Monday, May 31, 2010

New prize that I won

You've guess it wrong in my previous"Guess What I've Won" post, now's your chance to redeem what you have lose
Guess what I actually won and what's inside the box

My Sweetheart Smells Like

My sweetheart smells like Adidas Action 3 Pure.. Here's why..
- She doesn't drink alcohol purely because she is allergic to it which is also a good thing cause I don't handle alcoholic well..
- Despite after rounds and rounds of advice from me telling her that darker skin tone doesn't portrait the class of a person but it shows that we are healthy and outgoing person.. But I think like every girl they want to have fair skin.
- She have her sweet smell.. Which is why it is important to have a deodorant that doesn't interfere with the fragrance she had.. Yea I don't want her smell to be covered with some weird smell, don't you?
- Last but not least she is a 24/7 type of person.. What do I mean by that? Well she make herself available for me anytime anywhere.. She take good care of me so that I don't fall sick, and ensure that there's delicious food served on the table after a tiring war in work force..
 My sweetheart smells like "pure" because she is clean from inside out, and innocent from top to toe. When you are free, you too can match your personality with the all new Adidas Action 3 Deodorant to find out more and understand yourself better.. See which suits you best and I'm sure it would treat you equal (if not better) than the treatment you are getting from your other half now..

Okay some Project Alpha for your viewing pleasure.. It is sad you know, PA is coming to an end very soon but still you can always watch it here in my blog too..

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia is a game-to-movie based movie in case you don't know and this year itself we have plenty of novel-to-movie, oldies-retake, and game-to-movie genre..
Big title that will be arriving soon from such genre are
- The A Team
- Takken
- King of Fighter
- and plenty more

Was blessed to be invited to the preview screening of Prince of Persia last week and each person is accompanied with a long tin of Mister Potato new rice crisp potato chip.

Honestly if weren't because of the title / conversion, there will be plenty of movie that we will usually skip, but movie with the title like Street Fighter, Dragon Ball and the list goes on are the one we watched and then regretted as it wasted nearly 2 hours of our life which we couldn't gain back.

Prince of Persia however was not one of those, luckily.. The entire movie experience can be summarized by with this one sentence... "The CG was nicely blended into the movie and you can barely differentiate what's real and what's not"

The style Prince of Persia is executed is almost alike with the one you saw in game, so game may enjoy and appreciate it more..

I'm not gonna include any spoiler as I get complain saying that my blog is pure evil especially when it contains "HIDDEN" spoiler, especially for mega blockbuster movie.

Rating: 4/5

To me this is not really an action movie (in case someone have the same thought as me before watching it), it is more of magical and adventure type of movie.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Celebrities Who Stink

Usually celebrity do have a positive and clean image in our minds technically but who would come into picture when you are asked to name 1, yea just 1 celebrity who stink??

Well to me I have one in mind.. Let's see if we connect.. *Drum roll*

Hmm.. Maybe that photo is not too obvious.. How about this

It is nobody but Robert Pattinson, the vampire from the Twilight trilogy..

Why I say he stink you may be wondering.. Well I remember reading a magazine which managed to interviewed Robert in person after the success movie Twilight was released.. And according to the write up, it claims that Robert doesn't wash his hair for like 2-3 weeks or was it months.. OMFG.. just so that his hair look oily and wet and smells the way it is.. Lol I joke about the smelling part but seriously he purposely don't wash his hair for the wet look.. I mean come on there is this wet look type of gel / mud / spray where you can apply on.. But then again, as an artist he may think that it is not natural..

I might not have a source to back up my post here but you can always try to google for it.. I'm writing this post in a rush because I need to be the first 50 to eligible for the advertorial :p

Anyway back to my story.. Wonder will any of his female fans will love his hair smell even knowing the fact that he don't wash his hair.. Seriously I think this is the only celebrity that need a heavy deodorant from head to toe.. Cause I suspect is he didn't wash up other parts too :p Sorry fans but no offense..

I think the new adidas action 3 suits him as it was initially meant for sports and extreme outgoing person, so as a celebrity Robert should really consider using this.. Or should Adidas consider sponsoring him?? Whichever way let's just hope Robert did that for the sake of the character in the movie only..

Here's a few more latest episode of Project Alpha Season 2 for you

EP 36




Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What's in the envolope?

Remember I mentioned that I love guessing game? Today I receive a courier and it was indeed a thick one.. So start guessing what's in it..
Hmmm.. Is from Digi and I have guessed it right by then..
Surprise after surprise.. Wasn't expecting this cute little Digi keychain cause was looking forward for this..

Yeap a cash voucher.. Shooping anyone?? XD

 Finally but not least, group photo.. say cheese!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Winning the Samsung Beat DJ Phone

I never knew about the existence of this phone until I won it.. Seems that either this phone is not that popular as compare to iPhone, Blackberry, HTC or it is really lousy.. But anyway it is a prize that I won from junk forum
Let me just unbox it and test to see if it is functioning
The complete accessories.. It even come with a silicon case too.. How considerate is Samsung..
That is one X-Files we have there.. I didn't insert my sim card into the phone and yet it is showing Welcome to Maxis 3G =.="
The stylish and sexy curve

The colorful menu
Menu again from different angle..
Camera view from Samsung Beat DJ phone
Another camera view.. Notice that the phone is actually quite tiny??

That's all.. Just switch on to test and to check out the camera.. Al in working condition, so packed all back into the box

I wanna watch Toy Story 3

Yea I wanna watch Toy Story 3 and it have to be in 3D
And the character I wanna see most in this installment is Ken, why? Simple cause if there's Ken you can be sure that there will be chick (Barbie).. Muahahahaha... Drool***

If you wish to get your eye dirty with this whole new series, head to

Monday, May 24, 2010

Guess the value of this prize

Yeap is me bragging again, at least that's what some people might think.. But anyway I seems to love the game of guessing.. It is fun in a way that you so wanting to know but all you could do is to "syok sendiri" AKA guess..
Won this prize from dermalogica's mother's day contest.. Anyone would like to guess how much it cost in the market?
It cost RM480 for this small bottle and you can call me crazy (for all the unnecessary hype.. But I did so because I though it might cost around top RM150) but this is the first time I notice there's people "investing" in such product..

Stay tune for more prize that I won update

My Wiggy Design

 If I were to design my own wiggy I would design with the theme of my nick name Fallen Angel as illustrated below:

Yea I know it is kinda lame but that is what I can think off in such short period of time..

As usual here's a series of recent Project Alpha Season 2 for your viewing pleasure.




Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I know this is late but Yay I won 2012 contest too

Remember the contest I participated some months back? No? Well here's the link

And here are the prizes:
Sony 9" Photo Frame
And this is one heck of heavy goodies bag

I hereby would like to thank those who voted for me.. Thank you guys, my world suck without you!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Technically I won an Osim uKimono

Why do I have to use the word "technically"?? That's simply because it was an contest open for female only and I saw a higher chance of winning, I actually lend my GF details to take part under a desperate move.. Thank God it pay off..
And I here present to you the winner...
I still wonder how uKimono can aid in keeping you slim, all I know is that it gives you a good massage.. Hmm..

Friday, May 21, 2010

Some other prizes I won from numerous contest

Warning: This post is not made to brag!
If anyone of you think that way, it is better to click on the "X" button on top right corner.
Book of Eli Movie Passes & Notebook
 Nescafe Gold Supply
 Hmm.. Kinda forgotten what's inside
Some Jusco Voucher
 More movie passes
 Alicia Keys Deluxe Edition CD
 Digi Internat plan which I didn't use till now.. Wonder if it is still usabe.. Hmm..
 Era FM Goodies bag with premier invitation to the movie starring Jackie Chan.. 
 Concert passes
 Kelly Clarkson CD from One FM
 4GB Memory Card by Kingston
 FlyFM party passes with TGI Friday buffet.. Yum yum..
 Puma T-Shirt from Digi
 All these voucherssssssssssssssss I won from Manhattan Fish Market
Celebrity Fitness Gym Membership Valid for a year. Honestly I rarely go there.. Should have sell it off.. But they don't sponsor this prize for a price.. Everytime I'm there they will ask me to join this join that.. Even during registration, they nag nag nag despite the fact that I told her my movie is starting soon.. They just want me to join and want my friends to join too.. Not a sincere prize I shall say..
 2012 Floating ring
 2012 T-shirt for him and for her x 2
 Black Eyed Peas CD + T-Shirt

What notice there's alot more small prize that I got but kinda lazy to post em right now.. Stay tune for a bigger prize soon..

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