Friday, August 27, 2010

Going the Distance

Going the Distance is a teenage movie about long distance relationship starring Justin Long the Mac guy who accidentally shows that his iPhone was jailbreak in one of the late night talk shows.
The brief of the story is all about what are you willing to scarifies for your loved one? Simple as that. Nothing much to write about the movie as it was meant to be comedy romance genre but it turned out they have limited joke and limited romance too.
When the joke came pouring in, it has to use the F word to describe like Fking hilarious but when it is not the F word works too like Fking bored.
You could probably wanna skip this as we've seen this type of movie for like thousand times?


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vampire Suck

Vampire Suck is actually a spoof based mostly from Twilight trilogy.
The only good part of the movie is that their character are quite alike, the pattern the outfit and etc..
Apart from that everything else sucks! Here's how I can make this blog short.
If you are twilight hater you will hate this too
If you are twilight lover you will definitely gonna skip this
Since this is from the team who brought you scary movie, and knowing their style, you will have to know few other stuff to get some of the joke.

Rate: 1/5

Step Up 3D

Special thank to Rebecca from Advertlets for the very special invitation to the premier screening of Step Up 3D but the title could be a little misleading as the screening wasn't in 3D.. Confused? Yes you should :p
Step Up 3D which also mean the 3rd installment is by far the only movie that I enjoyed sequel after sequel. Unlike other sequel movie, it gets boring after time as the surprise are all shown and revealed in the first installment, Night at the Museum would be one good example.
The story this time round focuses on the character Moose who was newly introduced in Step Up 2 whereby his talent was discovers by a new team named The Pirates
With that there were more awesome and yet cool new character introduced into the movie
Not only that, to add on the hype, they brought back the old character from Step Up 2 as well
It was truly an OMFG surprising moment, and that doesn't apply on the cast but also the skills and the creatively integrated "technology"

While it all seems good, there is however one lame thing, the storyline, it seems that Step Up trilogy (Most dance movie) shares the same style over and over and over again. One have the passion to dance but was limited to certain issues > Caught in love > Betrayal > Unite > Win. Lol.. Kinda predictable

Rate: 3.5/5 (None 3D) and I think it would be awesome to go up to 4/5 on the 3D version

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Phua Chu Kang The Movie

Initially planned to post along with the meet and greet session that I attended but figured that it might take a little time to finish, thus will be posting my thought on the movie first
I guess if you are from Singapore or Malaysia you are already somewhat familiar with the curly hair, big black mole, and yellow boot contractor, best in Singapore and JB, and some said Batang. Don't play play!

I never 95% of the series but why am I there attending the Meet & Greet at Ritz Carlton and the movie screening at GSC Pavilion? Well because the screening is in GSC Gold Class hall and I get to meet the real person behind the boots. All this made possible, thank to Wei Hook for the invitation.
Phua Chu Kang The Movie took place in Johor, Malaysia and it started with PCK and Rossie waiting for the arrival of Ah Ma who later when missing and they found out she went to an old folks house. Ever since then, everything happen around the scenery.
 In this movie, they introduce some new character and I guess this is the only time that you will ever ever see PCK cry..

The joke however is more of trying-to-be-funny-joke and less of serious joke, nuff said!

Personally I think the series could easily pawn the movie and it is kinda draggy which the show lasted almost 2 hours.

Rating: 2/5

Stay tune for the meet and greet session 

Grown Ups

Everyone grow up and this movies is ALMOST suitable for everyone.. Lol.. Almost cause it has quite some sexual element which might brain wash the younger one..
If you wanna have a ROFLMAO (Roll On Floor Laugh My Arse Out) session then you should start booking your tickets of Grown Ups this coming weekend, after all there's more reason to catch a movie when Friday is a public holiday for few states in Malaysia. Wohooooo~
The movie stars Adam Sandler, the same guy who starred in You don't mess with Zohan and Bedtime Stories (and more actually), and I don't know about you but Adam Sandler is like western version of Stephen Chow, cause by looking at his face could put a smile in me..
Grown Ups plot is pretty straight forward and simple. Character wise ain't big deal, very well executed. Sense of humor is like totally cool.. Even if you have watched the trailer a few times, you still will get ROFLMAO cause it has more to offer than in trailer.. But still going in not knowing about what's in trailer aid in maximizing your laughter.
Overall it is a movie worth watching (provided that you get 90% if not all the jokes) with bunch of friends, sure to have a great time..

Rating: 4/5

Monday, August 23, 2010

Android - What's the future?

If you are still no clear what Android is, you might probably wanna check my earlier post on Android - All you need to know blog post. It might not be the most complete guide but I strongly believe it is sufficient enough to get you started.
Android was first introduce to the market with the launch of Google phone - Nexus One and since then it has blossom into various other brand and model. With the recent announcement from Google that they have decided to discontinue Nexus One, it doesn't make the dead of Android, it marks the beginning of Android.
Could Android again change the market share or could android be just another temporary hype that will die off in no time? I guess I'm not eligible to give you a view on that, you are better off figure yourself. Only time speaks.
Android has a wiki page too if you want to read up more in depth about the Operating System (OS). Android is not just any OS but rather an Open Source OS which means one can take the source code of Android, modify (by adding in customized features) it and install it into any machine you could think off. Yes ANY devices. With the existence of Android, any phone can be turned into smart phone, any manufacturer can turn mobile phone into smart phone, and it doesn't have to be phone, it could be used on Pocket PC, Tablet, Console Gaming, TV, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, and etc.. you name it.. Here's some example of Android deployed in various form

1, Tablet - Dell Streak
This device has been launched in Malaysia wonder anyone manage to gets their hand on it yet?
Cisco has also announced that they will launch a similar device named Cisco Cius which its target audience are working people.
2. Gaming Device -  Sony PSP GO
Reports from Gizmodo & Engadget says that Sony PSP Go is preparing for Android 3.0

3. Android TV
It seems that world 1st Android based TV comes from Sweden

4. Android for any phone manufacturer

It has been known that Android is capable of running on mobile devices, but what I wanted to highlight here is that any phone manufacturer could actually port into Android. I need not mention the key player like HTC, Samsung on this, but rather I would like to reveal a local mobile company that is actually switching over to Android. CSL a Malaysian company that has been producing 'Malaysian made' mobile phone for the past years is too now running on Android. You can get more info on the specification here

There might be more hardware that will be running on Android which I've not mention here but you get the idea right? Android is not just your smartphone OS, it is beyond that, and with Android, anyone or anything can be turned into smart devices.

Friday, August 20, 2010


This month is the Hungry Ghost Month to the Chinese community and if you are one I believe that you are somewhat superstitious on certain matter. Pantang is what they called it in BM.. Even so I've been watching horror video clip after clip and also movie after movie.. And I just came back from yet another Thai horror movie titled Slice
Please note that this is not a ghost movie but rather a murderer type of horror movie, and it ain't scary, well at least not those where you will keep thinking of he will jump out any time soon type of scary.. It is scary in the way that gruesome scene are aired to the audience..  If you think chopping or slicing human flesh is demon's work what about slicing human's genital and stuff toys into his ares be? Beyond demon!!
The movie Slice is however filled with psycho, sick and inhuman as well as wicked mind.. Imagine a father raping his son.. Yes SON!! The film might be disturbing to some while it contain element like shemale, blow job, rape, muder, betrayal, and not forgetting masturbation..

Definitely not your family movie nor your couple movie..

Rate: 2.5/5

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Repo Men

Repo Men is somewhat similar to The Island back in 2005 where it is on getting an organ replacement so that one can live normally as 'human'. You see the concept is simple, your heart fails, you get it replace and you can live again, so are you dead or are you alive? are you human or are you a machine?
In this movie, human can purchase any part of organs, an artificial organ that is made of steel and replace it with the faulty organ in the body.. The catch is that these organs are usually freaking expensive that one would have to work your arse out to pay the bill, and when you don't they will be come macho guy coming to you and reclaim what's theirs..
What's interesting is that you could really feel the pain during the process of reclaiming these artificial organs.. What's not is that it is really gruesome cause they kill human like killing chicken.. And what type of gruesome are we talking about here? You can expect scene where one had to stuff his hand into a human body and search through the organs with his hand via a knife open wound..
 The story focus at a staff from The Union, a company that is providing these organ to the public.. and as usual when there's an actress there's love.. Lol.. and when there's love there would be a change in the game..
While so far everything might seems to be nice, there is however some glitch to the plot / technology.. Watch it and you would know what I mean..

Was kinda boring when it first have to introduce the character and technology and some cool / lame joke.. But later part was nice and had a wreaked ending too..

Rating: 3.5/5

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Android - All you need to know

Alright, this gonna be a long and draggy post, but I will try to keep it short and precise.

Android as we all known is a new platform by Google which is currently being use in various phone. The green cute tiny little creature above is the mascot of Android.
I attended the Android Workshop organized by HTC Malaysia in Solaris Dutamas and man it was filled with people. However locating the venue is a pain as the place is still new and you will need to ask around in order to get there..
As you can see the version of Android is usually represented with sweet / candy, I wonder why too but latest official version of Android is 2.1 and 2.2 is yet to be release which most people are eagerly waiting.. Why? Because it claims to have improved processing power and it has quite some add-ins too.. We shall wait and see then..
Reports shows that Android outsold iOS too during last quarter of sales with Symbian (Nokia) and Research In Motion (AKA RIM - Blackberry) leading according to order. But be very prepare cause Android is not far behind and if you notice, its market share jumped from 1.8% to 17.2% with just a few months and is only 1% behind RIM

Personally Android is not ready for everyone from around the globe yet i you ask me.. Reason being that there are less localized apps which could really turn your phone smart.. But people from the state is already enjoying the luxury with apps that are targeted for the locals there.. But for time being Android have 57% of free apps compare to Apple of 28% according to Distimo

With such attractive figure mentioned above, don't you want to have your share from the Android market? Opportunity for you to strike is there and with the existence of Android, it creates more opportunity for one to shine.

If you planned to serves your community with useful apps, do join the developers developing apps and share it on Android market, you never know that you might be the next apps star. To begin with here's what you need to install into your computer:
- Andriod SDK (
- Eclipse IDE (
- Android Development Toolkit (ADT) for Eclipse
Once you have done that you are ready to go..
Hmm.. It seems that you require programming skill to come out with an Apps.. Now that's an disadvantage! I'm not sure but it seems like a Java based language to me..

Fret not cause Google is currently on the beta stage of implementing a tools that aid anyone who is interested to develop apps for Android WIHTOUT any programming/coding involves and it is called App Inventor. Since it is still under beta stage, and if you are really really interested in trying out you could try to request to be included in the beta phase..

Now with App Inventor, hopefully everyone can come out with something that would ease and make our daily life easier.

Wait before the happy ending, what would be the future of Android with Orcale sued Google over Android and Java If somehow Google lost what is the future for Android user like us? What if Google win? What will be the market share for those who developed useful apps for Android? Nobody knows until the final outcome. You shall not be worrying much about this and should still give Android a try.

Oh ya the above presentation during Android Garage is presented by Code Android Malaysia. They are good with Android and they are really crazy about it. Do join them @codeandriodmy in twitter or visit their website for more info

One final info you might be interested in.. MSC Malaysia is providing "FREE" course + phone for Android Application Development which will last for 5 days. Why is it "FREE" instead of FREE? Cause there's a catch.. In order to claim your FREE course and phone that worth up to RM3.5K you have to attend all the 5 days and have to submit your apps before the due date. Otherwise your paid deposit of RM500 and the phone you purchased is not claimable.

Hope this gives you a glimpse of what Android is all about and what it can do for you..

Monday, August 16, 2010

More reason to go WHOA this Raya

We have now enter the holy month also known as Bulan Ramadan where Muslims are fasting which is intended to teach not only Muslims but everyone about the positive values on patience, humility, and spirituality.. Now isn't that a WHOA factor?
After Bulan Ramadan it would be Hari Raya Aidilfitri which also means a new year to the Muslims after a month long of fasting. During this festival, it is all about forgive and forget and be prepare for the upcoming days.. Yet another WHOA lesson to everyone cause it keeps the world peach and harmony..
Somehow in between that there's a bigger WHOA to shout!!!
In conjunction with the Holy month and the spirit of giving back to the community, italk is giving its users a 'hard time', cause they would now have to crack their head on who to call next.. Lol.. That's because the rate that italk is offering is so low that it is as if you call for free.. Now that's a double WHOA in one announcement..

What can you buy with 10cent from your pocket? Candy.. Yea if you're living 10 years back.. But today even with RM1 you could barely buy any food that will fill your stomach.. Even worse the recent price for chicken has raised to RM1 extra if you read the news..
But the WHOA thing here is that not only italk didn't raise its price, it actually slash it instead, after all they are into the spirit of contributing back to the community to people like us..
In conjunction with Ramadhan and Aidilfitri, iTalk is pleased to announce that starting from 10th August 2010 until 30th September 2010, iTalk will be offering special International (IDD) call rates to 3 selected countries to Fixed and Mobile as low as 9sen.

In addition, starting from 1st September 2010 until 31st October 2010 any iTalk users who activate iTalk will be rewarded 20% FREE iTalk talktime as below:
Free Airtime

Therefore for those who are giving out Duit Raya, you could now have more green packet for me :P and for those who are receiving Duit Raya, you could now have more reward to receive from italk :D

For more details do visit

If you are still new with italk WHOA, it is a portal that caters for all your daily needs.. Not only it allow you to call and send SMS from your PC, but it has also integrated Email, Twitter, and Youtube into it..

I personally love the Web Messaging feature which allow me to easily send SMS to my friends and when I'm short of credit I could just easily top up from the portal itself..There after I would receive extra credit for it.. WHOA!! It pays to use the best service in town!! Do hope on and join the biggest and growing community..

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Expendable

If there is Sylvester Stallone then there's one thing for sure - The Rambo spirit.. The Expendable is one heck of good example, it has the feel of old school Rambo..

If you read my previous entry, you might have already know that one of the selling point of The Expendable is the number of mega star involves in the movie.. Any serious action movie actor you could think off is here in The Expendable..

However not all cast had a fair screen time, it focus particularly on Sylvester, Jason, and Jet Li in sequence.
The plot is kinda old school too and if you watch sufficient amount of action movie you should be smart enough to figure out the plot by now.. Lol..

Action scene was nice but insufficient due to the reason that there were more 'research time' than the rest.. Thank God that they didn't introduce each character in depth otherwise there wouldn't even be enough time for ass kicking scene..

Overall the movie was good but not great, it could have been much better if only there were more fresh storyline. Men would have like if not love this movie and girls might wanna stay out of it.. It also somehow would kill the thirst of those blood enthusiast fans..

Rate: 3/5

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation

Like the movie this blogspot has a rating and it is Rated E (Note Everyone but rather Extreme)
Leave before it is too late..
Okay you decided to stay..

Under my umbrella ella ella eh eh under my umbrella ella ella eh eh
Now Umbrella Corporation is not your typical sweet Rihanna - Umbrella song, it is far more than that.. In fact it is as nasty as the 'corrupted' version of it

Cut the crap.. If you are a Resident Evil fans you will know series after series Alice is all about going after and trying to destroy Umbrella Corporation which is the main cause of the berserk..

So how could one defeat Umbrella Corp? Any idea?

I don't know about you but I think this is what I would do..

I would first get myself in disguise by getting a suit like this
Then befriended with kawan like these
Which would eventually lead me to the spec throwing guy in his office

Where I could steal his antibiotic that turn him back into human.. If you think I'm gonna kill him you are wrong.. Cause if I ever kill him there's no one/cure for those infected with the virus.. I need him to aid me in healing the rest.. Well of course I will take precautions to avoid him from killing himself.. Would make sure he work in a curvy and softy lab environment and there's no sharp object where he could harm himself.. Would also cling the "tongue protector" to his tongue so that he don't just bite it and kill himself too
Lol.. never knew such thing exist till I search.. If he refuse to work I would have to use the torture method.. How? It involves 2 steps

First get all Asian pretty girl to strip infront of him in a different room where he could see through via a unbreakable mirror..
Trust me, westerners dig Asian girls, and he will nose bleed
Immediately after that time for 2nd show
This time he would puke
He would then beg me not to be so cruel.. Lol..

And would like to Thank Rihnna cause her Umbrella song did reveal how to defeat/get them.. You will have to be under their umbrella :D

If you want to be few of the first to witness how Alice defeat these Zombies and/or probably Umbrella Corporation in 3D, your only chance it to take part in Nuffnang Screening Contest
Not only do you stand to win the coolest SONY 16GB Video Walkman that worth RM749, but you also get a chance to win awesome movie merchandise whereby no matter how rich you are, you can only owe it by winning it..

  • 5 x Limited Edition Resident Evil: Afterlife Lenticular Notepad worth RM 100 each
  • 3 x Limited Edition Resident Evil: Afterlife Army Water Bottle worth RM 200 each
  • 3 x Limited Edition Resident Evil: Afterlife Side Tool Waist Pouch worth RM 200 each
  • 5 x Limited Edition Resident Evil: Afterlife Belt Compass worth RM 150 each
  • 5 x Limited Edition Resident Evil: Afterlife PU Glove worth RM 150 each

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