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Authentic Seafood BBQ Steamboat

**Non Halal**
Yummylicious: 4/5
Variety: 4/5
Ambiance: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value for money: 4.5/5

Before I begin, please forgive me for the blur picture as I only have my HTC Desire phone with me at that moment. I come unprepare because the decision was kinda spontaneous and here I am an HOI TONG, Jalan SK13, Sri Kembangan. I couldn't snap much too because the queue to grab those yummilicious food were crazily long, and if you even dare to spend few extra seconds there deciding what to take, you will have thousands of hated eye staring at you from the back, what's more to stop and strike a nice pose T_T
As seen on the photo above, the place were packed and really have to say sorry to late comers because there are barely vacant left till late hours.
This would be the tray where you BBQ your food while waiting for the pot of soup, I think they serves herbal soup and Tom Yam soup only. Each pot comes with both soup by default and if you want only specific soup you'll have to tell the staff.
While the pot have yet to arrive, someone already took and book this black pepper lamb chop. See how efficient one can be when it comes to food, lol..
Then I spotted this, which I initially though was durian =.=" But found out it was actually butter for you to BBQ. Now thank me please because you wouldn't look and/or think like a fool like I did T_T

Remember to grab these banana leaf for BBQ purpose. If you couldn't find it, make sure you ask the staff for it, because they were so busying serving so many people that they've forgotten to 'refill' the banana leaf, which I tried to scout for few rounds.
Now let's see what they serves. The have various type of prawns.
Various type of clam, oyster, lala, and man they do come in BIG size
Finally the pot of soup is here and things are getting fire up.
They do serves quite minimal  type of steamboat ingredient, so it would be a sad case for those who prefer fishball/fishcake and etc..
Various type of crab
Let's start burning BBQ
They do have various type of seasoned grill fish
Erm, what is this again?
Fried prawn anyone? Lol, basically if you try to BBQ anything for a longer period, they become fried food
There were this delicious ham too if you BBQ it with butter.
Looks like the soup is ready and off you go!
Not being a seafood fancy type of person I'm really dumb in the name of the food that was on the table, I don't know what you call this, oyster? What the hell, they were initially shut and when it is fully cook, it would be wide open. This image is just 1/5 cook.
Not everything are meant to be BBQ, they taste as good too even if you cook them in the soup.
This is one heck of biggest oyster I've ever seen. Took a long time to cook too.

Here's more photo that should make you drool and it all credit to

Hoi Tong is located somewhere what I would consider in the center of housing area, and I find myself having difficulties navigating there if not the help of GPS. It was like any typical chinese restaurant, open air and jam pack with table, chair, and eateries. You might want to wear as little as possible (but not until the extend of almost naked / naked la of course) because you will be sweating hard while you were busy enjoying your BBQed seafood. Since it was a treated meal, I didn't manage to find out the price, but a search on the net shows that the price should be around RM25+-. With that price and the ingredient you've seen above, it is definitely a catch you shouldn't miss especially if you are a seafood lover. Also the seafood are way freaking fresh and they are not stingy in refilling it. Once it is finish, you will see new batch of them pouring in, unless of course they are really run out of supply.

Hoi Tong
Lot 12, Seri Kembangan Tambahan,
43300 Seri Kembangan,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Phone Number: 03-89436580 and 019-2582509

Steamboat Buffet on Conveyor

**Non Halal**
Yummylicious: 4/5
Variety: 4/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Value for money: 3.5/5

I've been to steamboat buffet in various outlet before, and I've been to Japanese restaurant with sushi serves on conveyor. But have you been to a place where it offer Steamboat Buffet serves on Conveyor? Ok I know I'm kinda 'out from the well' if you find it nothing new but heck it was my first visit to Restaurant Shabu-Shabu (强强滚) located at Bandar Putri Puchong.
It was also a birthday dinner for a friend, Xin Ke (middle) and we wanted to try something new. Thank to Nini (right) for the great recommendation and Chloe (left), a vegetarian is able to join us because they serves vegetarian soup too.
It was Sunday night, around 8.30pm+ and still the place is fully occupied with people who have a lust for great food :D Lucky we make our reservation earlier and we were seated at 3rd floor (yes this freaking restaurant is 3 lever high with lift of course) of the restaurant.
2 shy girl trying to avoid the camera but hello there is this wide angle mode, lol.. Gotcha..
Well everyone seems to enjoy grabbing this small yet cute little box containing different kind of food in it. Oh ya the steamboat comes with peanut sauce which I initially couldn't stand the sour taste, but later got so addicted to it.
Beside food on the conveyor, there are too item where you can order from a menu like this plate of pork slice.
Beside steamboat ingredient, there were also kitchen prepared food like mini sausage, french fries, shredded chicken, fried popiah, cucur udang and others.

Most of the dish here are delicious and it is good as starter to keep the hunger on..
The birthday girl seems to be distracted by her mobile phone alot that you see her texting from earlier of the post till now..
And when there's food there's, everyone was busy 'cooking' their own meal and ignoring the birthday girl.. Lol.. Pity her but of course we do talk and keep up with each other along the way.
Woot, time to dig in :D
The busy girl who was texting all the time caught us on surprise, look at the amount of ingredient she had compare to Nini beside her.. Lol
This is what the birthday girl had, a 'yee mee' lookalike soup
So how was the vegetarian girl doing? Thumbs up as you can see
Beside fishball and vege, they do serves fresh meat as well, like fish, crab, chicken, and many more
One of the sauce someone couldn't live without and I can't remember who, perhaps you should try it too when you are there?
So there is where all the food on conveyor come from. Below are just a sample list of item they serves on conveyor.
Seafood Taufu
Fish Slice
Qual Century Egg
Beef Cut
Fried Vege Fishball
Seafood Bean Curd
Ham Meatball


??? Can't remember what's that and they are many more but I have no time to snap because I was freaking hungry leaving my stomach empty since noon.
Along the way, the staff would come and clean our table, giving us more space and more comfort zone to enjoy what we have prepared.
The surrounding was soothing and comfy. The seat were spacious too but when there's buffet, there's also not enough space on the table for the food.
Each of the conveyor food is cover and imprint with the restaurant's logo to keep its freshness and for hygiene purpose, so you can enjoy the food to the max without having to worry getting food poison.
The buffet cost RM29.90 net per person and  it does include drink (with a choice of ice blended fruit juice, fruit juice, some cooling drink, softdrink, and water), fruits, dessert, and ice cream.

Overall we had a great time dining there and doesn't have to finish our food in a rush as some buffet restaurant did intend to shoo customer who have been there for some time already. Although steamboat were suppose to be hot and heaty, I did not sweat a single drop, simply because we were dining in an air-conditioned room. The drink provided were not some typical Chinese tea / Softdrink, but were something much better than that. Service were rather fast and they will have waiter / waitress walking around to spy on whether you are running low on soup. Price wise is OK because of the choice, the service, and the ambiance. I would definitely return with different group of people as I would love to share this lovely place with others too.

Restaurant Shabu-Shabu
No.19, Jln Puteri 1/6,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Business Hour:5pm-11.30pm

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