Sunday, September 20, 2015

Choo Choo Chicken

Besides Kimchi, Korean is also known for their unique fried chicken, and with more restaurant mushrooming in Malaysia, each serving their very own sauce to give a different kick and crave. Choo Choo Chicken is one franchise restaurant that serves a wider array of Korea Fried Chicken, comfortably situated in PV128 (Genting Klang / nearby Festival City Mall).
Choo Choo Chicken offer a very soothing and comfort dining atmosphere with self service ordering system, you get to settle down and go through the menu at your own pace. Also to encourage everyone to social and mingle around, Choo Choo Chicken took a step ahead and deployed a chat system where patron get to log into and start chatting away with other user within the compound and have their chat aired live on a flat screen TV.
Garlic Fried Chicken

Spicy Chicken Wing

Sweet Boneless Chicken

Soy Boneless Chicken

Choo Choo Cham Chi Burger - RM 8.90

Spicy Korean Rice

Kimchi Soup

Fried Mushroom

Spicy Chicken Wrap
Garlic Fried Chicken
Deep fried with coated batter, the chicken are then dip into home specialty garlic sauce and finish with sliced garlic for that extra aroma. One of the flavor you should really try during your visit if you're a garlic lover.

Spicy Fried Chicken
This has to be my favorite among the 5 variety offered on their menu. The spicy flavor add that kick seconds after swallowing it. Not forgetting it is crunchy on the outside, and moist on the inside. Very flavorful, and power packed with spiciness.

Sweet Boneless Chicken
What differ from other Korean fried chicken is their choice of boneless chicken. I love how easy it is to consume their chicken in a cup without the bone. The sweet flavor chicken however is pretty mild in taste, especially after consuming the spicy flavor. It is also slightly over the wet side, so be sure to consume it immediately after served before it got soggy.

Soy Boneless Chicken
Again, this  is one where you can consume without hassle. Their soy flavor as pretty tasty despite being simple, it still have the crispy texture even after rounds of photo taking session. This too is slightly over the wet side from the sauce dipping, but its flavor is simple yet strong in flavor.

Choo Choo Cham Chi Burger
Sandwich between the sticky rice are layers of tune, mayonnaise and kimchi, topped with seaweed as finishing. It is uniquely scrumptious, a very well blend between kimchi and tuna. Is also a very good dish for those who want to try kimchi but was dare not try due to its appearance and /or smell.

Spicy Rice
A very satisfying bowl of packed rice, spicy at the right level that give extra dining sensation, go well with their fried chicken.

Kimchi Soup
A very rich and thick kimchi soup with generous portion of vege and tuna in it. They are spicy and delicious. A pot is good enough to serves 4 pax, considering each have 1 and a half bowl.

Spicy Chicken Wrap
This is also one of my favorite dish here in Choo Choo Chicken. They are crispy and is dipped in a very thick spicy sauce. The wrap make it easier to consume especially while you're on the go. Wedges that came along with is crispy out, fluffy in.

My personal opinion is to reduce the "wetness" of the chicken from the dipping sauce to preserves the crispiness of the chicken, and once all the flavor is established, perhaps they could try coming out with a localise version of flavor like example Sambal flavor, Satay flavor, and etc.

Overall Choo Choo Chicken is a hidden gem in Genting Klang area, and is worth a tryp when you are nearby, after all they are not just yet another Korean Fried Chicken shop. Do look out for their on going promotion / menu set for extra satisfaction.

Choo Choo Chicken Facebook -
Platinum PV128, 
No. 128, Jalan Genting Klang, 
Setapak, 53300

Tel : 03-4131 3160

Business Hour : 11am to 10.30 pm

(No GST, No service charge)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

House - Restaurant.Bar.Winepost Re-launch @ G-Tower

Attend House Re-Launch party at G-Tower 2 weeks back and heck not only this place is amazing, they do serves scrumptious food too. Accompanied with a wonderful bar that mix and serves almost any type of drink from over 20 region, a pool table and astonishing of chill out seats, you bet this place is where anyone wanna chill out will stop by.
Which everyone is enjoying themselves with the live performance and other line up activities, I am busy digging into all these irresistible dish me and my friend ordered at our table.
Beetroot Salad
Wild Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread
Satay Pizza
House Club Sandwich
Hainanese Chicken Rice
Prawn Tapenade Spaghetti
Beetroot Salad - Very refreshing and appetizing started before meal. Love how every element on the plate mix so well, with sweetness from the oranges, the crunch from the nuts, and the sourish dressing definitely open up my appetite for more great food to come.

Wild Mushroom Soup - Not the best version I had but it was good in the sense that it is rich and creamy in every sip, go very well with the crispy toasted garlic bread.

Satay Pizza - I remember I had this chicken satay pizza back then in House e@Curve and definitely loving it, and am proud to say the taste is still the same even in different outlet. It is best eaten hot or immediately once served, since my friend and I were busying snapping photo it got cold and hence the thick layer of cheese got harden. Still it is one of my favorite dish cause its peanut sauce really add in the real flavour of Malaysia.

House Club Sandwich - A very rich in flavor sandwich that contain turkey ham, tomato, lettuce, fried egg all sandwich between toasted bread alongside with special sauce, serves alongside with some salad and basket of fries.

Hainanese Chicken Rice - One of the dish recommended by my friend and I must say each component is very good on its own. The rice is fragrance and rich enough to be eaten just like that, the chicken however was slightly on the dry side but could easily be compensate with the flavour packed sauces that came along with. Let's not forget, it come in generous portion.

Prawn Tapenade Spaghetti - If you love seafood this is what you must have, the prawn are fresh and juicy. With not much of ingredient in this dish, it is surprisingly how a simple dish like this could taste so good. The spaghetti was well cooked according to my liking and the amount of ingredient just was nice.

Tiramisu - No better way to end your satisfying meal with even more satisfying dessert. I personally don't think the presentation of their version of tiramisu is appealing, but its taste would tell you likewise. Very soft and soothing, not overly bitter and sweet like the way it should be.

It sadden me that I have to leave after the meal despite there were more food and drink and activities during that night. Hope to drop by again to try on other type of beverage they serve here. Am in love with the atmosphere here and whether you wanna chill or break that stress, no doubt House @ G-Tower is where you should be, best part about this is that it is just walking distance from Ampang Park LRT Station.

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