Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Do you think that law is fair?

Wow, I have to shout about this Law Abiding Citizen is so FKing awesome..

Law abiding citizen staring Gerard Butler the one who shouted "This is spartaaa!" and have 3 movie that already been show here in Malaysia namely Gamer, The Ugly Truth, and Law Abiding Citizen.. Nope this is not an horror movie but I can assure you that you will get frighten at least once from this movie.. It is because the way this movie is executed, they were so perfect, so awesome.. I'm lack of applause word to describe the movie..

Anyway SPOILER below the line

It started off by showing Clyde's (Gerard Butler) daughter making a bracelet for him and his wife.. Then the door bell ring, and Clyde answer it but was hit with a bat and then tied up with his wife.. It seems to be a robbery and they also put a knife through both of them and his daughter.. It seems that only Clyde survive after the incident..

Then a lawyer had make a decision to sign a mutual agreement where the robber were put behind bar for 5 years as there ain't sufficient evidence to give a death penalty as the lawyer thinks that small penalty is better than no penalty.. This is where Clyde started to think that there is a loophole a corruption in the law, in the system, and got mad about it..

10 years down the road, is time for REVENGE!!! He trick the robbers and slowly make them suffer before killing them.. Things didn't stop there, he wanted to be into prison too.. The reason is simple, he wanted to make a few deal with the lawyer who was incharge of his previous case.. Despite being locked up, he still manage to take life of other which of cause the lawyer didn't think about that earlier.. After witnessing life taking event after one another, the lawyer still couldn't do anything even with recorded tape where Clyde confessed about his murderer event.. It seems that Clyde has been studying law while he was an engineering graduates.. Charges on him seems to be difficult at this stage as he is still a thread to others..

This lead them to believe that he have an accomplice outside bar.. They tried to trace from there instead but to no avail, failed.. Clyde seems to have plenty of deal to make with the lawyer in exchange for some clue on how to rescue the upcoming victim.. The mayor then get frighten as for the first time ever, the government staff get murdered systematically..

Oops guess I will have to put a full stop here otherwise will be telling those who haven't watch but wanted to watch and can't wait till they watch and read about it here.. Don't wanna be a big spoiler.. Anyway have seen Gerard Butler acted as a warrior, a funny love consultant, a game character, and now he acted as a robbin hood.. Yea pretty much like that.. Rating? Do I still have to give? Can't you see how hardly I'm promoting it? Let me tell you this, go buy a ticket or beg or force or do anything so that someone will spare you a ticket for the movie.. Just don't download it.. Support all the cast + director for a great movie.. Another best part about it was that I watched it at Cathay Cineplex at e@Curve..

Note that I am not affiliated with Cathay in any manner.. Just personal preference, love the sound system there.. Loud and clear over..

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