Monday, July 15, 2013

48 Years of Greatness

I bet we all Malaysian had fond memory back in Resorts World Genting (RWG) as it would be our first choice of leisure / short holiday within the country. Not only did RWG gave us Malaysian a good memory, it had also attracted tourist from all around the world since its operation started 48 years back. Today as of 2013 RWG would be celebrating its 48 anniversary in coming weeks and instead of asking for present from us, RWG is actually going to give us present.
Based on the 'theme' of 48, you can expect to see plenty of 48 promotion here in RWG. To begin with RWG bring together 7 famous Magician and put them into 1 show named Superstars of Magic 3. The show will be priced at RM48 on selected Sunday, details can be found here
If you are not willing to even spend that dirt cheap entrance fee of RM48 to watch tip top magic performance, you can still be entertained with street magic with the fabulous International Buskers from all around the world. I've had a sneak peak of their performance and man, I will be making a trip up there again to watch the whole series. You can get more details here
Also when you're there for the Buskers, do take the opportunity to take photo with two dinosaur that will be making their round and hunting for a great time together with the visitor there. For the schedule appearance you can visit
You guessed it right, you there is a promotion on theme park entrance and sky dive ticket too. There will also be a wide range of restaurant and shop that offer 48% discount on their goods and services, so be sure to keep an eye on RWG website and Social Media Platform for time to time update. If that already make you drool, wait till you find out about the accommodation promotion. Yes after a long and tiring day of fun and excitement, there's no need to rush back. Do pamper yourself to a night stay at First World Hotel with only RM48 per night and it comes with a free mooncake so that you can pre-celebrate mid autumn festival there and then. You can get further and detail info here
With all the exciting line up during RWG 48th Anniversary, be sure to pamper yourself too and make it another year of great memory together with RWG

Big Chomp Burger

In case you're still in dreamland, the rate of a newly open burger joint is faster than my blog update T_T With more diner craving for more on burgers and seeking for something new for a change, these burger joint don't just stop there, they keep on trying and doing their own R&D and keep coming up with different kind of menu / burger list.
Scored myself an invite from Foodirector for a blogger hangout session at Big Chomp alongside with all famous blogger like Wilson Ng from Places and Foods, Ruth from, Kelvin Tan from and plenty more like http://pandatuna.blogspot.com and the list continue. Big Chomp is located the same row as Cuppa Kaffe and if would like to read more about Cuppa Kaffe do visit this page
Big Chomp had a rather spacious dining atmosphere with a peaceful and soothing environment. Parking here could be little tricky and might require some distance walking if you're visiting this place at night. There were two types of bun serves in Big Chomp and they are Charcoal Bun and White Bun. A small piece of advice, do go for the Charcoal Bun cause it is softer and was good to go with the ingredient. The normal bun was somehow very dry to me. Also do take note that instead of crunchy green lettuce, Big Chomp replace it with salad which is pretty subjective to whether it is good move or vice versa. I personally would love to have some crunchy lettuce in my burger though.
Eddgra - RM15
Eddgra made with Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Spanish Omelet, Beef Patty.

Juicy Lucy - RM14
Juicy Lucy come with Pickles, Caramelized Onions, Stuff Cheesy Beef Patty.

Spice It Up - RM17
Spice It Up is one of the recommended burger in the beef category and it has an indication that this is a spicy burger which contain Cheese, Parmesan Eggy, Salami and Pepperoni, Beef Patty.

Hawaii Style - RM15
Among the burger that I manage to try would be Hawaii Style burger which comes with Grilled Pineapple, Parmesan Eggy, Deep Fried Chicken. Credit have to be given to the Deep Fried Chicken which doesn't taste like something I can get from the street nor something I can simulate in the kitchen of my own. It has this unique and not overly heavy herbs taste to it, tender and juicy. If there's one thing to improve, it would be its overly covered batter, taking up 20% of the overall fillet. Grilled Pineapple add flavor to every chomp with drips of fresh and refreshing kick.

The Beast - RM14
The Beast consist of Pickles, Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Mustard Beef Patty.

Chomp B+ - RM16
Chomp B+ should also be another recommended burger from the menu list according to other foodie who was there at this Foodirector hangout session. Have no choice but to gather feedback from others on the Beef Burger cause I couldn't consume due to religious reason. Chomp B+ is made with Cheese Cream, Beef Bacon, Hashbrown, Beef Patty.

Peco Chomp - RM12
Peco Chomp is made with Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Spanish Omelette, Grilled Chicken which is infused with the BBQ taste to it. Spanish Omelette wasn't a necessity if you ask me as it was lightly flavored and was wrapped between strong taste like Cheese, Caramelized Onions and Chicken Patty. With or without the Omelette I didn't taste any different. To me Peco Chomp is somewhat close to typical burger.

Flossy Chicken - RM13
Flossy Chicken is one of the must try whenever you stop by to try out new taste in Big Chomp and the burger consist of Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Flossy Omelette, Grilled Chicken. Taste wise is pretty similar to Peco Chomp but with a small twist, as this Omelette is stuffed with Chicken Floss that give that additional sweetness to it. It was one of the simple twist that give you complex yet satisfying taste.

Flaming O - RM14
Flaming O suits those who seek spiciness in their burger and being a spicy lover myself, I enjoy Flaming O too. Flaming O is made with Pimento Cheese, Salami and Pepperoni, Deep Fried Chicken. The big chunk of chili added to the mayo spread onto Deep Fried Chicken will trigger the burning sensation anytime when you're chewing. Chicken fillet was good as mentioned above and if there is one thing they can improve it would be the excessive batter.

Spicy Bella - RM14
Beside Beef and Chicken Burger, Big Chomp do serves meatless burger which again I'm not too sure if it is vegetarian. There are some who will go deep into the pan / oil / ingredient used to prepare the burger and there are those vegetarian who don't mind as long as the visible doesn't contain meat. So it is best vegetarian consult the cook before placing your order. Spicy Bella is made with Cheese, Grilled Pineapple, Grilled Portabello. To me even after grilling the Portabello, it is still pretty juicy and moist. The only taste I remember from Spicy Bella has to be the strong taste of Portabello which I would preferred it light taste instead, and the spicy burn.

Fatty Shroom - RM15
Unfortunately my stomach couldn't take in more so I skipped Fatty Shroom which came out almost last from all the burger presented. It is made with Parmesan egg, Deep Fried Button Mushroom, Deep Fried Portabello.

Chomp C+ - RM17
The same go to Chomp C+, I didn't had the chance to try it but I'm sure they taste good as feedback from other foodie. It is made with Cheese Cream, Ham, Hashbrown, Deep Fried Chicken. Notice I didn't mention anything about the fries? That's cause the fries I had was normal fries and it was pretty dry too, thus nothing much to shout about on that.

No.39, Jalan SS15/8A,Subang Jaya, 
47500, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Operation Hours
Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Phone 012-296 1269


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Top 5 reason why save22

I can never stress enough how technology had aided us in creating a more comfortable lifestyle and making life easier in every manner. With the Internet becoming so popular, I've ditched the TV for years now as there were more I could get from my desktop's LCD screen. I had fun, learnt, and even get bored with the screen and still I'm still so glued to it. I've also in my previous post blogged about a new site within the region that could aid in money saving while spending on our necessity and if you have not read it yet, here are the link to it

To further illustrate my point on why such site benefit you, I've make it into an image instead of lengthy text as follow
As seen you can avoid all unwanted issue / problem and enjoy your own sweet time hanging at home while still hunt for bargain that you might interest in. Be a wise spender and be a hero to help reduce unnecessary pollution. Save yourself more time by reducing time wastage. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4

I guess there's no need for a grand introduction to the pretty well known gadget that many had been wanted to get theirs hands on, Samsung Galaxy S4. Will probably skip the detailed specification on this devil as well and will only highlight that few component that was being highly promoted.
To many Galaxy S4 and S3 look identical and without touching it some might get confuse which is which and to me I identify it through the 'dots' on the front of the phone. Galaxy S4 you should see 4 dots and on S3 you will only get 3 of these dots
To be honest, before using Galaxy S4, I don't quite like the design let alone the S3 look alike appearance. The design look apple-ish and was boring with all the similar look. However physically holding and using the Galaxy S4 for quite some time now, I am actually loving it and here's why

  • Similar width to S3 but had a 5" display made possible with a thinner bezel
  • Very light compare to S3
  • Feels good in my palm
  • With or without swype function, I can type with one hand comfortable. My preference however is still best to type with swype
  • Standard / Recognised key and/or button positioning
Galaxy S4 is 0.7mm thinner than Galaxy S3 and trust me, it meant the world to me. It felt just so feather light and so fragile on my hand, and I often am afraid that it would just slip off from my hand. 
For those using iPhone4/4s, Galaxy S3 or other devices that require a micro sim, you can switch to Galaxy S4 without having to convert it into nano sim and neither will you need to revert back to the normal sim. It just fits perfectly on your existing micro sim. You will also be able to use your micro sd card on Galaxy S4 and the speaker on S4 is located at the bottom of the phone which I think wasn't necessary cause no matter it is on the top or bottom, both my hand will accidentally covered it on a landscape mode.
First impression switching on the device was nothing but amaze with the vivid and bright display on the 5 inch Full HD Super AMOLED (1920 x 1080) display on 441 ppi. Galaxy S4 is running on Android 4.2.2 (Jelly bean) and for those Android user, you might not find much different in terms of the core functionality and for those none Android user, it will not be a rocket science to get hook to it. There is this youtuber who shares alot about gadgets and technology, and though he might seems to side Android, he have his point backing up all his point. Do check him out at
While the fundamental feature are more or less the same, you will notice Samsung Galaxy S4 has its proprietary feature such as the Air View, Air Gesture, Smart Stay, Smart Scroll and etc. These are the feature the you would need to turn in order to use air command and other cool feature as seen on its promotional video.
Samsung Galaxy S4 come in 16/32/64GB internal storage and the Operating System and Samsung feature took almost half of my 16GB internal storage. These can be frustrated to some as not all of them would benefit from such features. Such feature are cool to see (or be seen) but might not be a necessity and a good example would be the air wave photo browsing feature. It only come in handy when you're eating with your hand and still want to browse through your photo album. Certain feature is tied to a particular app and a great example is the smart scroll which only work with the built in / default browser. If you install Google Chrome and the smart scroll will not work in it.
Other good to see feature would be the translator where you need to just point the camera at the word you don't understand and it will retrieve the meaning, pronunciation for you. Cool but not a feature I foresee myself using it often enough to say it aid in my daily lifestyle. Speaking of camera, Galaxy S4 comes with a 13 Megapixel rear camera with what suppose to be zero shutter lag. But I did a comparison with S3 and find that there's a slight delay in terms of shutter speed compare to S3. The camera mode does come with most of the popular feature from Galaxy Camera and that too take up some of the internal storage space.
 Like every S3 user, the question here is "to upgrade or not to upgrade", and I would say it really depends on your needs and budget.

What I like

  • Faster and buttery smooth navigation
  • Plenty of feature to play around with
  • Light and comfortably place into tight jean
  • Can't get enough of the Super Amoled 5" display
  • Doesn't require a stylus to perform feature from a Note 2
What I hope can be better
  • Faster shutter speed (like S3 or better maybe?)
  • Reserved less internal storage space while remaining most of the feature
  • Capability to integrate the cool function into other apps
The Potential
  • With the air gesture and air motion, you can actually turn the S4 into a motion dance machine which can be integrated into Samsung S Health hub that aim to create awareness on leading a healthy lifestyle

Monday, July 8, 2013


KGB short for Killer Gourmet Burgers is located in the heart of Bangsar busiest commercial center and is situated at the same street (Jalan Telawi 2) as several other popular restaurant like Coffea Coffe and Antipodean. Parking here is can be a pain day and night. Be aware when you park in this street cause someone might just jump out and ask for a 'jaga kereta' fee which you know, happen widely in Malaysia.
KGB had a rather compact seating and dining area but it was good and comfortable for me nevertheless. Though there was nothing to shout about the ambiance, was glad that the place was clean, neat and aromatically refreshing. The one thing that can be obviously seen different on KGB branding / packaging would be the stamp on top of the bun which I personally think is appealing to the eye but not to the tummy and will get into that later.
Salt and Pepper Fries - RM5.90

Herbed Fries - RM5.90

Spicy Cajun - RM5.90

Kimchi with Bulgogi Beef Fries - Rm13.90

Shortribs Poutine - Rm13.90
Salt and Pepper - Tasted just like the normal fries with slightly on the dry side and couldn't taste the presence of pepper

Herbed - Fragrantly appetizing but was slightly over the salty side, love the loads of herbs added to the fries.

Spicy Cajun - Powdery and carry a very small pinch of spiciness in it. Was good but can be better with more tangy potato taste.

Kimchi with Bulgogi Beef - Generally not a Korean cuisine fan and for that I might not know how to enjoy the goodness in this. However this is the most loved fries by others that night.

Shortribs Poutine - Personally find it an interesting mix but wasn't necessary. The gravy is quite watery and short of taste. Not too sure about the shortribs cause I couldn't take beef.

The Shack - RM12.90
The Shack - Smashed Beef Patty, Sharp Cheddar, Shack Sauce

Bash - RM18.90
Bash - Grilled Beef Patty, Roasted Green Chilli, Provolone Cheese, Jalapeno Mayo

Bella Bomb - RM21.90
Bella Bomb - Grilled Beef Patty, 2x Portobello Cheese Bomb, Shack Sauce

Bobcat - RM15.90
Bobcat - Grilled Beef Patty, Roasted Green Chilli, Provolone Cheese, Jalapeno Mayo

Tornado - RM15.90
Tornado - Grilled Beef Patty, Onion Ring, Fried Egg, Fiery Mayo

*** Being a Buddhist myself, I would have to skip the beef burger even if it look and smell good.

Sunshine Bella - RM14.90
Sunshine Bella - RM14.90
Sunshine Bella - Grilled Portobello, Fried Egg, Garlic Aioli. The portobello was moist and juicy and is infused with the grilled taste to it. It had a very strong presence of portobello taste which I personally would love it more if it was fried portobello instead. No doubt the ingredient used were fresh and some green would definitely make it more refreshing since this is a vegetarian burger.

Kickin' - RM15.90
Kickin' - RM15.90
Kickin' - Parm Crusted Chicken, Sharp Cheddar, Wasabi Mayo. Breaded and golden crispy chicken breast meat was surprisingly tender and juicy. I actually had 2 half slice of Kickin' from two different burger and the first one even though there was a mild spicy taste to it, it wasn't anything new. The second half I had however had a strong kick, sending the burning sensation rushing toward the nose. I find it interestingly good and generally had a great mixture of ingredient in Kickin'.

Seoul - RM15.90
Seoul - ParmCrusted Chicken, Fried Egg, Kimchi Mayo, Kimchi. A similar version to Kickin' except for the wasabi mayo, and is stuffed with all the kimchi goodness to it. Well like I said, wasn't a Korean cuisine fan and didn't really enjoy the Kimchi thingy there. I do note that the bun was somewhat shinny like plastic (but is not plastic, so don't worry) and was smaller compare to other burger joint. It wasn't as fluffy as others and it might be compressed during the stamping of KGB logo to it. The packaging of the burger too is very fast food like, where you can grab hold on the wrapper without dirtying your hand.

23, Jalan Telawi 2, 
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operation Hour
Mon: 5:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Wed - Thu: 5:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Fri - Sun: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Tel: 03-2201 1220


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