Wednesday, January 30, 2013


The next day after my premiere screening of Hansel & Gretel, is yet another screening from Laksou this time round to the movie Parker staring Jason Statham & Jennifer Lopez. Le GF & I brought along a friend who came all the way from Switzerland to the screening.
It begin with what seem to be a masterpiece robbery turn sour when the gang member turn against one of its own named Parker. While trying to eliminate him for not agreeing for yet another bigger robbery, Parker manage to survive the killing and is back for revenge.
So when there's Jennifer Lopez, there's some expectation by some audience, while for me, I never expect much cause they will be censored even if there's any. Anyway back to the movie, the pace of Parker is very well draggy with most scene scouting & planning for what suppose to be a genius & interesting act turned out to be plain and boring. There weren't much action scene if you're expecting one like I do.
Beside that, there were much mastermind / twisted end in the plot and with that being said, I felt that Jason Statham is not being used to the fullest with all the weak storyline.

Rate: 2/5

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hansel & Gretel

Last week I attended the premiere screening of Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters in TGV 1Utama, and I gotten my invite from @NuffnangMY & @Churp2 so if you haven't follow them, what are you waiting for? Don't you want these awesome invites?
Anyway, over the past years, I've seen countless zombie & vampire & monster based movie, and thank God Hansel & Gretel put a stop to these by introducing the witch, which is not something fresh, but is something 'new' after all the overly mainstream genre.
The plot begin with 2 sibling fighting against a witch they encountered to survive and from there, they grown up as the witch hunter. Pretty straight forward nothing complicated in Hansel & Gretel. The interesting part of the movie is where the CGI was quite impressive, too bad I didn't get the chance to view it in 3D which I believe wouldn't be disappointing.
Is a fun movie to watch after all the tiring element we've been through over the years, it is time for a change although the plot is just average.

Rate: 3.5/5

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Genting App: 100K Milestone

With everyone now own more than one smartphone / tablet, the mobile app industry has no doubt bloom into a profitable industry targeting user from all around the world. Resorts World Genting, being one of the pioneer not just tourism industry, but also a key player in taking part to reach more market segment worldwide.
In conjunction with an unexpected milestone within such a short period of time, Resorts World Genting had an informal high tea session with media & blogger. Among those attended were Dato’ Kevin Sim, Executive Vice President of Genting Malaysia Berhad, Senior Vice President of E-Service, Mr Thomas Ng and Vice President of Marketing, Mr Chow Wei Heng. The Genting App has reach its 100K download since its release few months back. Beside just pure information display app, Resorts World Genting make a standing point to differ itself from "just another app" category.
The success of the Genting App is the capability to do more like points checking, point expiry, room booking and etc. It may not be a sci-fi function but it is a feature that is commonly required and ease the overall process. Room booking has never be so easy with this app and it could be done within 5 steps as follow:
Step 1: Select your detestation 
Step 2:  Select your preferred language
Step 3: Login and select check in date, check out date, and payment mode. Note that you can use your Worldcard Point and GP too
Step 4: Confirm & Done
Other users who just want to stroll in the RWG App can also learn the happenings at the Resort.  One of the highlight of RWG App is the ‘My Planner’. Those who have never been to the Resort can visit this menu to find out how to plan their time at the Theme Park.  For those who are looking for excitement there is also the Exciting Variety Plan or for the young at heart, Explore and Party Plan.
The App is first made available on the iOS platform during the first quarter of 2012, and then Resorts World Genting release the Android version toward the end of 2012. Now with a competitor making a come back to the mobile industry, Resorts World Genting will soon have its app on the Windows 8 too. Basically almost everyone and anyone could enjoy the awesome cool app now. Thomas added that RWG App is a clear example of the company’s determination in investing in technology that helps exceed customer’s expectations.  With RWG mobile app, it enables an entirely new level of speed and convenience for its customers. It will take the brand one step further in distinguishing its brand throughout the country with more customers now relying on their mobile devices than ever.

It would be interesting to see how else this app would bloom in near future but for time being, they do come in handy as user can check, view, and book anytime anywhere of the world.

You may find the download link below
iOS -
Android -

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Impossible

What a day, had 3 movie clashed (namely 3AM, The Last Stand, & The Impossible) on the same night and to make things worse, there's this temptation event on the very same day, at the very same night. Best part is, I manage to attend half of it.
The Impossible is a movie based on a true story shared by one family after surviving the Tsunami incident which strike during their Christmas vacation in Thailand. One of the best part of the movie, beside staring Naomi Watts, is that it gives the audience a preview from the victim perspective and view when disaster strike.
 The emotional pace of the plot was rather interesting to keep the audience glued to the seat. Torn apart from each other, the children were forced to grow up instantly to survive the strike and to reunite with everyone who have gone missing after the heavy flush. The movie happen to be one of the movie which cause conversation during the screenplay where discussion were heard and sympathy were shed.

Rate: 3.5/5

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Mama is a typical horror movie with no fresh plot in it and actually had a rather 'shy' & unrested soul wandering around our surface looking and searching and waiting for the unanswered answer. Gotten my premiere invite to the special screening of MAMA in the newly renovated TGV in 1Utama none other than @NuffnangMY and @Churp2
It all begin with a short story on the incident where the little girl met Mama, the unrested soul in a nearby woods. Being lose and being alone, they were brought up by Mama, thus developing an un-holistic characteristic.
Upon the discovery of the children, the plot then went on to a slow pace, introducing and getting to the reason behind the existence of mama. The pace went on and on throughout the movie with no potential fright element.
With that aside, the plot is rather weak too with not much to look forward to in the movie.  It seems to me Mama is more of an artistic movie of its genre with great scenery and ways of story telling but without a strong or fresh reason, it just failed to keep the yawn away.

Rate: 1.5/5

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Win a Samsung Galaxy Camera

You've read about the Galaxy Camera here and is already amazed by it, now your mission is to be a proud owner with the condition that you wanna own it with minimum cost, what would you do? Well you're in luck, cause KFC is running a contest where you could not only win a Galaxy Camera, but also other cool prizes ranging from iPad to smart watch to even its finger licking good meal.
Contest Mechanism
- Create a Mexicano Fiesta video by using your own photo
- Pick either JJ or Ian as your dance partner
- Select scene and style of dance according to your preference
- Share among your friend and get them to vote for you
- Viola you're on your way to win big

Why you should join
- You wan the gadget so much
- You have tons of friends
- All your friends are true friend and are willing to spare you some time

Why you shouldn't join
- Never believe in voting contest, nuff said

- Samsung Galaxy Camera
- iPad
- Sony SmartWatch
- Family Combo Meal

Find out more here

Young And Dangerous: Reloaded

The name Jack Neo seems to appear on every single Singaporean title, and likewise you would see the name Wong Jing in almost every Hong Kong movie here in Malaysia. The Young and Dangerous was make popular with E-Kin and Jordan Chan in the past and now the title is ready to set send fear down to the street with new faces with Young and Dangerous: Reloaded
The plot evolves around a murder of a newly recruited triad member who is also a "Drug King". The fight spark on simply because the Drug King raped and murder the cousin of Dai Tin Yee. After the murder revenge was assured leading Dai Tin Yee and his mate being haunted and wanted by other member from within the same triad.
It then crossed their mind that they would have to be recruited by one of the most respected head of a gang to gain protection and be free from all sort of harmful threat. Little did they know the head of the victim they murdered have more than revenge in mind.
A gangsterism movie isn't complete without a fight and sex, thus do expected some cut scene here in Malaysia. Plot wise is pretty gangsterism too with a fact that there's more words that come out from the mouth than fist being throw around each other where blood is flying around.

Rate: 2/5

The Tower

The Tower is a highly luxury twin tower seated at the center of the heart in Korea where people would die to get in for its highly exclusive view and experience. Little did everyone know, the tower's management and emergency system wasn't up to par as everyone would have expected.
The trend has done it again by switching from region over region and the current stop seems to me Korean. From Nobody to Sorry Sorry to Gangnam Style and now into movies. This Korean based disaster movie however seems promising with great scenery throughout the movie which CGI blended pretty perfectly on every angle.
Disaster was setted to happen on a Christmas eve in the luxury tower where a mega and surprisingly gorgeous party is held at. Hanging right in the middle of the sky, performance were simply amazing to not just those inside the tower but also those on the street. The scene soon started to turn ugly with an accident, forcing and putting fear in everyone nearby running for their lives.
The incident is a case where fighter fear most, where the tall flame were simply beyond reach with their machinery and the tower itself is lack of safety equipment. Thus it sent the staff and occupant to depend on themself to make it down and to make it out of the building.
The plot focuses on several character and their background to further develop a strong bond with the audience. Camera were seen to lock its target not only on the life of fighter who got trapped during the rescue mission but also those who were trapped inside be it the occupant or staff member. It also portrait on actual human behavour when it come staring death in the eye.

Rate: 3/5

Thursday, January 3, 2013

End of Watch

Finally we venture into a whole new era of 2013 and had survived the myth of 2012, so let this year be a great year. However like every year, life wouldn't be complete without movie, and what a day, on the first premiere screening of 2013 I had already a clash between Parental Guidance and End of Watch. In the end, decision have to be made and End of Watch it is, in GSC Mid Valley
Surprisingly the character in the movie is so obsessed with video recording on both side of the law. The movie is executed in a rather fresh way in the movie industry and genre and that is one of the reason (beside Jake Gyllenhaal) I choose to watch this instead. 
If you still have no idea how it is like, just imagine Paranormal Activity from police point of view. It started at a very slow pace and it stay that way till the end of the movie. To me it seems to be "plotless" or at least doesn't have a strong plot to have a movie in the first place.
The movie focuses on brotherhood among the police / partner and about their life behind the blue uniform and golden badge. It also portrait how a police life like on a day to day routine with their rounding and busting to keep the street clean. I know it has been highly rated, but personally I've seen much better version of caught on camera clip on internet and Most Shocking is one of it.

Rate: 1.5/5

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