Thursday, February 24, 2011

Drive Angry

You will be greeted with swear, blood, sex, and more swear, swear, swear. Well at least that explain the title Drive Angry
Drive Angry is about a guy named Milton who return from hell to stop a group of cult in scarifying his grandchild to religious believe whereby the same shit thing happen to his daughter. His journey however was not as easy as he thought as there is this "Accountant" who was sent to earth to take Milton back to hell.
The movie is filled with, like I said swear most of the time, it also consist on violence where it did not get pass our authority, and thought being censored. That explains why Drive Angry 3D is not available here in Malaysia.
The entire movie make no sense to me and they seems to be trying to hard on the CG and 3D (probably) that they neglected that the most fundamental requirement; the plot @.@

Rate: 1/5

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Am Number Four

I have to repeat that I would avoid catching any movie at GSC Tropicana City as it is really tiring despite the fact that I'm sitting on the forth back row and still it feels like sitting in the first 2 row =.= But since it was an invitation to the premier movie of I Am Number Four I have nothing to say but to sit quietly and enjoy the show as much as I could.
Judging from the poster you sort of figure out what to expect from the movie don't you? Well if I were to summarize it for you, I am number four is actually quite close to Twilight minus the vampire/werewolf and plus action/battle/magic.
The story is about 9 alien teen living on earth was hunted down one after another and their guardian will do anything to protect them as they are last of their kind. They can only be kill in sequence and each posses their very own power.
There will be sequel for this movie and surprisingly I'm kinda looking forward to it although we all know how Disney movie work. Probably because I would like to know what each of them have in term of power. Oh yea No 4 gets to meet No 6 in this movie too. Should check it out if you have the time and budget.

Rate: 2.5/5

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Untold Lies of Prepaid Service

Our telco have been striving hard to not just serve us better but also to attract us to switch side. Telco war in Malaysia can be seen every now and then on any given media as if each and everyone have their spy on its competitor base. Well regardless of what it is, it is not that important to you and to me, what we care most beside the quality of service is none other than the money!
Everyone owns a mobile now right? Thank to the easy to get mobile number that even my niece could get it done all by themselves. But honestly how many of you know what you are purchasing and what you are paying? Do you even know what call block is? Are you very sure that you know how much you are paying while you call/text/online/etc?? Often we see interesting ads like 1cent/sms but why does my bill sum up to more than what I've pre-calculated? That's because behind every good ads, there's a catch waiting for you to fall into it. There's also a bill aftershock which many had complained about on the telco that I was once with before.
I observed and tested ma TuneTalk Prepaid mobile and is happy to share that what they advertise is what you really do get. Imagine 16cent/minute talktime, how long can it last you as compare to the one you are using now. What's more interesting is that they don't charge you more or less, it is indeed you pay as you use. So as long as your call is within 1 min then 16 cent will be charged, and if you use lets say 30 second, it would be half of it. Beat that will ya.. Not just that they offer 5cent/sms and 5cent/MB data, read that right, is MB not KB!!
Also be aware that for every TuneTalk customer, you are entitle to a RM100,000 Personal Accidental Insurance Coverage underwritten by Etiqa and all these doesn't cost an additional cent. It is way better than buying insurance itself!

Besides that you get to accumulate points where you could later redeem it with AirAsia from domestic to international places like London, Melbourne, Shanghai, Taipei, and etc.. Again you don't have to spend more to enjoy these.

For mild user, every topup last you longer, with just RM50 your line will stay active for 75 freaking days! That's additional half month more compare to the one you are with right now. You can find out more about the points accumulation chart here

Now after so many WOW, this is the truly MUST get reason, they allow you not just to choose but also to change your mobile number as you go and it all can be done online.

So for those who have my contact, do PM me for my TuneTalk number :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Need a reason to watch Sanctum? Well what if James Cameron is one of the producer of the movie? But wait, do you really plan to book a ticket now without first know more about it?
If you ever see James Cameron name in any movie poster, it probably get you hype up since Titanic and Avatar shocked the world. You can also be assure that you get to view and explore a world you could never imagine exploring.
The movie was inspired by true event (hey don't you notice inspired by true story movie lately?) about a group of people exploring places where no human had ever explore (or survive) before. If that is the case, what's the excitement that get your heart pumping? Well sadly none.
Oh wait, maybe a pool of meat grinder would freak you off.. Nah.. Just joking.. The movie however failed to capture my attention. Points have to be credited when it come to 3D effect. For typical 3D movie, usually the beginning part is the most obvious scene where they portrait the effect but in Sanctum, this was carried out throughout the movie.

Rate: 2/5

I’ve Got the Power with Sucker Punch

Nuffnang will be having a premier screening of Sucker Punch 2 days before it release in Malaysia.
Sucker Punch
Date: 22 March 2011 (Tuesday)
Time: 9 pm
Venue: GSC 1 Utama

If I'm ever held against my will with Babydoll and her team, I will not pick a time where there are least guard. I mean come on, what century are we in now? Being smart is no fun, I want MOREEEEEEEEEEEE guard to stand in my way, I want to slash them all like how you did in game, the more the marrier.
 And if we are low in enemies, I guess it is time to do what I've been wanting to do but doesn't have the chance to, wrestling XD
I will wrestle them one by one till there's no one standing tall on feet, and will let Babydoll to do her finishing move.
Yea I know this get kinda gruesome but this is what happen when my mind is at play :D

Hope to join Nuffnang and the gang for this awesome movie before the release date!
Contest details can be found here

The Mechanic

Yo Jason Statham fans, upon watching the trailer and/or looking on the poster, you might immediately thought "Hey, I'm so gonna watch this". My piece of advice, DON'T
Sorry no offense but personally I think this movie is kinda time wasting. Like every good movie, the best way to explain how skillful a person is, is by demonstrating and illustrating it instead of bull crapping. However what differentiate The Mechanic from any good movie is this
Yes non stop mumbling.. Instead of focusing on what Jason is best known for, he was underacted! Beside that, instead of focusing on assassin and its target, the story was rather more about mentor and trainee. By now you should probably get the idea what and where this movie is heading, no? then perhaps you can get the answer from cinema XD

Rate: 1.5/5

Monday, February 14, 2011

Shopping Online will never be the same again

I believe most of the online user come across online shopping at some point of time regardless of whether you make purchase or not. However for those who have experience it before, you may know the pain and fear of online shopping. Sometime it could be quite a hassle too when you need to collect the item you bought online from places you are not familiar with, and not to mention meeting stranger and exposing yourself to danger.

So as you see there are plenty of trouble involves and not forgetting the risk too, but all this gonna change with a all new electronic shopping mall concept named DoorStep ( where you get to buy grocery online, and item will be deliver to you on time!
I've personally make purchase with and here is what I've been through.. To make order on is simple, it takes 3 simple steps; Choose product > Register > Checkout
Pretty standard right, but read on for something that doorstep have to offer that others couldn't.. Not only shopping is made simple, some products are priced cheaper than market rate and doorstep do offer a WIDE range of goods, ranging from daily product to frozen and fresh grocery items. Yes, you read it right, grocery item like fruits, meat, vegetable, and etc.. is available only at
They also have a super bargain corner where you get discounted item on top of already cheaper goods.. also offer Secure payment methods which you can either choose to pay with ipay88 or if that doesn't ease your mind, you can opt for COD (Cash On Delivery) where you pay only when you get your goods. Please note that doesn't save your credit card details.

I've made online purchase before, but never had it been this FUN! Seriously, without notice, I've selected a mega long list of wanted item and still I'm having the urge to add in more :p
So when you've done and satisfy with your purchase, you can checkout. Upon checking out, you will be asked to register for an account (if you don't have any) or login to proceed. Once they gotten your contact details, you are again given the flexibility to ARRANGE the time slot on when the goods are best delivered to you at your door step.
So just before you confirm your order, you can still go through the list and check your delivery address and amount.
Beside the face that there will be no more traffic jams, save money and precious time by shopping from anywhere, I get to receive fresh groceries especially vegetables (cut, cleaned, peeled and packed) fruits and frozen food. Oh ya doorstep do have their very own refrigerating facility to keep things fresh. To top that, coverage on delivery to your doorstep is expanding overtime and has covered Klang Valley, including KL, Ampang, PJ, Subang, and even Putrajaya and Cyberjaya and is gonna cover more area in coming days.
One best thing I like is their followup service where their customer officer where they keep calling you to check if your goods arrive. When the delivery man arrive you can still cross check your ordered item.
 The lovely delivery truck arrive right on time :)
 Checking the items..
Shipping the goods into the house
Oh ya, when you visit the page, remember to check out the 50% bargain corner and other attractive promotion. Shall you need any info you can feel free to follow any of the following link.
  • Doorstep Homepage []
  • Facebook [ ]
  • Twitter [ ]
  • Blog [ ]

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All Well End Well 2011

All Well End Well has been a tradition where new edition will be introduce every year just before Chinese New Year. In All Well End Well 2011, they brought in some cast who have gotten our attention whether in a good way or bad and the few instant notable one would be Louis Koo, Donnie Yen, Cecilia Chueng.
Yes I would say this is however just yet another typical CNY movie. If you think the Chinese like all these CNY based movie, then you are wrong. We only love kickass CNY movie!!!
In this title, each and everyone of the big cast you think you know is not what you thought. Take Donnie Yen for instant, he don't fight with his fist or battle enemy to a Weng Chun feast, but rather he battle with his 'soft' hand and his sweet talking mouth. In other word he is just like you and me.
Plot wise it seems to me that they are forcefully connected. I don't find any good reason for such connection or maybe I was too dumb to get the point? Like every bad comedy movie, All Well End Well kinda recycle some funny scene, if you get what I mean.

Rate:  1.5/5

Psss.. I think Louis should take up more serious role as he is kinda good in it.. Do catch "Connected" tonight 10PM at NTV7 (or was it 8TV / TV3).

Yogi Bear

Jellystone Park, did that trigger any bell in your mind? No? Then perhaps Yogi Bear would, and oh ya if only you are as old as me.
It seems that last year the trend / hype was all about 3D. This year however, the 3D technology remains as it is, and the trend if slowly switching to remake / conversion.
Thank to MSN Malaysia I get to not only enjoy Yogi Bear beforehand, I also get to watch it in 3D. But was it good? Well it was okay to me. The storyline however was kinda bored and classic.
The jokes were also kinda stiff if you ask me, and there's plenty of room of improvement in terms of cast, plot, character, and joke.

Rate: 1.5/5

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