Sunday, May 8, 2016

Judi Judi King Boss

Attended a press conference of Judi Judi King Boss where my friend Al-Chan who is a one of the lead actor in the movie. Judi Judi King Boss evolved around 2 buddy where they wanted to earn extra money and ended up operating an illegal gamble hut with the money loaned to them from Ah Boon's girlfriend.

What set this locally made movie apart from others is not just Malaysia's multiracial comedy movie, but also the first move in Malaysia that include 6 dialect namely Bahasa Malaysia, Tamil, Hokkien, Punjabi, Mandarin, and English.
The movie consist of multiracial new and established talent as will be open "gambling hub" will be open for business in cinema near you this 12 May 2016. Do drop by and give the team and Julian Cheah a support as this would definitely inspire them for more movie where we Malaysian could relate to and hopefully soon be proud of.
As one of the partner to Judi Judi King Boss, anyone with a valid movie stub to the movie is entitled to a 30% off from Pak John Steamboat & BBQ from the day the movie release till end of May 2016. It can be movie stub from any cinema across the nation and you'll be in for a savory treat.

Lastly but not least, do check out the trailer

Monday, May 2, 2016

Square Q Cafe

Square Q Cafe is a cafe situated in the central of Mont Kiara and nope they are not another waffle shop. In fact they are far away from being a waffle shop and it come with lots of scrumptious menu that definitely would suit everyone in a group.
This waffle look alike but not a waffle snack is a trending snack in Taiwan is made with 100% pure milk. What make this differ is mixture of mochi dough in the base. The flavoured dough are coated with a thin layer of sugar before toasting it to perfection.
This give the snack a crispy texture on the outside, chewy (but not overly) like a mochi, and is really fragrantly in each individual flavour. Square Q started off with just a stall in Plaza Mont Kiara bazaar and after gaining recognition, Square Q cafe is established September 2015.
While the dining area may be slightly compact compare to other cafe, rest assured as there are amber of legroom where you can fine in comfortable without bumping into others. Square Q Cafe is not only a family oriented cafe, the cafe is also run by very dedicated and passionate family members. They are introduction a new item on their menu whereby visitor can top up RM15 to enjoy a weekend buffet brunch with any purchase of any drink off the menu.
There is a common in all the drink offered here across the menu, they are rich and thick in texture, not overly sweet to my liking and I especially love the Mix Berries Yogurt (first image) drink for its super thick texture, finely blended with crush in it, and definitely soothing especially under the hot spell.
Assorted Cheese
Assorted Ham
Anchovy Puff
Fluffy Charcoal Bread Slice
Assorted Danish
Assorted Bun
Cherry Tomato & Starfruits
Sunny Side Up
While the array of buffet choice is smaller compare to other buffet line, they are enough to not just fill you up, but also satisfy the craving in you. Most of the item serves in Square Q Cafe are homemade thus it involves great amount of time to prepare this much food on the table. The reason they insist on homemade is to control the taste and quality on the food served, and only by going homemade they are able to control the texture, the sweetness and so on.
If I have to only pick one to be my favourite food item I will without doubt go with anchovy puff. They are not overly spicy, very tasty and with the presence of anchovy in every bite. Not forgetting others were as good too.
The snack come in several flavor namely Original (Milk), Chocolate, Banana, Butterscoth, Cranberry, Yogurt.
Whether you're a mochi lover, this "waffle" would definitely a snack you would enjoy. They are really chewy but not to the extend of mochi chewy, crispy on all edges, and carry mild sweetness in every bite.
If the waffle itself is too plain for you, you too can opt for toppings off from the ala carte menu.
The buffet starts from 10.30AM and end at 2PM. There is no limitation on your dining time and you can be there for as long as you want throughout the period. However they place is seen to be pack every hour so it is advisable to call in and make advance reservation to avoid disappointment.

Square Q Waffle - I'm Not Waffle
11, Jalan Solaris 3, 
Solaris Mont Kiara, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

+60 3-6206 4828

Operating Hours
11am-11pm (Monday, Wednesday & Thursday)
11am - 12pm (Friday)
10.30am - 12pm ( Saturday)
10.30am to 11pm ( Sunday)
Closed on Tuesday



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