Thursday, July 17, 2014

Domino 2014 FIFA World Cup Final Live Viewing

After a month long since 2014 FIFA World Cup kick off, it had came to the final match on 14th July 2014 between Germany Vs Argentina. In conjunction with the finale match, Domino hosted an exclusive pizza party at Tropicana Golf and Country Resort for over 100 lucky viewers.
The lucky fans and family consist of the five 1st Runner Ups winners from Domino's Kickoff Online Contest which was held from from April 28 to June 1 2014. Every attendee came in the country jersey the supported and the venue was flooded with participant who put their football skill to the test there at the venue. Fans started to gather at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort at 11PM despite the finale starts only at 3AM but with well organized activities, fans got occupied and engaged with all sort of game from the game station, chill with awesome food and drinks from Domino's which perfectly complementing the pizza maker’s “More Pizza More Football” campaign, and had great time mingling with one another despite having different preferences when it come to team supported.
Just as fans about to get warm up Hasfahlinda Hassan, Senior Manager, Marketing Domino's Pizza Malaysia & Singapore, addressing guests in her welcome speech at Domino's Football Final Viewing Party. Hasfahlinda Hassan also quoted
“Football is a game that brings Malaysians together. We are pleased to share our passion for the beautiful game with our customers at this uniquely Domino’s event in conjunction with the biggest football tournament in the world. The aim of this viewing party is to reward our loyal customers for their strong support of our ‘More Pizza, More Football’ campaign. It is also a way for us to connect with them at another level through the world’s most popular game. This has been an incredible football season for everyone, and we are glad to have been able to celebrate it with our fans.”
The crowd were later on entertained by 2 awesome DJ who is like a walking football dictionary giving out question that most required Google to answer it, however fans who manage to answer correctly get rewarded handsomely with prizes like #BolaBears Figurine, Free Domino's Pizza Voucher, Limited Edition Thumbdrive, and many more. Football fans also participated in Domino’s Instagram photo contest, dubbed ‘Bear-A-Selfie’, where they snapped selfies with their Popobe® Bola Bears and tagged #BolaBears. The winner walked home with an iPad Mini.
Hasfahlinda Hassan (middle)
Just as the match begin, everyone was seated comfortably at the Beanbag chair prepared at the venue where some creative fans even turn it into a bed where maximise the viewing experience.
The finale captured all of the night’s hottest action as the German and Argentinean players dribbled, tackled, sprinted and played their hearts out for over 113 minutes of nail-biting moments and near misses, drawing cheers and shouts from their supporters right until the last second, when the final whistle blew and Germany emerged as Champions of the World, defeating Argentina 1-0. This is definitely one unique experience for me and I do hope to take part more often seeing that how successful and sincere Domino's is treating its customer and fans. There were not a single moment fan were left empty stomach nor went back with a backbone due to long hour sitting still on metal chair. Besides that, the Live Viewing Party was really exclusive with friend drooling over it. Do keep yourself updated by following Domino's Facebook here -

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bijan Bar & Restaurant - Ramadhan Buffet Special

Bijan Bar & Restaurant, if you have not heard of prior to this, serves one of the finest Malay cuisine situated in the city compound. Bijan Bar & Restaurant also receives TOKL award continuously for numerous years and if looking good in winning yet another award this year.
Step foot into Bijan Bar & Restaurant and you will be greeted with romantically elegant atmosphere with amber of walking space around the restaurant without having to bump into stranger from other table. In conjunction with Bulan Puasa, Bijan Bar & Restaurant is having a Ramadhan Buffet special where you get to enjoy a wide array of authentic Malay cuisine that does not just appeal to your eye but also satisfy your tummy.
Nasi Minyak / Fried Fragrant Rice
Kambing Masak Hitam / Lamb in Spiced Black Sauce with Potato & Tomato
Ayam Masak Merah / Fried Chicken Simmered in Red Sauce
Ikan Gulai Darat / Rich Spices Fish Curry
Masak Lemak Udang / Prawn Cooked in Lightly Spiced Coconut Milk
Sotong Sambal Hijau / Stir Fried Squids in Green Chili Paste
Kumpang Goreng Serai / Mussel Stir Fried with Spiced Lemongrass
Pucuk Paku Goreng Tahi Minyak / Wild Fern Stir Fired with Chili, Caramelized Coconut
Masak Lemak Pucuk Keledek / Young Cassava Leaves Cooked in Lightly Spiced Coconut Milk
There were also appetizer and grill station where food were being prepared on the spot and the aromatic smell on the grill stations definitely make passerby drool.
Chicken Satay
Beef Satay
Grilled Lamb
Grilled Chicken
Assorted Fresh Seafood
Fried Yam + Karipap + Fried Banana
Fried Cucur
Noodle Station with Curry Broth 
Among the desert the one worth a special mention have to be the following two
Durian Cheese Cake with Oreo base
Dark Chocolate Durian Cake
I could come back anytime just to 'sapu' (also mean finish) all the Durian cake itself. Not a huge Durian lover myself, I find the Durian line of cake is simply superb. The Durian Cheese Cake was slightly on the dry side if you ask me, but the satisfaction on biting into Durian meat in a cake is just beyond word can explain. Dark Chocolate Durian Cake was my love that night. You could actually taste a mild bitter of Dark Chocolate and the rich D24 meat without overpowering one another. It would just melt in your mouth and trust me, one is never enough.

Among other dish that worth gulping for were Ayam Masak Merah, Chicken Satay, Beef Satay is a must according to others (I can't take beef FYI), and the wide range of seafood. Interested to try out these food item, head on down to, book your table here (, and prepare yourself for a all you can eat spread.

3 Jalan Ceylon, Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur.    
Phone: 03 2031 3575

Opening hours: Daily, 4.30pm-11pm


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