Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Got an invitation from MiG to the exclusive screening of 3 peas in a pod in TGV Sunway Pyramid last week along side with the director Michelle Chong, the cast, and various local artist. The movie feature new comer Jae Liew from Singapore, Calvin Chen from Taiwan boy band Fahrenheit and former U-Kiss member Alex Lee Eusebio.
The plot evolved around 3 university student who became close friend throughout their study period and was bond by love and admire among one another. Upon receiving their final result they plan to go backpacking in a luxury manner somehow to get to know each other before bidding farewell. The scene was filmed in Victoria and South Australia on their trip but sadly there weren't too many impressive scenery that make me go WOW, but no doubt the director did attempt to not just bring out the scene but personally I think she did a pretty decent job in bringing the character to live and added a twist to the plot that make it interesting.
I don't know how to describe further more about the plot without giving spoiler so I will just say 3 peas in a pod is a triangle love with a twist. With its momentum picking up over time, it is kinda draggy too at the same time. It took quite a while to develop the 3 character and it would be great if there were more time spent on making more interesting plot and scene.
With the growing interest of backpacking and working holiday, the director seize the opportunity and make a film with a theme out of it. It does inspire youngster in making small step, leaving their comfort zone to go venture and explore the world. Several different perspective of life was introduced in the movie as well. I would say it is a great movie to watch over the weekend.

Rate: 3/5

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Devil's Due

Have a #Churpremiere screening of #DevilsDue at Cathay e@Curve on Tuesday night and I was kinda looking forward to it despite knowing that I shouldn't carry great expectation toward it.
It started off with police interrogating the husband of a newlywed in what appear to be murder case in the eye of law, and with such opening, it kinda give away how the entire story would end. The story then zoom back to a day before the 2 get marry. It was rather draggy on the first half of the movie as they spent too much time in character development and yet too short on what suppose to be exciting. After a mysterious night on their honeymoon, the wife is pregnant with what they believe will soon be their child and it was an unexpected pregnancy. This is where things started to get weird for the newlywed but sadly it doesn't really get the fear into me.
Most of the scene are shot in handy cam format and those who feel uneasy easily should stay far far away from Devil's Due.

Rate: 1/5

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Transcend (超度)

Ever since 2014 begin, my Facebook timeline has been flooded with first of everything. Things like my first supper, first movie, first this first that which I find it rather annoying to be honest. So here is my first gala premiere screening in 2014 - The Transcend at GSC Pavilion along with my first free parking in KL area.
The locally made Chinese horror movie wasn't that promising judging from its official trailer but still out of my free time, I attended the screening on Thursday night. The story begin with a newbie horror novel writer who literally produced a really lousy work and his best pal decided to aid him in achieving bigger success in publishing the second novel. His pal decided to look for help in opening his "third eye" so that he could experience a ghostly experience in search for better inspiration.
 Though it started off with a rather ordinary pace / plot, what actually caught my attention is the appearance of the spooky element which is a combination of CGI and make up. Forget about all the crappy Thai horror movie with rather funny ghostly character, this actually is way much spookier and scarier than that. While the movie is at its peak, things started to change. To me everything went downhill with the plot getting weaker and less interesting starting with the writer brave encounter with the unrest soul.
The movie as you already know is in Chinese as its main language and it seems to lock its audience to Malaysian only because it included dialect we Malaysian usually speak. Judging from its first attempt in such genre / language, I find The Transcend stand at the not bad section.

Rate: 2.5/5

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Person I'm Most Grateful For

I would be strike by lighting if I say my parents aren't my world most grateful person. I might even be THOR-ture and rot in hell for not being thankful to my parents who brought me to this world, and gave me more than what they could afford. So Daddy Mommy, THANK YOU for everything. I would also have to say sorry to my parents as this blogpost is dedicated to yet another special person who I am also grateful for in my life.
Introducing my Angel Nini Ong
Before anyone go into ranting mode, let me justify my claim, or perhaps let me properly introduce who Nini Ong is. She is not other than my lovely girlfriend of 4 years plus now and we met through a rather unique way. Fret not I am not going to get you bored with the details on how we begin and let's just fast forward to why I am grateful with her existence in my world. For someone as special as her, I guess it would only be right to compose a poem to her instead of plain text description, so can you please create a beat by clapping while I "rap" it out.
Nini Ong is my angel, my soul. She is
[D]ecently sociable compare to the rest,
[I]ngenious enough to handle any given test,
[G]entle, Gorgeous & Girly that cause resulted in long "application" queue from east to west,
[I]gnite & Inspire me to be the best.

Like the Galaxy S4, she had the "4S"s that I've been searching high and low all this while prior in meeting her and they "4S"s are

  1. Supportive - Doesn't matter what I like or what I do, she will always be there to support my thought and ideas. She does however is a sensible supporter who is brave enough to voice out on matter that she thought is not right.
  2. Skillful - My multi-talented Angel is everything a guy every dream of. From kitchen to work force, nothing is able to stop her from achieving what she desired. Mind you, she is not only good in things she do, she did it with passion and with all her heart. Even the simplest meal she prepare come with a decorative love in it.
  3. Straightforward - One who doesn't say No when the actual answer is YES. So guys, need I explain more?
  4. Saver - From a heroic to shopper, she save it all. Heroically she can be your friend who you can rely one, your total stranger you would be thankful for, and the list continue. Also a wise shopper who doesn't spend on wanted item but instead only on necessity goods.
Hearty meal prepared for me with love
I just couldn't stress enough how much my GF meant to be, but in short she is a ONE-derful Angel sent from [H]eaven [T]o [C]omplete me. Although we argue at times, not only it didn't break us, it make us stronger because we work things out and learn more about each other as we go on. My GF as I know it is responsive as the HTC One and will always be there for me like DiGi coverage.
So who is that person that you’re most grateful of in life? If you don't mind can make a shout out to the world by leaving a comment below. No matter who that person is, don't you wish you can surprise or reward him/her without hurting your own (wallet)? Well glad that you stop by this post because you will be able to do so and here's how...
DiGi as we know it as Malaysia's widely preferred mobile network is having a DiGizens Thank You Sale promotion. Forget about Year End Sales because it would mean you will be spending no matter how despite a discounted price tag. A DiGizens Thank You Sale however gives you FREE smartphone / tablet! Yes FREE smartphone / tablet!

If you think getting a Sony Xperia C for FREE make you drool and wet your floor, wait till you find out more of the FREE model available like Sony Xperia Z. Other model include Samsung, HTC, and many more..
No joke and it is still way too early to pull an April fool joke on my lovely reader, so you better believe what you're reading!  From Apple to Samsung, Sony to HTC, there's so many FREE device for you to choose from. Do go here for a full list of FREE smartphone / tablet on this DiGizens Thank You Sales promotion - http://bit.ly/1aNyx6y
Honestly speaking, how much did your telco reward you the way DiGi did? Not only DiGi recognise its customer, DiGi too think ahead for you. After a year of hardwork in 2013, DiGi don't want you spend another single cent on latest gadget. Not only did DiGi plan rate remain despite all the price hike in 2014, DiGizens decided to also give in FREE gadget you've drooling for whole year long! Now you can pamper the person you're grateful for in a luxury manner too.

Amazingly DiGi don't just give smartphone or tablet, the amazing promotion too include free Modem/MiFi with Subscribe to any of DiGi Postpaid Broadband plan. OMG I'm getting so excited all about the CRAZY promotion. This has to be the next BEST thing after sex a millionaire (which some people like me doesn't know the feeling of a millionaire yet). You can enjoy deals from the year-end promotion from 2 December 2013 – 31 January 2014 as well as on a while stocks last basis. So don't take too long to decide which device you want FREE.
There is no other way that is more amazing that starting off 2014 with FREE stuff and not just any small freebies. For further information about the DiGizens Thank You Sales promotion, do visit http://bit.ly/1aNyx6y

**Psst: This blogpost is in no way an attempt to 'shoe polish' my lovely GF. Everything said is from the bottom of my heart.

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