tiny award is dedicated to those who are more than just singing artist from every industry like music, TV, film, radio and etc, as long as they are from the entertainment line and they keep us hyped up, they're in..
Put Xplay and Shout Awards together you get yet another electrifying pre-show party to celebrate the nominees. It is so gonna happen on 13 November 2010 at The Library e@Curve and there are already a list of promising artist on the schedule list for the night and they are:

Disagree embodies the energy of Alternative Rock, delivering unique sounds that are distinctive, straightforward and yet seemingly radio friendly. Their hit numbers such as ‘Crumbs’, ‘Scarecrow Adam’, and ‘Suicide Note’, have substantiated high recognition in the Malaysian English music scene. By delivering music which that is more mature and intensely melodic, Disagree continues to be the rage in the alternative scene.
 HUJAN - is a music phenomenon in the internet era. this band started in 2005 with just Noh created demos on myspace. thanks to the power of social network, within few months they gathered some avid fans on myspace. finally in 2006 they formed as a band. From then on, they started to work on their first EP "1,2,3 GO?" and started touring across malaysia.
Hujan prefers to classify their music as alternative rock and has no qualms about delivering their material in Malay. Living and breathing the element they take their name after, their music alternates between the light, heavy and the torrential storm a reflection of the many stories, moods and agendas embedded in their songs. They sing about everything from love, God, family and to the happenings of the world.
2007-2008 period marked their journey as the most succesfull indie band in malaysia at that time with UK tour as their portfolio. with just one year, they crossed over from indie college gig to mainstream media crowd and the rest is history.
Mizz Nina 
MizzNina, the reigning queen of Malaysian hip hop scene shot to fame as part of the seminal Malaysian hip hop group, the Teh Tarik Crew, earning two AIM nominations for the group’s full-length album “How’s The Level?” in the process. Her growing repertoire of music has exposed the public to an unprecedented level. Lending her unique take on hip hop artistry, MizzNina continues to deliver a resounding display every time she’s on the mic or on the decks and is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the local entertainment industry.
DJ Ash
Originally hailing from Malaysia, Ash started DJ-ing in2004 in Australia. Since then, he has played most of Melbourne’s finest nightclubs and bars. He revolutionized and continues to lead the Mash-Up scene in Melbourne with his residency at the famed Seven Nightclub’s Sideroom, Melbourne’s Mash-Up scene by unleashing his creativity through mixing assorted music genres in his set. Ash has also played in special events such for Akon, T-Pain, MC Jin, MizzNina, Too Phat’s Joe Flizzow Montell Jordan, Justin Timberlake’s dancers and Australian Idol showcase.
Wow, that's quite a lengthy introduction but their profile is more than that, imagine how far they've made us proud.. Now don't you wish that you attend the party? Yes you do I bet.. But I have a bad news and a good news for you then. Bad news is that the party ain't open to public and it is strictly by invitation only. Good news is you can win some invites for you and your friends, and here's how

You can register for your exclusive FREE invitation from the Xpax Facebook at
1.    Join as a fan and click on the “XPLAY” tab
2.    Register for a FREE invitation.
3.    1st 150 customers to register on Xpax Facebook will get Free Drinks as well! (If you are an Xpax or U.O.X. member, you’ll get 2 drinks!)

Besides the pre-show party you too can actually score yourself some invites to the Shout Awards too by following the simple steps

Just download 3 Call Me Tones of the Mobile Content Award 2010 nominees from  and stand a chance to win free passes to attend Shout! Awards on 20 November 2010!

So what are you waiting for? Hurry open up your facebook and start RSVPing!!!! Hope to see all of you there on 13 November 2010 at The Library e@Curve and together we rock the house down :p

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Woot yet another movie night and serving tonight is none other than the movie RED staring Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman, and RED is not just your ordinary color it stands for Retired Extremely Dangerous
The movie was adopted from a DC comic that was published back in 2003 and it is about a team of retired CIA who is now on the to-hunt-and-to-kill list but whoever it is behind that. Though they may be old enough to be your grandpa they are not like what you see / think. They are all very well equipped and very dangerous.
Though the poster may seems to be very "fierce" but it ain't what you thought, I mean not entirely.. It started of with very jazzy music and from it you know oh it is one of those funny action movie, well you were somewhat correct but again not entirely correct too..
Personally I found the joke were kinda lame and I could barely smile.. Plot wise was rather messy and I'm kinda lost in the beginning and I don't know if it was due to the comic style, but I believe there's more work around that could be accomplish to better and audience friendly movie.
If I were to compare RED to any other movie I will pick The Losers as the similarity in terms of concept and genre, and I would say that I don't mind watching The Losers again, but for RED, hmmm.. I doubt so even they have few new action move / pose that should be given applause to.

Rate: 2.5/5

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You Again

Any Kristen Bell fans here, even though I'm not I still think she's adorable even when the role play the "ugly duckling" in the movie You Again.
But before my thought toward the movie, I would like to rant abit, TGV did it again, bravo! They annoyed me once more.. Ok feels better now..
You Again tells a story whereby Marni's (played by Bell) brother is going to marry a girl whom was once a bully, and to be more specific Marni is her victim. Not only that the bride-to-be's aunt was somehow have had conflict with Marni's mom which spicy up thing a little more..
Come to think of it, what would you do if you were in such situation? Revenge? Start all new? No idea? Then maybe you can get some from this movie itself.. Oh yea there was a special appearance by an actor who is now quite well known in the movie industry..
There were however only a moderate share of humor and the rest were pretty much about past and present life.. It would be a greater surprise if you have not seen the promo video and it would be great if you are into such genre.

Rate: 2.5/5

Life As We Know It

Anyone know who Josh Duhamel (the main actor in this movie) is? Well he is none other than the soldier from Transformer and Transformer Revenge of The Fallen, and instead of another machinery shooting film, he is into a baby sister o.0
Life as we know it was an easy and slow pace movie, the jokes was okay and the storyline was touching at some point even though there were parts where it is very old school and kinda predictable.
So what kind of parenting will you get when you put 2 single person into the job with one being the playboy and one being the closest friend to the tragic parent? Overall I think Josh Duhamel did quite a good job in a different role from his past acting career but there's still plenty of room to improve..

Rate: 3/5

Monday, October 18, 2010


Endhiran is a Tamil word which also means robot in English, has caused a stir here in Malaysia before its release. The movie is I think a Tamil first highest budget sci-fi movie which involves the team from Matrix and etc.. Sound fierce..
As you can see the poster too does cause more effort than those that we (actually I :p) usually saw in Tamil film, so this is not a kids play.. So what happen before the release of Endhiran in Malaysia? Chaos! Fans have been seeking for advance booking of the movie because they wanted to watch first when it is release, but due to unforeseen circumstances, major cinema like GSC, Cathay, TGV couldn't do so until they receive confirmation on the screening right. On the other hand Lotus was holding a premier screening with the price of @RM60/tix that comes with pop corn and drinks which I think was also sold out.. But that was then, this is now..
The best part of the movie is to be able to see that film from this league is moving toward a better and much advance filming and the movie does hit the UK and US based on a search on the Internet..
However the story plot is kinda predictable and with much preshown trailer, you could basically gets not only the idea but also the effect from the movie.. Of course you too could expect songs and dance from it as well..
Action wise I think they should look into the area where it would boost the scene, like playing with angle perhaps that would eventually make fake things goes real.. Just like how Kung Fu movie..
GC was a mixture of good and bad but overall it was a good start, a pioneer in Tamil movie this I have to say., I think I don't get it is how the human formed snake digest what it swallowed?

Oh ya the song was somewhat clingy to the mind too but I guess I will need more time to fall in love with it.. The overall style can well, mostly be summarize by the following video

Rate: 3/5

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nuffnang Glitterati + Meeting

What a Saturday to crawl up early in the morning to attend a meeting, and worse part is to had a party last night till I'm so exhausted, but still somehow the meeting worth all the effort!
Before the details about this meeting is all about, you might have to know what Glitterati is?
If you are a Nuffnang member, I'm sure you are already aware of it but if otherwise fret not, here's what it is. There are basically 2 member status for each Nuffnang member, the Normal or Glitterati. The ordinary status is where once you joined you are a normal member. So how do you get upgrade to this cool Glitterati title? Simple, just promise that you serve only Nuffnang banner / ads (within Asia Pacific) on your blog.Meaning to say that you can still serve ads from Google parallel with Nuffnang and you will still be awarded with Glitterati status..
What is that?
So now what Glitterati Plus is? Well to clear off some confusion as I did earlier Glitterati Plus is not in any form a higher rank from Glitterati. It also means that you don't get more ads just because you are a Glitterati Plus. The Glitterati Plus is just merely a community to gather blogger under one hood and to reward them with.. what you call that.. with press / media 'privilege'. Example media screening, product launch, event / party, community service, and etc.. These event most of the time happen during office hour, therefore it is not a you-have-i-must-have thing. It just open you up to access to private function in a simpler word.
The Criteria
- Actively Blogging > more than 5 blogspot every month
- Participated in 30% of Nuffnang Events
- Participated in 50% of Nuffnang Contests
If you fulfill any 2 out of the 3 requirement, then you can apply for it

How to Apply?
For time being the application form is still under progress, but you could actually start applying via
- @GPlusMY in Twitter
- GPlusMY in facebook
- Dedicated GPlusMY page in Nuffnang

Hmm.. Should I Apply
Like I said there is no need to rush, you could take your time to think about it. Here's why you must apply
  • Love Blogging - Your finger speak louder than your mouth
  • Event / Party freak
  • Contest Junkie
  • Social around with bloggers
  • Treat blogger like celebrity :p
  • Love organizing / managing events
Upcoming Projects
  • Blogging Workshop (Dec)
  • Futsal (Nov)
  • Charity Event (Jan 2011)
So can I apply to be Glitterati + Member?
Like I've mentioned as long as you are a Glitterati member you can apply for it effective today, this very moment while you are reading this. Since the application open on the spot, I guess pretty much everyone there applied already. But it doesn't matter if you are invited to the meeting or whether you have attended the meeting or not, you can still apply. To apply maybe you can leave them a wall post in Facebook and/or tweet em in Twitter for time being..

After the meeting there was refreshment provided and some free time to mingle around with other awesome bloggers before the tour to Taylor's Lakeside Campus..

I left earlier because I got something else somewhere else and I don't want to be stuck in the jam. However before I leave manage to look around the campus and all I have to say "Man, this campus is awesome!"
I guess the students here are quite wealthy, look at the cafe here, Wong Kok, Secret Recipe, Subway, etc..

The very tall and fierce building.. While we were in the lecture hall I saw 2 dude sitting here from the hall itself.. Wonder what they were doing there.. Found out they were feeding the fish later on.. Nice
Ok that's all for now.. If you have any doubts on regard of the Glitterati + thingy do leave a comment cause I'm afraid that with a lousy memory of mine, I might have left out some important point.

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