Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Two Pesos Steamboat Kota Damansara

While many thought that the steamboat trend is dying off here in Malaysia, Two Pesos Steamboat have proven otherwise by opening a new branch in such short period of time here in Kota Damansara, to cater to the huge crowd and craving for their scrumptious steamboat set.
With the new branch, Two Pesos offer not just comfort dining atmosphere but also bigger and spacious compare to their SS2 branch.
Any first timer who enter the shop will notice that Two Pesos have a range of different pot, from Hello Kitty to some fancy looking shape, and do note these pots are not for decoration only, it is carefully studied/designed and with extensive research on how to enhance the taste of each flavor.
Two Pesos currently offer 14 different type of flavor steamboat to choose from and yes you read it right, is Fourteen (14) flavor with each have individual way to cook and come in different ingredient and broth.
Two Pesos Stone Pot (RM 15)
Two Pesos Stone Pot (RM15)
To truly enjoy Two Pesos Stone Pot, you have to first grill the slices of pork until it is semi cook, remove the meat and pour in the broth. This is so that the aromatic from the pork that is leaf in the pot get blended into the broth for the extra fragrant.
Tajine Seafood Pot (RM18)
Tajine Seafood Pot comes with rather tall pot cover and like I said it serves it purpose by recycling / circulating the steam so that every single item within the pot is infused with the aroma and taste from the broth.
Italian Tomato Pot (RM16)
As the name and shape of the pot suggested, this comes with a tomato soup base, not those reddish tomato soup, but rather a clear type of soup with the presence of tomato taste in it.
Lemon Seafood Pot (RM16)
Lemon Seafood Pot is serves on a cute Hello Kitty Pot with lemon based broth which have added lemon sourish hint in it.
Milky Seafood Pot (RM16)
Serves along with the fresh ingredient is a pot of tasty milky broth, this is one flavor you don't get elsewhere and even if you finish the entire pot of broth, you will still keep want more. After boiliing with the ingredient, the milky broth offer a thicker texture.
Basu Spicy Pot (RM15.50)
Basu Spicy Pot can typically be translate into Ma Lat Pot which has the taste and aroma from it and yet wasn't spicy to the extend where one might not be able to finish it. Typically this spicy level is at a level where any Malaysian who love sambal, and I must say it is a family friendly spicy broth.
Japanese Sukiyaki Pot (RM15.50)
Well this pot definitely cater to those who crave for an authentic Japanese cuisine taste, with the sukiyaki broth thickness adjustable according to individual preference.
Two Pesos BBQ Pot (RM19.50)
The Two Pesos BBQ Pot incorporated the concept of BBQ and Steamboat simultaneously. Perfect pot for those who crave for flavor from both world and it will definitely be one fulfilling pot especially for BBQ lover

My Favourite

1. Milky Seafood Pot - Definitely my utmost favourite broth here, refillable and go really well with the fresh ingredient that came along. What really unique about the broth beside the milky texture and taste is that no matter how much you consume, you wouldn't get 'gelat' over it, but rather you keep wanting more

2. Basu Spicy Pot - Like I mentioned earlier, this spicy broth is family friendly and people who love some kick in their dish/flavor but couldn't really take overly spicy taste can enjoy this at their best. Is one of the broth where you could taste the spiciness and yet not overpowering the flavor of other ingredient.

Two Pesos Kota Damansara 
No 32-1, Jalan PJU 5/9,
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor,

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