Friday, October 9, 2009

Louis Koo Vs Richie Ren

Again watched a movie titled Accident in GSC 1Utama

Anything below this paragraph may contain spoiler, read at your own risk..

Louis who is also the mastermind of a syndicate who murder people by creating accident.. Louis is someone who believe that accident can be created..

Working in a group of 4, they each play an important role in dealing with their business.. Louis is always on the cautious part where he wouldn't want to leave any trace behind scene.. Thus trust is an important element for them..

Things started to stir around when one of their operation was not executed successfully.. They were suppose to kill one of their client's father for insurance scam, they did it but after the operation, there was another accident where a bus almost ramped into Louis but didn't and kill one of its member.. To make things worse, his house was broken in and all the money he earned was robbed too..

Since then Louis trust no one but himself.. He follow every remaining member of the team, as well as an insurance agent (Richie Ren) as he suspected he is into the scam as well..

He followed and trying to gather evidence on what Richie is up to but it seems that this man is flawless, leaving no sign of evidence..

Just when Louis realize that he had make a mistake, everything that happen after the last operation was really an accident.. He tried to stop another mastermind of his creation of accident but it was too late and killed Richie's wife..

Guess what, like Overheard, Louis die at the end of the movie..

Nothing attractive about this movie, only 1 crash out of 5..

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