Friday, October 23, 2009

Naked Scan

As crime rate raise, security measurement has to be improve as well especially in airplane.. Thus England has now proposing the use of a new kind of technology, the X-Ray scanner which is capable of capturing naked images and able to detect immediately whether or not there are dangerous or explosive item hidden beneath those pretty cloths..


An X-ray machine which takes "naked" images of airline passengers is being trialled in England as part of a new high-tech security system.

Manchester Airport is using the full-body scan machine which can instantly detect any hidden weapons or explosives without passengers having to remove any of their clothing for a search.

However, some passengers fear the machine reveals a little too much, including breast enlargements, the outline of genitals and body piercings.

Airport officials insist the black and white images taken of passengers in the walk-through booth machine were not pornographic and would be destroyed immediately.

The airport's head of customer experience, Sarah Barrett, said the machine removed the need for passengers to remove coats, shoes and belts at security checks as well as the "pat down" search, procedures which were detested by most people.

"This scanner completely takes away the hassle of needing to undress," she told the BBC.

The machine, which cost about STG80,000 ($A139,263) beams electromagnetic waves at passengers while they stand in a booth.

A three-dimensional image is then created and assessed by an officer sitting in a separate part of the airport.

Passengers at the airport still have the option of refusing a scan and opting for the more traditional security checks.

The question here is "Will you prefer to be scanned the traditional way or thru this machine?" You see there are pros and cons of either method.. The traditional way would be stripping off infront of a personnel officer which will of course make you felt embarrassed, troublesome, and even abuse threat.. What about the X-Ray Machine?

- Wouldn't feel embarrassed
- Less hassle
- Fast and accurate (for time being before people discover way to bypass it)

- Will feel embarrassed (when image taken was stolen and widely distributed in porn industry, abuse, when image that was suppose to be deleted can be retrieve)

So given an option which will you opt to?

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