Monday, August 29, 2011

Nasi Lemak 2.0

Yet another Gala Premiere of Nasi Lemak 2.0 at Cathay e@Curve, a movie made in Malaysia by one who had make a huge controversial. He is none other and better known as Namewee.
So what's so special about this movie? Well as a Malaysian, one should at least know who Namewee is and all his artwork. If you don't I suggest you to google it.. But the point here ain't about his past or his path, it is more toward his passion doing what he believes in and achieving it..
The most amazing element in Nasi Lemak 2.0 is that Namewee managed to gather people from different races who speaks different dialect and people who is willing to learn and respect other's right sincerely, WITH a very limited budget..
Besides that, equipment too is an important issue due to the lack of fund.. Thus Nasi Lemak 2.0 I shot using none other than Canon 5D Mark II entirely.. Could this mark a new trend in the movie/photography industry? Guess we will find out soon..
The plot was rather typical and predictable, not forgetting kinda "crazy" too.. Whatever it is, the movie focus heavily on the race unity value that you will get what Namewee trying to convey in every corner of the movie.. Look, even TINY little like his T-Shirt convey such message too!
If you are familiar with his work beforehand, you will see similarity in Nasi Lemak 2.0.. That's why if all this while you're enjoying his video post, you're sure to enjoy this.. Not sure if you will love (or even like) this if you are the opposite :p
There were joke where I seriously think only we Malaysian understand and only us can laugh at.. With that it is simpler to say Nasi Lemak 2.0 is a Malaysia made movie for Malaysian..

Rate: 3/5

Friday, August 26, 2011


Thank to DailyChilli  for the invites to Gala Premiere for Colombiana which was suppose to feature few famous stars who will be attending the screening on the same night as well and among them are Amber Chia, Jojo Struys, Yasmin Hani, Atilia, Marsha AF, Yew Han Baker, Amanda Imani as well as Ford supermodels Kelly Jagan and Danny Lim. Beauty queens Soo Wincci, Cindy Chen and Lakshmi Appadorai will also lend their glam touch to the special screening.
On the same night there is another movie (Conan) clash but I happily pick Colombiana for the list of "Leng Luis" (gorgeous lady). Gear and arm myself with a camera, I went over happily and am prepare to snap some photos. Was later learn that they were no where to be seen, not even a shadow.. =.="
A young woman, after witnessing her parents' murder as a child in Bogota, grows up to be a stone-cold assassin. Yes this is yet another recycle concept which ain't that mastermind anymore.
Following her parent's lead she came back with full vengeance, hunting down all the bad@$$ one by one while trying to fish out the one who is responsible for her parent's death.
While I must agree that female make better assassin, there is still lack of the "WOW" factor. Even though the movie stars someone who you may not be aware off, but you should know Zoe Saldana from Avatar.
This is a much enjoyable movie if I'm allow to compare it with Final Destination 5. Plot was so so, action scene was okay.

Rate: 3/5

Final Destination 5

Now who don't know what Final Destination is all about? If you don't then you're probably newly born. This famous horrifying 'accident' franchise has craved its name into the bone of many and had plan to go ahead to produce its 5th installment. Notice that lately movie screening is held in KL area and this time round in TGV KLCC.
Like all its franchise, a few survival from a falling bridge soon found out that they can't cheat death. Sound familiar? It sure did.
It has nothing new to offer in terms of the death mechanism except for the new group of people who have no idea what they are about to go through for cheating death.
This is quite redundant  and I find it quite unattractive because I can guess what will happen even before the screening itself.. How nice if they could include something new to reboost the hype toward the movie.
Some people still find the way each one killed was gruesome but to me I find it nothing much to scream about. On top of that I felt that in this series, death is feeling little generous and thank to Malaysia censorship board, there aren't much you can really see / feel.

Rate: 2/5

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cars 2

Had another great weekend preview screening and this time round Cars 2 from Disney Picture. As usual on on most Disney's movie, there's a short clip right before the movie start and this time round if a clip from Toy Story
I don't think I watch Cars in the first place but a good movie doesn't require you to do so. A good movie will allow viewer to pick up at any point and yet create the interest to audience to look forward for those that they missed.
This time round McQueen took part in World Grand Prix which was held oversea and he brought along his best buddies Mater. But the road to the championship becomes rocky as Mater gets caught up in an intriguing adventure of his own: international espionage.
My thought on this movie initially was a kiddo movie, but I was wrong. At the very beginning of the movie I had a jaw break WTF moment because of the awesomely blended CGI. Soon I found out not only the movie is entertaining, it is not kiddo at all. Despite being animated film, I can really feel the engine heat, racing through their nemesis.

Rate: 3.5/5

Lulla Man

Lulla Man was release at 4 August 2011 in Malaysia but because of movie clashes, I have to give it a pass despite receiving several invites. Reason of doing so is because I had never watch any Thai comedy romance before and dare not take the risk until today.
I miss the beginning of the show because I was rushing over from GSC 1U for Cars2 screening, but I guess it begin with 3 married man who's always out late night with girls apart from their wife causes suspicious among their wives and decided to team up to investigate.
Thai is famous for its horror movies and not forgetting some Kung Fu styled movie (maybe there's also romance genre but it did not get through Malaysia censorship board), but how well is this Lulla Man?
So what's the 3 married man's plan in executing a plan that would benefits them and at the same time avoid being spotted by their wife. Watch how things got out of hand (yea kinda expected and saw this coming) and what happen when their wife found out what really going on behind their back.
Lulla man is a movie that portrait how one would scarifies everything for the one they loved. It also convey the message that one should appreciate what you have and cherish that moment together in a comedy manner. But dude are always dudes, they will never change, once they tried they'll never stop

Rate: 2.5/5

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Free MAYDAY 3DNA 五月天《追梦3DNA》ticket

FYI, there will be a free movie ticket redemption for the movie MAYDAY 3DNA 五月天《追梦3DNA》 and if you are a fan of MayDay this is something you shouldn't miss cause the screening will be held in GSC Maxx in Berjaya Time Square
To redeem the ticket you need to follow these 3 simple step

  1. Bring any 2 original copy of MayDay album
  2. Bring any 2 movie stub from one of these movie  The Fortune Buddies, Treasure Hunt, Spy Kid: All the Time in the World, Summer Love Love, Conan The Barbarian
  3. Go queue up for the ticket
Screening details as below

Sunday, August 28 · 11:00am - 2:00pm

Berjaya Times Square Main Entrance

*** 500 tickets will be given out!

More details here

Spy Kids 4D

Spy Kids 4D as is the 4th installment for its Spy Kid trilogy and as the title suggest it comes in 4 Dimension format. What's 4D technically?
4 Dimension is a combination of 3D with physical effect according to source. These physical effect can range from movable chairs, raining drop, wind blowing effect and etc. Spy Kids 4D introduces the 4th element in aromatic form.
The first thing that came into (technically) every dude's mind is "Yay I can now smell Jessica Alba" but disappointment awaits you if you're one of em.
Each individual will be given an Aroma-Scope with numbers on it. What you need to do is to scratch accordingly when the number appears on screen. Personally I find it kinda irritating because when you're 1) forced to look for tools to scratch 2) search for the number in a dark hall 3) take your eye off the screen. The worse part is that most of it smell the same and it smell like bubble gum (except for number 7 that stink if I'm not mistaken).
Spy Kids trilogy never impress me in anyway for as far as I could remember and it was proven to be true again in this series. While the plot has nothing new in it, the CGI doesn't blend in too well. It is as if you were watching a Singapore made movie.
As a conclusion, there is nothing really special with the aroma scope except to get the kids hyped up and to get em curious on it. The movie is more toward children oriented I must say with majority of kiddies plot.

Rate: 1.5/5

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Was happy that I got a surprise invitation from Nuffnang and United International Picture for the very special screening of Bridesmaids in Cathay e@Curve, it was indeed an honour to be in the screening.
Glad that I push Treasure Hunt aside (and Glee 3D unintentionally) for this movie. Honestly speaking from the poster itself the movie seems pretty normal, even the trailer was so so only.
Bridesmaids is all about a girl named Annie who's heart broken and broke being picked by her best friend to be maid of honor, who have to go through expensive ritual. To make things worse, she have to deal with one particular maid of honor who make things even tough for her.
Not long at the beginning of the movie, there was a "potong stim" scene where the sexual/foul scene was censored in Malaysia. Things started to get back its pace pretty soon too.
Seriously this is one heck of comedy movie of the year. It is a totally female version of craziness who put aside their gorgeous image and pull of stunt joke that will make you fall off your seat. There ain't much I can (or know how to) write without giving spoiler. Definite this is a MUST watch comedy of the year, but bear in mind you'll have to deal with several censorship if you're watching in Malaysia.

Rate: 4/5

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Legend of A Rabbit

Well well, what can I say, the very moment I saw the poster of the rabbit, I can't stop thinking that hey this is very "Chinese". Look into the tiny little eye of the rabbit and you'll notice what I mean. Legend of A Rabbit was indeed a China made animation, first that is beyond terrible (according to what I'm aware of) but still below par.
Despite knowing it is this is not a DreamWorks production, one wouldn't stop comparing (or worse thought) this with Kung Fu Panda. For those who thought so, this is NOT and the movie is played in Cantonese language here in Malaysia.
Was is good? Depending on how you view it. To me it seems to be a good start and the movie has plenty of room for improvement. The plot was rather simple and straight forward which is kinda boring in a way. The element / character in the movie looks familiar.
The rendering wasn't smooth enough and there is still this VERY obvious feet not touching ground / palm not gripping object scene. Look I don't usually spot movie mistake but this is too obvious.
The movie last for approx 90 minute which is not too short nor too long, but I also notice that there were quite a number of not necessary/draggy scene which was intended to make the audience laugh but ended up quite annoying.

Rate: 1.5/5

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens

Special thank to Nuffnang and ChurpChurp for the special screening of Cowboys and Aliens happen 1 day before the actual release date at TGV KLCC. There is one thing I don't quite like for screening is KL and that is the jam also not forgetting the parking. Good Lord I did not took the LRT as there has been some hiccups right before the show start
Cowboys & Aliens isn't an attractive movie title if you asked me and if it wasn't from the director of Ironman and the cast feature "James Bond" I might event skip it.
It begin with this dude named Jake (Daniel Craig) woke up in the middle of the dessert having no clue where he come from or who he is, only thing is know is that he is wearing a weird metal bangle.
Soon not only he found his way to a cowboy town, he too caught himself into trouble and end up being caught and imprison. This is where he got his shot to become a hero with the aid of his bangle (which automatically weapon up) when the Aliens show up. You see up till this point, the director try to get you suspended and curious on all these question mark.
Did it succeed? Is a no from me because these are some sort of familiar story that I've seen several times. The CGI wise was okay but not to the extend where it is impressive. I however felt that there were more human and sci-fi elements in the movie. There were sadly always quite a large amount of scene dedicated to story / character building.

Overall: It is an enjoyable movie. It is also curiosity that kill that cat because I wanted to see how "Bond" get pawned by the Aliens XD

Rate: 2.5/5

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Reef

We have seen a year full of novel to movie / comic to movie conversion this far, and less of a redo. The Reef happen to be a 'recycle' movie to me by adapting the theme of shark.
One of the biggest reason I classify it as recycle is because in this movie, you see bubbles and water in majority of the scene. So you know, every scene are more or less the same that you could eventually copy and paste to extend the length of the movie.
As far as I recall, movie with such theme wasn't really a big hit, expect when it was newly introduced. I too remember that such movie is filled with thrill and sometimes can be quite suspended. The Reef however wasn't in any of those.
The entire movie got me flash back to another movie with similar concept - Black Water, later found out that they were both from the same director (Andrew Traucki). What's worse in this movie is that the shark don't even get more than 5% of screen time (despite being in a theme), and the ending was rather jaw breaking. I felt like the entire movie is heading no where and that it fails terribly. It is not a movie that you will wanna waste your 90min of life. Trust me, don't even think of watching it even if you have watched every other movie.

Rate: 1/5

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Street Fighter X Tekken Preview

Headed for a very exclusive event on 6 August 2011 - The Preview of Street Fighter X Tekken, a yet to be launch game for the Playstation 3 and a game that had caught the attention from both Street Fighter and Tekken fans.
Originally venue is suppose to be @ Sony Center in The Curve but has later moved to a bigger and better place - Red Box, The Garden.
There was also food served buffet style, although previously during The Infamous preview session there were Starbucks coffee, I somehow prefer food :p Which explain how my belly come along.

 Thank God after few event that staff me for not having enough food, this time round I have a satisfy lunch =)
Took some desert to open up my appetizer, and I know desert are meant for last, I just love doing it opposite way.
Now come the main course, can't have enough of Nasi Lemak and Fish Chip..
The setup @ event hall
The drooling screen that everyone wish to try out but can't because we were suppose to wait for the opening first.. Argh!!!! This is just a beta release and these are by far the list of character available.
Waiting for more participants..
Just can't stop staring at it and drool myself dry..

Some of the basic command to prepare us while we drool
And finally let the game begin.. Oh ya there were preview of Captain America and Bleach too but pity em did not really get the spotlight.

Everyone was queuing up to get the hands on Street Fighter X Tekken

Only a small amount of people try out others game because of the long queue.. Lol

There were already tournament going on elimination style. I did register for it but cancel it off later because I'm running late for a survey that earns me RM150 for 20 minute of questions :) Anyway here's some random video that I managed to capture.

Overall the event was great but as for the game, after several try out, I felt that it would be greater if there were more character to select. Don't bother whether there will be any less use character, we just love seeing a list of known character :) Beside  that the game is kinda "Street Fighterish" but simplified moves. Perhaps this is something they should look into?

Special thank to Sony Entertainment Hong Kong and Sony Entertainment Malaysia for making this happen and, Hardwarezone, and GameAxis for the invites :)

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