Saturday, February 27, 2010

Download & Try Office 2010 and Win

Please note that this is not an advertorial, I'm just sharing it (for those who haven't get to know) and hope that you could win something for yourself this Tiger Year..

All you need to do is to
  1. Download the software (
  2. Install it
  3. Test and use it
  4. Give your feedback (
Then you are in the run of winning some cool prize.

Wish you best of luck!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Solomon Kane

Had the premier passes to the movie Solomon Kane last Wednesday
But from the Malaysian version of poster, it seems to be like Zorro
The reason why I only blog about it today is not because I am busy but because after watching the movie, I don't / can't feel much hype in me.. Sadly I wasted almost 2 hour of my time in the cinema and nothing much from the movie that gets me beating..

A very brief story on the movie (on my own word / understanding so don't laugh ok), Solomon Kane is a dare devil, he is not afraid of anything not even the devil, but he once sold his soul to the demon to obtain powers (not really power though, just strength) to battle others.. When the demon came to redeem his soul, he escaped and since then turn into a good person, you know those who won't even kill an ant type of good.. But when things seems to get better, he was again forced to show his violence, killing and taking others' soul without a blink of an eye..

After reading it, if you still think it is nice, then probably I'm good with word that mislead you to believe that this movie is actually good and I have a lousy taste :p

Anyhow I would only give 1/5 and that particular star is for the special effect at the beginning of the show.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

From Paris With Love

Ever since the movie Old Dogs, I always think that John Travolta is very good in comedy type of movie, but I was wrong until I watched From Paris With Love yesterday night at Cathay e@Curve
There were plenty of shooting and booming and that's an assurance, with some minor fighting act, but that's not the point, John Travolta played the role of a special agent who's job is to stop super bad @$$ from committing whatever they have planned, and in this movie terrorist.

Not only Wax doesn't blink his eye when he kill people, he is smart, intelligent, fast, and yet funny at the same time.. You will never see such an entertaining cops/spy anyway.. 
In short I never regretted that I choose to watch this movie instead of others, yea I have again 3 movie to choose from on the same night. Oh ya did I mentioned that there will be a big twist toward the middle of the movie? Hell yeah, that was like a surprise to the audience and yes I do love surprises, expect the unexpected..

Guess this movie worth a 3/5 but there are still room for improvement..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Journey to the west - the western version

Well just came back from the premier screening and nope it is not exactly journey to the west, but was somehow related. Find out why later on..
Credit to Sai Yew for the passes to the movie Book of Eli at Cathay Cineplex moment ago.
The reason you wanna catch this movie on big screen is because for some reason, it is filled with the F word in and out, and you get to see some really cool fatality in it. Even SAW couldn't get pass the strict eye of our censorship board but heck Eli made it anyhow..

In short, the movie, as the title claimed, it is a westernize version of Journey to the West. Give it 2.5 out of 5 for being able to get thru out strict censorship board.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

72 tenants of prosperity

Chinese New Year (CNY) is half way through already by now and we have the remaining half to go before the Chinese celebrate Chap Goh Mei, which also mark the very first full moon of lunar year. Wonder how was CNY (or the holiday) to you? Me on the otherwise have been enjoying and relaxing till the MAX throughout the week. Also manage to catch the movie 72 tenants of prosperity
First time catching a movie outstation and was impress with the up to standard seats. Anyway get back to the movie, like every CNY there is a few titled will be screen according to the title, either it is Action, Comedy, Love or whatsoever, they do target the CNY audience, and 72 tenants of prosperity is one of it.

To fully enjoy the movie, you have to have certain level of background knowledge. You have to know who is MJ, you must know who is Jackie Cheung and some of his song, you must know how CNY is like, you must have watch Ip Man before, and bla bla bla.. You see the movie is somehow quite similar to Scary Movie where the director took scenes from different movies and combine it into one, and that pretty much explain why you need to know at least the mentioned stuff to get the joke.

Another credit to the movie is that there is no side/background actor/actress cause the movie features tons of HK superstar from the 80s 90s and up till current popular star too.. It is a good laugh for the family and quite a relaxing movie.

Think will give 3 angpow out of 5 cause it bring the CNY feel to the audience.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blackberry the smartphone killer

Like everyone, I've developed my love toward Blackberry rapidly and here's the reasons why :-

Well don't know if this only happen to me, but I find women with or holding a blackberry are HOT, sizzling HOT, seriously..  I'm not making this up and you can witness it for yourself with the images below.
There is also this site ( where it show people using Blackberry and bear in mind, it is not any ordinary human being from the street, there are celebrity and even president like Obama is on Blackberry. Guess every successful person is on Blackberry, that pretty much explained when I am hunger for one.

The real all in one device
The mobile industry has became a stiff competition with plenty of model and brand blooming into the market, and everyone claim they have the best functionality and features. So what BlackBerry really is then? It is a phone, email, sms, organizer, address book, arcade, media player, picture taker, navigator, chat messenger, calculator, alarm clock, best friend and list goes on and on.. If you still have the lust for more features, you can always install 3rd party application into the device, so is like doraemon magical pocket, you can always get the feature you dream of by just installing a plugin.

Best Push Email
One of Blackberry's killer feature which can't be beaten by any other brand of phone. It is suitable for all level of user be it corporate or end user. Your email will arrive to your BlackBerry the second it’s received by the server. There’s no waiting around – your phone doesn’t need to login every 15 minutes to check if you have received new messages (wasting bandwidth in the case where there are no new messages). With BlackBerry, emails are ‘pushed’ to your device the instant they are received. It’s a beautiful thing. Don't know what I crapped about? Well maybe you could refer to the flow chart below

In layman term, you will receive your email immediately (almost) once the mail reach the server. Honestly speaking there will be only a group of people who will dislike or hate blackberry, and they are the employees.. Their excuse of can't check email or didn't receive email is no longer valid.

Battery Life
Like very good gadget, the battery life time is as important as the features of the phone because you have so much to play with and you will need a longer battery life to support what you've been enjoying.. Otherwise it would be a cut off in between. I can leave it on for days or even weeks and still receive my messages whenever there is any.

128 bit encryption is standard for all BlackBerry connections, which means no incoming/outgoing connection will occur unless you approve it. In practice this causes a slight annoyance – when you install a new application that requires data to be transferred to the 3rd party’s server you will be asked to approve the connection. It adds two clicks to your CrackBerrying (not that bad) but ensures your phone remains in your control (and not a hacker’s) at all times.
Security is of cause one of the major feature to be consider but is often overlook or ignore by user.. They wouldn't notice the importance of it until they become a victim of it. Even so, blackberry never keep quite and eliminate this feature. 

Now that you are clear off why everyone is crazy about blackberry (often refers to BB in Internet slang), now where can get one and make yourself to be one of the proud owner?

I know this is kinda late, but I just want to let you know how great it is that Celcom actually selling the all new Blackberry Storm 9520 at 50% off. 

This is what I call a sincere way of rewarding the customer.

Celcom has been promoting blackberry for some time now is not only sincere in rewarding its customer, but also have been consistently promoting a particular brand because they know what's best for its customer, and they are the trend leader.

For those who miss the launch promotion like I do, fret not, you can still own one with as low as RM216/month
You can find out more about it here -

With all the gorgeous features like push mail, calling, Internet browsing, SMS, etc etc.. You will need a telco that offer you WIDEST coverage, LOWEST rate, SIMPLE plan, UPDATED technology, and SINCERE, guess who have it all? It is none other than Celcom, that's why Celcom is the storm-tatic match with your BlackBerry.

Revenge of the cup

Been lazy and busy to update my blog lately, saw this video on the Internet before chinese new year, it is about a girl who got dump by her ex because apparently she doesn't have the figure and only have A cup size. 3 months later she somehow manage to boost it to C cup, and sort of showing off to her ex.. Guess this is the best Valentine gift for a ex huh?

Win a Samsung LED TV from Cnet - Answer Provided

Here's another chance for you guys to win a Samsung LED TV from CNet and best part of all answer will be provided in this blog. Here's how

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Namewee got beaten up

Apparently he got beaten up by a Chinese guy because he is interrupting him singing and shooting CNY video. Thought I'm not his fans, still hope he will recover before CNY..

Gong Xi Gong Xi

Valentine's Day - where majority cheats

Thank to Nuffnang for another premier movie screening (Valentine's Day) where we blogger gets to watch it before hand.

A simple question, what is Valentine's Day? Well it is all about LOVE about commitment right? But sadly despite the fact that this movie features tons, and I do mean TONS of super star like Jessica Alba, Jamie Foxx, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Ashton Kutcher and plenty more, still I can't feel love, can't feel the commitment, and can't feel touch, I don't feel anything at all..

So to me the movie was pretty plain and lame, every star wants most of the screen time, thus things ended up like rushing here and there, jumping from story to story, from character to character, and worse still, nothing extra ordinary..

It would definitely a big mood spoiler if you are all set to catch this movie during Valentine's Day.. I would recommend other movie as it would be much more entertaining for couple though it might not be a romantic comedy.. Movie like Percy Jackson, Case 39, Old Dogs are way enjoyable than Valentine's Day..

Brave yourself as to me, it is only fair to give a 1 out of 5 star for the effort of trying to eliminate the side/background actor.

On a side note, it seems that my favorite cinema; Cathay is facing some issue, both the movie I watch these days have technical issue be it the speaker or the film.. Hmm.. Hope they could fix it soon.. Don't let me down please..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dell Studio Design - Vote for me

Despite there are many fierce competitor in this designing contest, I'm not planning to give up without at least trying to pull vote from you guys.. Hope you guys can support me and cast a vote for me..

Here are my contest detail

Vote for me at
I name this design "Back in Time"

Why I name it so?
This is a very well known classical yet popular game back then. The design is combine with another element that we are familiar with, 2 image in one where you will see different image from different angle. The design is called "Back in Time" is because it brings back childhood memory or some flash back to us. Still remember how proud you are when you own a pencil case that can pop up or the 2 image sticker? Well this design is to let you once again be a proud owner of your lovely notebook.

Every of your vote is very much appreciated -

Thank again!

Percy Jackson: The Lighting Thief is gonna shock you guys

Well when 1st saw the trailer, I was thinking OK, this is yet another Narnia kind off movie.. The trailer was too short to judge anyway, but it was a good trailer, why I said so? Read through and you will know.

Just came back from the movie Percy Jackson: The Lighting Thief

Being a ex gamer myself, I think anyone who played any console gaming before would very much appreciate the movie.. There are plenty reason on why you will love the movie, stuff like

1) Cool effect
2) Something new*
3) Something fresh*
4) Plenty of unexpected stuff
5) Action + Comedy + Effect = WIN
6) It bring you into the movie
* applicable to those who doesn't or never read about the novel

All the while you will feel like you are exploring and hunting with Percy and the team, seeking ups and downs for item, teleporting, flying, and etc..

I never really enjoy a novel to movie based type of movie this far and I have to admit that I really enjoy catching this movie, not only for the breathe taking effect, but also for the new world that the audience gets to explore.

Here are some awesome scene (SPOILER)
 Trust me, you will have to beg, steal, rob,or even dance or do whatever it takes to gain entry to the cinema hall to catch this..

 Despite the failure after the first 20min of the show start, it didn't kill my mind and it didn't stop me from getting excited thought I felt disappointed as my fav cinema is facing technical issue not only on one hall but all the hall showing this premier.

A solid 4/5 star from me.

Friday, February 5, 2010

I celebrated Valentine this week

Well valentine came early this year as I've already celebrated it with the one I loved and cared most.

It was a grand celebration even though there is no superb dinner by the lakeside, no dancing by the seaside, no breezing scenery uphill.. So what's so grand you asked? Remember my previous post? Win a U2 Watch within a minute - Go check it out if you haven't do so..

Yeap I'm now a happy, proud, and blessed owner of the U2 Watch.. I collected my prize earlier this week but was too occupied with my work loads, so here it is now..

Can't wait to get the wrist cut so that it fits into our hand firmly. For those who don't believe me previously, you should be now. The contest is still going on and you too should celebrate Valentine like I do..

Happy Valentine and Gong Xi Fa Chai to those who are celebrating it.. Off to admire my pair of watch now *evil laugh* muahahahaha

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