Monday, October 19, 2009

Do you know what song is this?

This morning my FM Modulator fail me, it just doesn’t play any song from my thumbdrive, and to make things worse, I am caught in a jam. Knowing that I am one of those no-music-no-life kind of person, I have to tune into radio channel, and so I did, tuned into

However what caught my attention here was they were playing a new song (I think) that was superb, it was a rock / modern song if I categorize the genre correctly and the song repeat itself in my head every now and then. Immediately I wanted to find out which band sang that and the song title. Grr.. How could I miss that important detail on radio, or did they not mention any? o.0 Anyway fear not, I Google for song that I’ve just heard and it never fail me.. But for this perhaps the lyrics that I remember was too general

The lyrics sounded something like

“Me and you, we are together now”
“You and me, ….bla bla bla”

If I remember correctly that is, I put in all the keyword and search for it via youtube and it seems none of it is what I’m looking forward too..

Argh.. Anyone happen to listen to today and happen to know the artist + title? Please do let me know if you do as the song is too clingy to my mind to be shove off my mind.. @.@

I also tried (In case you are not aware of what is this you can check back my past post - but I don’t know whether the song is not in the database yet or my pitching is way so wrong or the site couldn’t match such pattern yet, it return no result.. Tries after tries still not getting any positive outcome.. Getting frustrated soon.. All I want is just to have a copy of that song in my thumbdrive so that it could rock my driving journey..

Can someone come to my aid? I need my beauty sleep to prepare for tomorrow’s presentation but yet my brain keep playing the awesome song again and again.. Not only the song has a nice rhythm but it too have pretty nice drum tune, would love to play that with my set too..
For those of you out there that wanted to tune in to try your luck to find out the song, you have been WARNED!

If you too have the same symptoms after listening to it, don’t blame or claim medical fee from me. You should do so to the station for playing the song or the band for composing such good song.


Hermiewan Hamdan said...

The name of the song is Through My Window. The name of the artist is unknown.

You can download the song and the lyrics here:-

Hope it helps!

Hermiewan Hamdan said...

You can read it here:-

Song causes a buzz

Fallen Angel said...

OMG, can't believe that you are my save.. That is the song.. So who is the artist then? Would like to give their other song a try..

Anonymous said...

i think the artist might be singer from Bunkface. :D

nini said...

it is really a good them on first sight

xoxo said...

i think bunkface..
coz voice look similAR..

Anonymous said...

hey, i agree also... The person that sang this song sounds like the vocals in the band Bunkface...

Anonymous said...

i think MYO from the band oh chentaku

Fallen Angel said...
It is indeed bunkface.. Awesome song I must say, love the MV too..

Anonymous said...

hmm im guessing u might be part of the campaign... suspicious...

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