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Wireless Internet with P1 ToGo Broadband

With technology today, I believe most (if not all) of us have or had a smartphone with us, but these gadget aren't really smart if it couldn't deliver accurate content to you in a timely manner. While all these content could easily be obtain over the Internet, your best option for that is to subscribe to a data plan with your current telco with additional charges. Well not anymore, because P1 Internet is here to change how you stay connected, affordable and reliably.
In my opinion, there are tons of benefit in P1 ToGo compare to a mobile data plan and venue specified broadband Internet at home / office. Here are a few I wanted to highlight so that the next time you are stuck between a data plan and broadband, P1 ToGo offered best from both side.
· While you are subscribing to a telco data plan, the internet access only allow that particular account / number to go onto the Internet, yes you can teether and share the Internet access, but this will only used up your quota and consume your battery faster than you finishing a 100 meter run.
· P1 ToGo (Or also known as MiFi Broadband) on the other hand solves the two biggest fear mentioned above which is saving your battery span and allow multiple concurrent Internet sharing session with your friends with extra quota and uncapped speed.
· A typical broadband by others Internet Service Provider on the other hand only allow you to go online while you are within the subscribed range / area. Once you're on the move, you're disconnected and have to rely on other source of Internet like a public WiFi maybe?
· With P1 Internet however, not only you get to stay connected anytime anywhere, you too are safe from packet sniffing. A packet is a security / privacy issue where your details could be leak to the wrong hand, thus resulting in identity theft, and using a public WiFi could really put you at BIG RISK!
· The P1 MiFi modem too can act as your Internet gateway at home / office, thus directly slashing off your need to have a home / office based broadband and data plan for your phone. Is is paying one price for an ALL IN ONE solution, so tell me how is that not dirt cheap?
I have been using P1 Internet for quite some time now and I must admit that I am really amazed by the speed and ease of accessibility. I get like 90% of the speed as promised and not only the coverage area had been increased, the signal had been strong and great compare to back then.
I can't emphasize enough on how much I love the pocket size design on the MiFi (MX230) which not only is sleek and stylish, but also not space occupying. I was surprise with the battery performance that last up to 6 hours! That's like a return trip to Johor from KL.  Besides the palm size design, each device could connect up to 8 devices through WiFi simultaneously. The good news doesn't stop there,  WiFi Internet can be shared across any phone / tablet regardless of its platform including laptop and MiFi is chargeable with the common USB cable.
With thickness comparable to every smartphone out there, not only MiFi work like charm, it doesn't get overly hot during time of heavy usage despite the fast 4G connectivity with P1 Internet. I have tried MiFi Broadband from PJ to KL, signal and connectivity was good, and even so I am using P1 Internet to blog right now.
Unlike others Internet Service Provider, you can use MiFi Broadbands without limitation whether is peak or off peak hours, so you can throw all the I-can-only-go-online-at-night nonsense away and access the Internet like no tomorrow. P1 Internet doesn't just provide competitive price point, they serves you with loads of goodness with price that doesn't burn your pocket so that your MiFi stays in, geddit geddit? XD Head on over to P1’s website for more details on the package offered.

Trust me, with a P1 MiFi on hand, is like having a sidekick with you whether you're in a gathering, a munching session, on a concert, and any other occasions, P1 Internet keeps you connected not just to the cyber world but also to everyone you care about. It aided me in saving my S3 battery usage time and had given me speed I crave for without having me to stitch additional pocket just to store it. Oh ya, once you connect MiFi to your laptop with a USB cable, you doesn't have to connect to the MiFi WiFi to go online and it charges the unit as you use it.

· Psst, if you can't survive without the Internet for a day like me, you are more than welcome to join the P1 OMA (Online Media Associates) community by signing up here.

You too can stay updated by joining on P1 OMA Facebook group for news, event, competition, and even fan gathering. With so many to catch and nothing to lose head on over now to P1’s Online Media Associates Facebook Group.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bmon Cafe

If you're socially active on the cyberspace, I believe you might have already know this, but for those who's not aware, there's a hype with a newly open cafe in Kota Damansara (pretty nearby The Strand Mall) that is based on a character named Bmon. Inspired by the famous Doraemon, Bmon is created by Roy, one of the cafe partner . Alongside with Bmon there's Mel (Bmon's girlfriend) and phant phant (their pet).
Beside the strategic location, where you can still easily navigate your way with the aid of Waze (by entering Bmon as your destination), Bmon Cafe is unique in every way.

First the character was brought to live from an existing portal / community.

Secondly Bmon Cafe offer a cozy atmosphere, whether is for revision, gathering, business, or even catching up, Bmon Cafe is the new ideal place to spend long period of time with comfortable seating area, just nice airconditioned, free high speed WiFi and bright lighting without burning a big hole in the pocket.

Thirdly the cafe was specially design and decorated inside out, from ground floor all the way to the 1st floor, from one angle to another, everything is carefully taken care off and it is definitely a perfect place for photo taking session, and a place of photo worthy on the social media.

The Cafe also encourages and provide a platform for artist to gather, to inspire each other, and to share and communicate with each other. While there's still a long list to shout about, I will leave it for you to explore and share it with me.
One of the area that caught my attention is the train window view as shown below. It is like having a cuppa good coffee while enjoying the view from a movie train.
Now I know I have been talking non-stop about the venue and atmosphere, let's just move on to the food and beverage here.
Fruit Salad and Ceasar Salad(Tuna Mayo or Chicken Mayo) RM 10.90
For starter, the Salad was refreshingly with sweetness from its mixture of ingredient and mild sourness kick from the chunk of fruit. I personally enjoyed it as it appetized me for what's to come next.
All Day Breakfast RM16.90
The All Day Breakfast on is a energy packed dish of meal where you get an array of taste from different source. I must say this is a decent all day breakfast and everything on plate taste Okay but not to the extend of I will come back for more tomorrow. It was good if you're the breakfast person.
Wrap(mushroom, Chicken Mayo, Tuna Mayo) serve with fries RM12.90
Wrap(mushroom, Chicken Mayo, Tuna Mayo) serve with fries RM12.90
The Wrap come in choice of Mushroom, Chicken, or Tuna of your choice. While Tuna Mayo tasted pretty normal, Chicken Mayo was interestingly pretty much good to my liking. But of all the 3 nothing beats the Mushroom Wrap which consist of 5 mushroom in the like button mushroom, golden mushroom, oyster mushroom, shitake mushroom and some portobello mushroom. Is like a mushroom heaven toward every bite if you're a mushroom love that is. All the wrap is juicy as is pretty finger licking good generally.
Pizza(mushroom-vege, Hawaiian) RM13.90
Pizza(mushroom-vege, Hawaiian) RM13.90
Like the wrap, the Mushroom pizza does come with variety types of mushroom for the mouth loads of goodness. The cardboard thin pizza base is neither on the cripsy nor doughy side. I would prefer it to be crispy for extra crunch in every bite. Hawaiian Pizza taste profile is pretty common to those you had elsewhere though.
Sandwich(Turkey Ham) RM14.90(mushroom, Chicken Mayo, Tuna Mayo)RM13.90
Sandwich(Turkey Ham) RM14.90(mushroom, Chicken Mayo, Tuna Mayo)RM13.90
Sandwich wise was good but the Chicken Mayo is slightly dry, but to compensate that, there was an over generous of item stuff into it.
Pasta(Chicken mushroom Carbonara, Beef/chicken bolognese, Chicken Aglio Olio) RM13.90
Pasta(Chicken mushroom Carbonara, Beef/chicken bolognese, Chicken Aglio Olio) RM13.90
There's only 2 choice when it come to pasta, either bolognese or carbonara and before going into the flavour, personally I like my pasta to be slightly / mildly / few second undercook for that chewing sensation. The one served in Bmon was slightly on the softer side which wasn't a big issue in my opinion. Carbonara taste profile was pretty mild and I'm not sure if it is due to the reason I had bolognese first. Bolognese on the other hand was packed with flavour and the authentic tomato sourish kick to the taste bud. It come in decent portion and is rather cheap considering that you're dining in a soothing environment with great food and drinks.
Hippo in the Pond RM14.90
Hippo in the Pond RM14.90
The highlight of Bmon Cafe have to be Hippo in the Pond. There will only be 5 dishes available each day. So if you're late, I'm sorry you will have to drop by earlier the next day. It is made of mashed potato topped with hard boiled egg, sweet corns, pieces of ham,crunchy croquettes and shredded salad. What make it drooling is the cheesy sauce that is aromatically appetizing and actually taste awesome beyond word can describe. If you are a cheesy wedges person, you are guaranteed to be in for a feast even though if could be sinful to some. One Hippo in the Pond is good enough to serves 5 person and more depending on how much you eat of course. With a crispy golden brow outer layer, and smashy soft potato inside, every scope  is just heavenly. I hope they will come out with more variety of sauce in near future to slightly remove the 'sin' in me while consuming it.
Chocolate Mud with Ice-cream RM10.00
Super rich chocolate serves alongside with homemade vanilla ice cream, though both coming from different temperature, both work like a charm in your mouth by releasing the scene of chocolaty and vanilla without over powering each other. The Chocolate Mud come in the right thickness and density that no chocolate lover can refuse.
Waffle(peanut butter) RM7.90, (mable syrup)RM8.90, (Ice-cream and fruits)RM12.90
Not only the waffle is perfectly done, it is serves with crispiness even after minutes of photoshooting. The natural flavour fruit topping does add on to the sweetness of the desert and it is serves in rather big portion for a desert with that price.
Lulu Berry
Lime Mojito
Ruby Mocha
Iced Ruby Mocha

God Father Almond
A good cafe serves good drink and Bmon is one of the venue not just great for hangout but also a great place for a quick fix too. They do have seasonal drink and for more accurate details kindly follow them on Facebook (link posted below). One of the Xmas edition drink I wish to highlight is the God Father Almond where it is a mixture of espresso, cream, chunked nut and marshmallow. These element added sweetness to the base while the nuts actually enhance the drinking sensation by giving you something to chew on. It was aromatically sweet cup of goodness and like its name suggest, this is the mother of all espresso.

FYI, there's no government tax nor service charge in Bmon Cafe, so the price displayed is the price you pay. For student there will be a 10% discount starting from December 2014 and they do provide attractive lunch set for weekdays too.

No. 8-1, Jalan PJU 5/20b,
The Strand Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya Malaysia.

Tel : 03-6158 9993
Opening Hours: 11am - 11pm (Daily)

Facebook :

Monday, January 5, 2015

How do you save your phone battery while staying connected into the Internet?

A photo posted by Jeff Soo (@jeffsoo83) on

A photo posted by Jeff Soo (@jeffsoo83) on
Find out more in my next post.. #p1connect #p1internet

Sunday, January 4, 2015

So you thought Sepang Circuit is only about F1?

Opened on March 9, 1999, Sepang International Circuit (SIC) is recognized as the state of the art F1 race track, but little did you know, SIC offers beyond just track to the F1. Read on to find out more.
Since the officiate by former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, SIC had received numerous awards and records and still increasing over the years.
Beside automobile races like F1, Motor GP, national race and other sort of automobile related event, SIC actually is the perfect venue for other event. Situated about 85km from the heart of KL, SIC is an ideal venue for world class international concert, luxury wedding venue, corporate team building base, and the long list continues.
I was fortunate enough to experience the complete race cycle behind-the-scene style together with few other bloggers. SIC offer facilities like Track Rental, Welcome Centre, Perdana Suite, Paddock Chalet, Paddock Club, Corporate Suites, Support Paddock, Roof Top, Helipad, Media Centre, Mall Area, SIC Commercial Park. Do check out the full details here
If you thought what you see is amazing, wait till you find out what's behind the scene. The race control room is where full focus and concentration is and it is highly equipped with tech that you and I might not even knew it exist. The restricted area is where they foresee any races during any given time.
The time keeper room is where you see more technical hardware are located. Each car will be installed with one of the time / lap tracking device where data is automatically and immediately transmitted to the server one it drove through the starting line.
Let's not forget about the world class media centre with 430 seats of workstations equipped with power and internet sockets, television, and mini stage. FYI, the media centre was once world largest media centre until China came out with twice the size. Still this is a hub where you see journalist (nationally and internationally) gather around providing updates live to you back at home.
During my tour there I saw some wedding photoshoot that was so breathe taking and is beyond word could explain. Too bad there wasn't anyone doing so on the tour, hence you have to take my word, the sunset shoot was astonishing. So for those who is looking for something different, something out of the ordinary, you should seriously consider having your photo taken here in SIC.
For automobile exhausted the end doesn't stop when the race end, there is a merchandise shop where you can kill your lust by purchasing your fav team clothing item, and there is also a museum opposite it, best part of all, entrance is free.
For more details about SIC do visit and keep in mind, Sepang Circuit is not just a race track, it is all your entertainment needs.

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