Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Birthday Celebration Plan for Ken Wooi

Birthday is no alien to mankind, and every year some people gets to be the King / Queen while their friend is busy planning on a celebration party.
Likewise this entry would be me planning a birthday celebration for a blogger I get to know through blog-walking, Ken Wooi. While some party / celebration could go from as wild as girl jumping out from a cake
to romantic birthday
and bla bla bla.. Whatever scale the celebration is, the surprise always come from the heart of a sincere person.. So I'm not going to crap by saying the best way to celebrate with Ken Wooi is to bring him to those ONS spot and treat feed him to them (even if he wants to =P) and etc., I will try to be realistic as possible..

Is gonna be a long post, so take a deep breathe and here we go.. Since we are both dude, so there wouldn't be any surprises, sorry pal, try not to look and sound gay.. Muahahahaha

First programme of the day: Cycling @ Bukit Cahaya
 We could go cycling and/or skytrex depending on the birthday boy
Who know we might end up taking photograph only? But still it is good to breathe the freshest air early in the morning

Next programme: Brunch @ Old Town
Not the Old Town Kopitiam by the way.. But instead somewhere nearby MPPJ building.. There's a stall that serve awesome porridge and it is a signature dish where you don't claim that you've been to Old Town until you try it out
After noon programme: Leisure @ The Curve
Why The Curve? Cause there are 4 shopping mall all linked together and there's a food heaven on the street and not to mention there's a cinema nearby..
After a long and tiring journey it would be best to pamper Ken Wooi with Platinum Class movie, inception seems to be a good choice
It would then be a great time for us to mingle around while waiting for the show to start. Here's a sneak peak inside the platinum hall
After movie programme: Dinner @ Bubba Gump
I don't know if Ken Wooi know this but birthday boy have to stand on a chair while the staff present the birthday cake..
 Guess there's a surprise after all :p
Too bad there's no porn in my planning / programme for Ken Wooi, but after eating so many shrimp you will eventually get prawny.. Lol

Final Programme: Suprise @ Anywhere
Before we kiss/hug say goodbye, I have something specially made for Ken.. Let me present to you.... *Drum Roll*

I'm bad when it comes to buying a birthday present and it would be better if I DIY something.. Thus it might not look nice as those you get from store, it really took me quite a few days to figure it out..

That's all I could think off.. Hope Ken would not bored to death..

And why am I so nice planning a birthday celebration for Ken Wooi? I'm not that nice actually, buahahahahaha.. Ken Wooi is running a contest in his blog and you can find out more here - http://www.kenwooi.com/2010/07/win-ipod-shuffle.html

**P/S: Through out the whole programme Ken and I are allow to bring our partner so that we don't get misunderstood by others :p I don't want to be held responsible when Ken Wooi couldn't get laid on that special night.. Lol..

Happy Birthday to you Ken Wooi.. Age is just a number that indicate how experience you are, exactly just like what you see in gaming world..


Yet another interesting Nuffnang Screening and surprise screening for me cause I actually won the 2nd prize for the movie blogpost contest.. Anyway this month is filled with many contest expiring toward the end of the month any I've yet to submit / complete most of it.. FML
You should probably know the movie Salt by now with all the ongoing ads and promo.. I find the movie interesting. You will have to expect the unexpected and there's twist here and there.. Even though I mentioned that it is an interesting movie, but it still doesn't reach to the climax point..

According to wiki, the original lead actor was suppose to be Tom Cruise but due to some unforeseen circumstances, they changed it to Angelina Jolie.
Personally I think Angelina look hotter with her black / darken hair, but honestly she looks gay too.. Gay? Ya gay.. What's that all about you will have to catch the movie to find out..

Rating: 2.5/5

Oh ya congratulation to the other winners too namely TianChad and the grand prize winner..

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tekken is in the Cinemas!!

If you are a gamer then you probably would have already notice the upcoming movie Tekken which of course is a conversion from game to movie genre of movie..

Let's see who we have in the movie
 Jon Foo as Jin Kazama
Ian Anthony Dale as Kazuya Mishima
Tamlyn Tomita as Jun Kazama
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Heihachi Mishima
Marian Zapico as Anna Williams
ninaCandice Hillebrand as Nina Willams   

Holly Marie Combs as Michelle Chang
Cung Le as Marshall Law
Gary Ray Stearns as Yoshimitsu
Gary Daniels as Bryan Fury
Chiaki Kuriyama as Ling Xiaoyueddie
Lateef Crowder as Eddie Gordo
  Kelly Overton as Christie Monteirosteve
Luke Goss as Steve Fox
Darrin Dewitt Henson as Raven
Anton Kasabov as Sergei Dragunov
Roger Huerta as Miguel Caballero Rojo
Nathan Jones as Craig Marduk
Jae Hee as Hwoarang

Wow that's one heck of a character list to at least kill the thirst for hardcore gamer to see their favorite character appearing in big screen..

While every typical guy would opt and pick those sexily dress or bikini girls, I'm not exceptional too.. But since I'm a little bit hardcore I would reveal to you that actually my most fav character is not the main character nor are they the sexy and charming girls.
My fav character is none other than Eddie Gordo
Why? Simply because Eddie knows the beat of the fighting rules by combining martial art with art of dancing.. Think I'm crapping? Catch the video below

Wish to be able to catch the movie Tekken with the rest of nuffnangers
 Wish me luck..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sorcerer's Apprentice

If it is a Disney production, you kinda have some sort of guaranteed that it should be entertainable. No? Well at least 70% of it, but that also means you know how its gonna end don't you?
Sorcerer's Apprentice starring Nicholas Cage begins with a tale back in the 750 AD way before we are born.. It portrait what happen back then and gives you the reason why this sorcerer lives for over a thousand years.
Despite having the familiar movie characteristic, it still manage to entertain everyone, especially the girl sitting beside me. Honestly her laughter makes me laugh too :p

In brief the movie is about a quest of finding the one guy who is able to defeat the evil from rising the dead army to destroy the world. And the guy was none other than Jay Baruchel, the same guy acted in She's out of my league.

Rate: 3/5

Monday, July 19, 2010

Free Movie Ticket Giveaway

Did you know that Cathay is celebrating its 75th Anniversary today? You don't? Doesn't matter.
Then do you know that Cathay is giving out free movie ticket (any show) today (19 July 2010)? You don't? Well you better wake up and start making your plan now!
A total of 7500 tickets are waiting for you to redeem.. Valid for any show today.

Redeem a FREE PAIR of Movie Tickets

by presenting this ad at

Any Cathay Cineplex Box Office! *

(Only Original Ad Cut out will be valid – Star Two)
So hurry go watch Inception on Cathay TODAY!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Inception - Just Brilliant

Skip the premier of Inception cause I have another screening that clashes on the same night. So I went and watched StreetDance instead.. You can find out what's my thought about the movie here (http://wssoo.blogspot.com/2010/07/streetdance-3d.html)

So saw quite a number of bloggers during the Inception screening and among them are Rebecca Saw, Yih Yann, Momo, XiangCool, Josh Lim, Amelia, Jason Ong, and Victor Wong

From the same person who brought to you Dark Knight and Prestige, now Christopher Nolan is bringing the audiences into some place where we've already familiar with, the dream world..
Weird dream, sick dream, dirty dream, wet dream, we all had dream, but this is more than that, it is an entire new level of dream.. It is really a master piece and mind blowing movie that should worth every ringgit from your pocket..
 A little SPOILER here.. not entirely actually, just a brief introduction so that you don't think it is a crappy movie judging purely from the trailer like my friend did (but worry not I've managed to poison her to catch the movie :p)

The plot is about a team of people acquired a set of very unique skills that allows them to be able to manipulate / steal anything from a dream.. How? Who? Why? is for you to find out..

Rate: 5/5

Really worth watching it again and again, 5 over 5 star is actually under rated!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Unwraping my prizes

In my earlier post http://wssoo.blogspot.com/2010/07/dont-you-want-to-unwarp-these.html I'm also clueless like you guys cause I honestly didn't unwrap those packages until last night after I reached the number of targeted comment.. Would like to thank you guys first.
Now let's get serious shall we? Oh but before that I seriously thought it was an AV Home Theater System as I remember I saw it stated under the contest page, but surprise surprise ^^ So let's just unwrap one by one..

First let's just open up this package.. *Shake shake*
Oh a photo frame :)
Now's your turn Mr Long
Wow a tripod :D
What's next? Hmm.. this look kinda light.. Ok you next
A canon bag o.0
Okay final one.. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Yes it is it is!!! XD
Don't laugh at me =( I know it is entry level but it is also my first such of its kind camera.. Time to take up some lesson.. Here's what is included in the box..
Sorry for the blurry photo as I was too surprise and excited at the same time..
Here's a family photo
Thank you guys! Shall post up some other stuff in separate post.. Until then have a nice weekend..

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