Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Adventure with my pet

I'm not a animal / pet hater nor do I own any fury friend at home, probably because I am too lazy to clean up the mess and I strongly believe that if I have issue taking good care of myself how am I suppose to take care of others o.0

But if I really do have a pet, I would love to bring it out for some 'adventure'. I have few in mind, but I will list the one that is most exciting.

I always wonder what kind of reaction will I get if I go shopping with my pet in a shopping mall. Now I'm not talking about typical pet like dog, cat, hamster, fish etc.. I'm talking about a dangerous breed like the mighty Lion King..
Of course the main objective is not just to window shop and get myself into trouble. You see if you are rich, you can basically do anything you want like booking the entire shoplot so that you and your partner can shop  at your own pace. Sadly I'm not under that category..
Not that rich but still wanna impress someone, so my only best hope is to shop with my pet in a shop named V_ncc_ (dunno if I should publish the full name but guess it is quite obvious) where it should chase everyone out of the store while my partner can choose and try out according to her liking without interruption. Mean while I would really like to bring my pet to the arcade to have fun like we human do.
All that crazy thought might not be coming true anytime soon but seriously that's what I have in mind.

Now the happy part is that my crazy thought might land me an invitation to The Adventures of Tin Tin in 3D from Nuffnang made possible by United International Pictures

Do check out this post if you are interested too..

Don't be afraid of the dark

Before I being, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Deepavali. Had 4 crash screening yesterday namely Hong Kong Ghost Stories, In Time, Shark Night 3D, and Don't be Afraid of The Dark. It was indeed a hell lot of wastage especially when I've won invite to each and every title listed about.
So in the end I choose Don't be Afraid of The Dark. The story surround on a little girl where she move in to stay with her dad, a divorced, and his girlfriend on this very old mansion where the spooky thing happen. 
What they didn't know is that there are these little monster creature that feed on children's teeth and bone which basically explain why they are active when the child moved in.
They are afraid of the light and would do wonders to turn the light off. So yea basically they do act and think like human except that they kill for child teeth and bones. Plot wise was pretty predictable and that it wasn't even scary
The only scene you might scream is the scene where it was showcase on the trailer already.. Yea another boo hoo for the trailer spoiler.. Not entirely a scary movie I must say and it may far beyond your expectation.

Rate: 2/5

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Paranormal Activity 3

You should have at least heard of Paranormal Activity by now and thank to ChurpChurp I manage to watch it 2 days ahead of the release in Malaysia at GSC Mid Valley
Paranormal Activity 3 bring the audiences back to the past and yes Paranormal Activity 3 is a prequel of the franchise series. Since it is a prequel and it bring audience back to Katie and Kristi's childhood, most were expecting an 'explanation' on why and how it all begin.
But that didn't happen. It was however just another episode of Paranormal Activity with things you could possible be seen from the past 2 series. The movie is kinda suspended as you never know what to appear on the upcoming scene. Beside that there were nothing much, not even on the horror part either..
Besides that, I also notice that there is several different scene from movie and trailer.. Wonder why is that so.. Plot wise was rather normal but I can't really connect back to the past 2 series as I've totally forgotten what happen back there. So you might wanna refresh before heading for this.

Rate: 2/5

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What's Your Number

Had a premiere screening of What's Your Number at GSC Mid Valley, one of the coldest cinema around town  and be warn, never go there without a jacket..
What's Your Number stars Anna Faris and Captain America Chris Evans, question here whether Mr Captain America still have the same charm?
The movie is plotted heavily based on sex theme.. No wonder the staff have to seriously go through those who enter the hall.. "F**k", "Bl*wJ*b", "H*ndJ*b" and other such word were heavily used all over the movie and if you are underage innocent, I doubt you will get the joke.. But hey.. is there really any innocent soul still out there especially with Internet around??
Don't know since when, almost every comedy movie would have something to do with Facebook and Twitter as part of the joke.. I found it kinda boring and some should do something fresh with it..
The joke were okay but lack of fresh ideas.. Chris Evans could have more screen time to kill the lust for all his female audience which Anna Faris had done too much to have some scene censored, did she? Also there were some scene shown on the trailer went MIA in the movie, like the puppet scene.. Wonder if that is suppose to be or something really happen?

Rate: 2/5

Mad Ghost

Mad Ghost is not your typical ghost movie. In fact it is not really a ghost movie if we were to seriously consider it. "The theme is 'losing your mind' and "Four" ("4") has four stories, all conceived by Thai screenwriter "
The movie was a mixture of good, bad, and terrible.. Some even say it is a misleading movie which I think most would agree with that.. From the title to poster to trailer, it shows us element of ghost, thus who in the right mind would doubt and question further?
First of all the movie did well in carefully choosing the fright element.. It could have been better if it is truly a ghost movie as expected.. Sadly the movie focus on one thing that is scariest among all in reality - humanity..
Secondly, now all story have fair screen time, some that were pretty yawning bored took so much of it.. Furthermore, once audience found out that 'ghost' is just a gimmick they don't really pay attention anymore, which is why toward the 3rd story, things starting to slow down.. But the last story was slightly interesting, and if you must know further, it is something like 4bia last story style..
Not a recommended movie but yet not an entirely rubbish movie in my opinion, well at least you have something to laugh at in return..

Rate: 2.5/5

The Sorcerer And The White Snake

Had special screening of The Sorcerer And The White Snake at GSC Maxx (formely known as IMAX) in Berjaya Time Square and the movie starring old timer Kung Fu legend Jet Li along with other 'playful' cast like Charlene Choi and etc..
As serious as the poster and the trailer may look like, it is actually a more to comedy cum action genre if you ask me.
To me the plot weren't right, scene weren't necessary, and where are all the action that most have expected? Well since the movie is release with a 3D format, it is assumed that the director had spend so much time developing the film around the technology while neglecting the plot and so on.
I have no comment on the 3D effect since I weren't watching the 3D version of it.. The CG wise however was rather a big disappointment.. It doesn't blend 90% of the time although there were few superb effect. Guess it get washed down with the rain.

Others were pretty normal and nothing much I could share about.. Beware, don't expect too much from this movie.

Rate: 2/5

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