Saturday, October 11, 2014

AM PM Cafe

AM PM Cafe is located just beside Main Place Mall, USJ, it is not a venue where I am familiar with but locating it wasn't that difficult either. Although the interior look simple and 'unfinished', you can actually taste the effort put in on the plate (and cup AKA beverages).
The cozy atmosphere definitely sooth up the day and with these custom made furniture, I wouldn't mind spending my day there away from the hectic lifestyle (and jam) and from the rush everywhere.
AM PM Cafe serves pretty decent series of coffee, and if there's one beverage that outstand others would be their Hot Belgium Chocolate drink. Priced at RM9 it is served in as 2 separate entity, a cup of hot milk and a stick of lollipop chocolate. You're suppose to stir it until the chocolate fully melted before drinking it. Personally I think it is milky (duh) rich and it would be perfect if there's more chocolate richness/thickness in it.
AM PM Cafe Big Breakfast is a must have or you're never here dish in my opinion. Serves all day long, and the spicy chicken sausage is the boom! Priced at RM19.90 the Big Breakfast come with poached eggs, citrus beef bacon, roasted wild mushrooms, sweet potatoes, spiced chicken sausage, baked tomatoes, refried beans and bread toast. Generous portion and is definitely worth the price you're paying especially with all the spot on taste.
For RM18 you get two Poached Egg Benedict two poached wrapped with a choice of citrus bacon, smoked salmon, or grilled turkey bacon and finally topped with sauce.
Next up is the Catalan Baked Omelette priced at RM20 and it consist of bacon, capsicum, tomato concasse baked over cheddar cheese. Have a pretty decent taste profile and is "cheesily" good according to my liking.
Breakfast Wrap as its name suggest, is a wrap version of Big Breakfast rolled in Tortilla that contain similar ingredient and though it was good, it is still no match for Big Breakfast. This however is perfect for those who is in a hurry or on the move cause you can just munch everything without getting yourself dirtily tasty all over and Breakfast Wrap is priced at RM17
Warm Raisin Scones - RM14
Bombay Toast - RM16
Pancake - RM17
For desert wise, I personally think it was OK with some room for improvement and price wise is pretty expensive if you ask me..

AM PM Cafe
11A, Jalan USJ 21/5, USJ 21, 47630, Subang Jaya, Selangor.

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