Monday, August 31, 2009


She likes

He likes

She loves

He loves

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Secret Revealed

In my previous post I mentioned that I'm gonna tell you how to be rich if you still remember..

Here's a screen shot of my current earning..

And here's a shot of my previous earning

Well the secret is here.. Click on this link to find out how..

Don't forget to buy me dinner when you are rich..

Friday, August 28, 2009

Free Sony PSP

If I tell you that there are a million dollar right under the ground of my house, will you go dig for it? Probably not cause I'm mostly lying, after all even if I have such amount why would I wanna tell you?

But if I tell you that is giving out free Sony PSP, will you want to grab it? Yes I assume. Gamer or not the Sony PSP serves many entertainment purpose.. I need not tell exactly what is a Sony PSP as it was not something new.. But in brief it is a mobile gaming gadget with complete multimedia element..

It is a contest from actually and it is one of the most easiest contest I've ever encountered.. Read on..

It couldn't be simpler, just place a link to in your website or blog, and stand a chance to win a brand spanking new Sony PSP 3000!

Once you have placed the link, email me ( the URL of the page where the link is :)


1) This contest will run until 15th September 2009 and is open to everyone.
2) All incoming links will be tracked and the winner will be selected randomly from the shortlisted top 10 entries.
3) The winner will be announced on 20th September at the website.
3) The judges decision is final, unless he changes his mind.

Click here to view more

Simple right? So quickly grab a link from either one of those banner and post em up..
As for me I will be putting on the medium banner on my right bar.. Good luck guys..
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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well this is the least wanted to watch in my movie list, but still I manage to get a pair of free passes to it.. Little did I expect the movie was as if it was a ghost movie.. *grins*

Anyway the director did a great job by making you thinking that Aaron is the one behind all these, but as you read on I can assure you that me too can do a great job by becoming a big spoiler..

The first half of the movie was not bad though there are still room for improvement.. Aaron was fainted at a crime scene, and eventually lost his memory.. Still he wanted to solve the case so badly that he even move on even not remembering anything.. And every clue he found pointed back to him.. Is like having 2 identity and you couldn't remember what you did when your other half 'went off'

There were quite some brutal scene which was an added point to the movie.. However things started to get a twist and everyone was like

Yea the OMG expression on everyone's face.. It was also

That moment happen when the true murderer or master mind appear.. Least expected and really lame..

Go find out more yourself if you are interested in finding out the rest..


Art have become an element in every aspect of our daily life, even for crime such as art of stealing, art of scamming, art of fighting, ... you get the idea, and this movie is about the art of killing (hitman)

Seriously, I don't know if it is only me or everyone else in the hall, but I find that the movie is dead bored.. First of all the storyline was lame, the shooting style wasn't something new, and worse of all the style of killing was not cool.. Shouldn't they have a look in taken before shooting this? And as we know every hitman have their principle and sames here, they don't kill innocent people if their face is not saw by any of em.. Thus it wasted plenty of time before killing.. Gosh~

Anyway shall you still insist to watch this film, please prepare a pillow..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hum for music title

Ever get frustrated when you heard some cool song over the radio but couldn't figure out who is the artist and what is the song title? All you could is just remember the tone, the rhythm, and maybe a few sentence from it..

Thank to, you can now hum over your microphone and midomi will then search thru its database for song that matches / has similar rhythm to the one you hummed / sing.. Pretty cool huh? Check out more at its website..

midomi is the ultimate music search tool because it is powered by your voice. Sing, hum, or whistle to instantly find your favorite music and connect with a community that shares your musical interests. Give it a try. It's truly amazing!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

So many yet so limited

Again all premier movie falls on the same day.. Sigh~
Kinda sad that I couldn't catch em all..

There were I Love You, Beth Cooper and Orphan

Planned to watch Orphan with nuffnang kakis in Mid Valley but couldn't make it as it was too rush.. So ended up watching I Love You, Beth Cooper.. Just yet another teenage kind of movie..

The story is about a guy confessing his feeling toward a girl he had crush on who happen to have a boyfriend at that moment during a graduation speech.. To his surprise the girl gave what it seems to be a positive response thereafter.. Only then he found out that the girl is not what he thought she is..

Kinda lame though.. Heard Orphan was good and scary.. God damit miss that..

Anyway stay tune in my upcoming entry I will tell you how to earn and make some quick and big buck from google adsense.. Yea.. In short I'm gonna reveal the secret to be RICH

Some preview on today's earning..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where did Google Chrome get inspired from?

Well we all known (or at least now you know) that Google Chrome is a free Internet browser that allow you to surf the web. Even though Google have always been supporting firefox, Google have came out with its own version of firefox and of course with some add on new feature.. Despite its release, Google still support firefox as before..

So know you know how and where google get inspired for the application platform.. Do you know where and from whom did google get inspired from for the Google Chrome logo?
Come on.. think..
*Hint: Anyone who is using PC should be familiar...
Is from MICROSOFT... Don't believe? Look below

one man's meat is another man's poison

If you are an Internet savvy person, you should have notice that there are a few trend that everyone seems to be doing or seems to be picking up interest on that area. There are namely:
1.) Photography - More and more people are getting dslr for photography nowadays.. and they even venture into investing on lens, accessories, and equipment
2.) Social Networking - A few common one would be facebook, myspace, friendster. This is where some people abuse it for dating purpose.. Also plenty of them (which include me :þ) didn't post my own face onto my profile page even though it is named as FACEbook..
3.) Blogging - I'm just another good example.. trying to blog and update daily but failed misery as my life isn't as interesting as others.. I couldn't afford to go outing every week.. :( Anyone care to sponsor? XD
4.) Selling goods - More college or even secondary student started to earn their first ringgit by selling goods online.. Which explained why the price of certain item were 'spoiled' as people tend to compare.. What others didn't realize is that those student may not be doing this business long term.. They just want some quick buck and end of story.. Sort of hit and run kind of situation..
5.) "Individual activity report" - Appeared usually on blog, twitter, facebook, msn.. whatever an individual gonna do or have already done, they would just shout it out on either (or all) of the mentioned site/apps so that their 'friends' know their activities, and whereabouts.. Some even used it for 'showing off'..

Well the entry of this post is not to crap about those trendy stuff.. but I don't know why I wrote so long on that also.. lol.. Anyway I wanted to share with those who wish they could be a spoiler like what I've mentioned in point 4. hehe.. Lately if you notice in most local forum, be it lowyat or malaysianbabes or anything else.. it seems that seller that sell coupon, voucher, discount card, or even membership card is getting more and more.. And it is proven true that by selling such item you get to gain some profit within shortest time.. Of course you have to make sure that you get those ticket free, how, by participating in any contest you come over.. You never know you might won some VIP passes which of course make you more money.. This is how I convert 2 pcs of card into few pcs of useful paper
Got bored waiting for customer to arrive... So took a snapshot on the item that I'm gonna to sell..
Tada... Turned into cold hard cash..

Well I have to admit that the concert is one that not to be miss.. I will love the atmosphere there love the band love them singing live love the crowd love the H1N1 sweat love everything on the concert.. But nothing beats the feeling of holding some cold hard cash..

So for those who wish to get started into selling item but is worry about not being able to sell.. you could start with something that you don't want anymore.. Start selling off your unwanted stuff instead of throwing em off.. After all one man's meat is another man's poison.. You never know how valuable the item could be to others.. At least selling 2nd hand item give you some confidence in selling

Monday, August 17, 2009

"Genius" caught on camera

Imagine this, you are an engineering student and you are standing right infront of an unknown machine that is blocking your way and you don't know how it operate, how on earth will you bypass it?

Apparently there is a Pakistan student (according to source) who happen to be engineering student and happen to not knowing how a automatic sliding door operate manage to 'run through' it.. Watch the video

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Alien in the attic

I've watched 2 continuous alien based movie past 2 days.. Watched alien in the attic on Tuesday night at 1Utama GSC

Someone once told me that 17 Again was a kids/teen movie, but he haven't watch this.. Well the trailer was a big spoiler and is another contained-all-the-good-stuff-in-the-movie kind of trailer..

In brief.. The aliens couldn't mind control the kids so they have to control the adults to keep the kids still while they proceed with their 'alien treasure hunt' which is actually a alien enhancement enlargement machine that will make the tiny alien grow big so that they could take over the world.. The adventure starts when the kids have to get things done by themselves..

If you ask me how good is this movie, I would say go for other movie if your intention is to enjoy yourself. But if you plan to kill time and have watched every listed movie go for it.. Preferably not watching the trailer..

District 9 Aftermatch

Just came back from the premier screening of District 9 in Cathay Cineleisure Damansara. This movie is brought to you by Peter Jackson, the same guy who produce King Kong few years back..

Note: Anything below this line might contain spoiler.. You have been WARNED!!!!

Well it started off will quite a long introduction I must say and the style is quite similar to Quarantine and Colverfield added with news report from various expert discussing on the issue Alien.. Nothing much here.. Plain story telling and might cause a stir in those who are not used to such shooting style..

The middle and ending part of the movie was awesome, filled with cool CGI, blasting and shooting, and also further detail on what's happening.. These are the answer that you will find out from the movie..

- Why are the aliens landing on earth
- Why and how the human control those aliens for 20 years
- If the alien can't fight the human why don't they just leave
- Are alien as cruel as human

Go find out more yourself

Friday, August 7, 2009

FM 98.8 Website Hacked?

As off 07 August 2009 5.30PM, it seems that one of Malaysia radio station FM98.8 have been hacked.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Like I said there are more of these to come and here they are.. Introducing rampage..

Sadly they are 6 of these construction bots that can be merge into devastator but all these figure are not able to do so.. if you want devastator you need to purchase another set which cost around RM400++ for all 6 and yet.. they are not able to transform into individual robot from vehicle.. Sad sad..

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