Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Underworld Awakening

Underworld Awakening is a 4th Underworld franchise film that was recently release right before Chinese New Year.
If you weren't following Underworld since the beginning, fret not, there is a short introduction right before the movie begin.
The movie evolved around an epic battle / revenge between the 2 species (Vampire and Lycan) that was once hidden from the sight of human being.
While the good old casts (main character) are maintained, there was yet another new character introduced in this installment. Trust me you wouldn't want to mess with this.
The CGI wasn't that impressive I must say and the ending was rather a disappointment. This is yet another case of "too powerful yet easily kill" ending.

Rate: 2.5/5

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Chai to those who are celebrating it and Happy Holiday to those who are enjoying it :) Right before the CNY week, I watched Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and Underworld: Awakening but was too occupied to blog, but anyhow here it is now.
If "The Rock" (Dwayne Johnson) is not your cup of tea, then Vanessa Hudgens should at least attract you to the movie, but that's not the whole point.
Journey 2 by the title itself explained that it is an adventure, an adventure to a place where none had come across before, and true enough it is like what you've expected.
The story wise is yet another "yeah I've seen that", but is the visual effect (or cast perhaps?) worth you watching such story again?
While the Mysterious Island is a fresh new place to explore, it wasn't as good as the world we seen in Avatar IMHO. The stunt was there but the kick wasn't
The 3D effect was surprisingly good with people actually avoiding flying objects around me and such effect was thoroughly maintained through out the movie. Bet watching this in IMAX would definitely boost the WOW factor especially on a kid.
Well seriously, there is nothing too who-ha in such plot but the effects are what worth catching it. After all it is the festival / holiday season, why not bring along your family to enjoy a relaxing paceand family oriented movie.

Rate: 2/5

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Viral Factor

2nd gala premiere screening in GSC Pavilion of the week and there will be one more on Monday 16 January 2012. What's more is that Jay Chou and director Dante Lam is attending the red carpet of the movie Viral Factor
The movie starred 2 big cast, Nicholas Tse from Hong Kong and Jay Chou from Taiwan. With crazy fans of Jay around, I skip the red carpet and head straight to the movie.
What make this movie interesting (to Malaysian) apart from the non stop gunshot scene from trailer, is the fact that majority of the movie is filmed and shot here in Malaysia.
It is awesome to see scene that we are so used to on the big screen but I seriously think the director should hire someone with experience for the voices over the radar / walkie talkie. It sounded like how I read directly from the text book @.@
The plot wise was also another big turned down. I know I can't expect much from such movie but the plot got worse that not expecting much. Not only it was plain and feels yet another shooting movie, the character doesn't portrait a professionalism in the movie either. What suppose to be a world saving mission ended up to be personal mission.
Since Dante Lam is directing the movie, you're assured with cool weapons, awesome shooting match, great share of accident and explosion and other stuff that a guy would enjoy. Yes this is just another those kind of movie where the main attraction is the casts and the main let down is everything else.

Rate: 2/5

Monday, January 16, 2012


What a hectic Weekend, went to 2 Gala Premiere screening at Pavilion, a place where it is jam packed with sweaty shirt and 'sticky' arm, but still here I am attending the very first Chinese New Year (CNY) movie.
It begin back in the 1970s where villager is busy preparing to welcome CNY and there were these 'costume' God of Fortune (GoF) going around collecting angpow. Ah Beng's father who came from a poor family donated some small amount to the real GoF accidentally and was then granted 3 wishes.
Photo from Ah Beng Facebook
To spice up, Ah Beng The Movie: Three Wishes is a made in Malaysia movie featuring tons of local celebrity that Malaysian is familiar with.
Let's be frank, the movie was filled with tons of advertisement from start to end. What make it so obvious is the way of shooting the product / scene. The director focus directly on the brand / logo and make it kinda obvious and actually spoiled the movie.
Beside that it is an overall an enjoyable movie. However I'm not sure if the superstitious group will label this movie as unsuitable because it does have scene like accident and dead and etc. No matter what, the movie is at a comfy and stable pace with not too much of twist and not too much of boring joke.

Rate: 2.5/5

Friday, January 13, 2012

Lou Sang with OverTime

Was invited by Sirens Media to a food review session along with Lou Sang session and free flow of OverTime specially brew beer. Now that's really something that prepare me into this coming CNY
Located at Wisma Fiamma, I would say that this outlet is kinda difficult to locate if you are not familiar around Kepong, but on the bright side, it is actually just Opposite Kepong Tesco and you can get free parking if you know how.
Was greeted with Choy San (God of Prosperity) upon arriving at the entrance and was busy being cameraman for my friends while waiting for the food to serve. Stay out as drooling photos coming up!!
The menus were (according to my guess) Siew York, Seafood Spring Roll, Fried Fish, Sotong, and Friend Chicken. Now that's really a hell of a sinful night. But forget about it as it is CNY man. Come let's have some.
The chicken may taste ordinary, but once you dip it into the chilli sauce, you'll definitely gonna grab another piece.
 The Sotong were awesomely nice. Cook to perfection, not too raw, and not over cook.
 The Siew York was mouth watering and it went out within minute after we begin. The meat was tender and juicy, just like how you would prefer it to be.
 This is also another of my favorite, the fried fish. Doesn't have the 'fishy' smell and every piece is just an opener to get another piece. Sadly it didn't come with any sauce to go along with. How nice if there is black pepper / sweet n sour / mayonnaise to boost up the 'want to have more' desire.
The seafood spring roll. It is like fortune cookie. There were some wrap with crab meat, with prawn and etc and you wouldn't know which one you are getting until you munch your very first bite. Best to have it while it is still hot. The one we had already cold because we were waiting for the rest of the gang to show up.

Of course you should never leave OverTime for its signature, the Starker. In conjunction with this CNY there is an ongoing promotion on this and 3 Barrels of 2L Starker now only cost you RM333 and it comes with free Yu Sang and Ang Pow packets.
For more you can visit  OverTime website

It was indeed a prosperous date with OverTime and I do look forward in a cool night out with my friends during Chinese New Year.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Turning Point 2 - Laughing Gor之潛罪犯

It seems that 2012 is a good start for me with me going for vacation either in Bali or Phuket, and fully scheduled movie screening this far. Went to the premiere screening for Turning Point 2 in GSC Mid Valley on Wednesday night.
This instalment sees Laughing returning to his work undercover, but as a prisoner, where he soon befriends Fok Tin Yam (Francis Ng), a former college professor who has him thinking about the boundaries between good and evil. Matters take a turn for the worse when he encounters his old rival So Sing Pak (Bosco Wong) once again.
Honestly speaking I never watch any series of Laughing Gor in the first place. From drama to movie, I've totally miss them all, thus I get lost too in this instalment. When certain character make appearance on screen people would actually cheer and laugh but I just don't get a clue o.0
Regardless, Laughing (weird name/nick I know) wasn't really a spy (at least not 100% pure) this time round as everybody in or out the cell seem to recognise him without hassle. The only question is his intention being lockup.
Judging that this is a Hong Kong movie and typically from TVB, the plot and scene were rather predictable. It is not too long before you actually say I've guessed so! In movie like these, there are often a fair mixture between the white and the black, if you get what I mean. Turning Point 2 is not my cup of tea. Strictly for the fan IMHO.

Rate: 2/5

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jack and Jil

Happy New Year my fellow readers, it is now 2012 and what's your thought about it? Some are nervous while some are particularly preparing for the worse. As for me I would rather watch as many movie as I would and  enjoy myself to the max #likeaboss
Went for the movie Jack and Jill on Tuesday night at KLCC and boy what a luck, I had 2 movie clash on my very first movie screening in 2012.
Well there ain't much in the plot. Jack and Jill is just another seasonal movie where the movie evolved around a twin brother and sister both staring Adam Sandler himself.
Family man Jack had a perfect family and is living happily would every year have a headache during thankgiving when her sister Jill decided to visit him and his family to celebrate the festival.
Things started to get fun and yet annoying when Jill appear on screen. Nevertheless, Jack decided to help his pity lonely sister this time round by searching the right soulmate for her. They are joke that took you by surprise and there were those that were recycled from Adam himself or from daily lifestyle, but still it shall be able to trigger the smile in you.

Rate: 2.5/5 

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