Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Free honeymoon, anyone?

Terrenganu is going to offer free honeymoon to couples out there soon, but there is a catch.. First you have to be married, and secondly your marriage have to be fragile (planning/going to divorce soon), well that's my assumption, after all free stuff do come with some clause..

The package offered will cost RM1500 as claimed which include 3 days 2 night stay there.. My only question is when you are already planning a divorce, will you be willing to go vacation with another half? Use your imagination, try combining this

with this

Hmm.. But anyhow it would be beneficial if it could really save a relationship..

Also will there be any abuse control? Like people acting and pretending to be on the break up just to enjoy the free honeymoon? I bet there will be people coming out with creative idea to get the free package..
KUALA TERENGGANU: A free second honeymoon trip awaits any Terengganu married couple on the brink of breakup. The state will pay for it.

However, the honeymoon package come with some counselling.

The aim is to bring peace between feuding couples and check the reportedly soaring divorce rates in the state.

The honeymoon packages would be launched by the end of the year after specific modules were incorporated that would to help husband and wife to turn back to each and stay married, said State Welfare, Community Development and Women Affairs committee chairman Ashaari Idris on Monday.

The programme would be jointly implemented by the state government and the Family and Community Development Council.

He said the state done a pilot project where 25 couples facing marital woes were selected for the honeymoon package. They spend three days and two nights away from home at a cost of under RM1,500 per couple.

The outcome was positive, he said without giving details as to the number of marriages saved. When the love between couples starts to turn sour, normal counselling would be provided. But only those on the brink of separation or divorce would be offered the second honeymoon, Ashaari said.

Some of the marriages that had now hit the rocks have actually lasted up to two decades, he said.

“We can understand newly-weds having problems understanding one another where a slight skirmish could lead to a separation but it is unacceptable for those married for more than two decades to file for divorce.

“With this package, we hope the couples will treasure their marital ties and avoid separations,” he added.


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