Saturday, August 13, 2016

Go Green with BMS Green Monday

With more Malaysian opting for more health conscious lifestyle, many are still unaware of the benefit of going on a meatless meal. In conjunction with healthy eating community, BMS launched it's Green Monday campaign with the aim of educating and motivate everyone to appreciate green and organic meals in order to lead a purely healthy lifestyle.

Obesity and cardiovascular diseases are on the rise in the country with the most common health problems in the country are heart and cholesterol-related disease, and stroke which are caused by improper nutrition, bad eating habits, stress, lack of workout and many more. In short we Malaysians are surrounded by heavenly food and had too little time to exercise due to long working hours and workloads.

Hence with this campaign, it would encourage Malaysian to try out some quality favorite dishes (vegetarian) without compromising the taste. Once you try it and you will definitely be convinced that vegetarian / organic food are as good as (if not better than) the usual meal you are used to. It will be a baby step toward a huge life changing meal.

The Green Monday campaign does not just introduce new green dishes but is also where consumer gets to enjoy a buy 1 free one promo on every Monday. These green menu are caters for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and kids’ meals to offer suitable and the right amount of nutritional needs for an all-day healthy-eating. Did I mention there are over 60 items on their menu  too?
So let's waste no more time and start planning who to bring along coming Monday for a scrumptious organic meal and start living the healthy lifestyle you always desired to.

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