Saturday, March 1, 2014

Final CNY Celebration 2014

2014 Chinese New Year may have been over now, but the biggest and wildest CNY celebration is still carved deep down in my memory, and all thank goto ChurpChurp for organizing the great night and Tesco for sponsoring the one in a lifetime celebration with style.
Held in The Banker's Room in Jalan Kia Peng, it was a fancy and luxury bistro quieting sitting beside the hectic KL city.
Though the celebration was one day after Chap Goh Mei, ChurpChurp and Tesco is determine to keep the tradition spirit alive by having invited member to write down their twitter and instagram handler on Mandarin Oranges which will be picked by some other member later on.
Like every successful event, there were more than just registration and attending yet another event. There were photo booth which those who take part will stand a chance to win awesome prize, there were breaking the ice game with prize of course, and many more. I was fortunate enough to land myself RM50 spending money on the newly service provided by Tesco.
Anyway it wouldn't be a CNY celebration is there's no tossing of Yee Sang right? Well the organizer and sponsor had actually prepare a most epic yee sang for all the invited member.
Attendee was treated to a buffet style of awesomeness too.
Despite only having a pair of hand, I tried my level best to take more photo and video but I failed miserably as I have to do it with a DSLR, mobile phone and dealing with social media at the same time. So for those game and activity for that night, do check them out at my instagram

It was overall a fun filling night for me and I am looking forward for more of such event in coming future.

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