Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Hangover 2

They are back, and back for good. The Hangover 2 is where it uses same old trick to trigger the same old laugher. Best on Hangover 2 is that they brought back all the same old funny character.
Set in Thailand, the four buddies get into trouble yet again in a country where language seems to be the barrier. Waking up having no clue on what happen the night before, and worse lost Stud soon to be wife's brother.
Loaded with bigger and badder bad@$$ action, not only they did unexpected thing, they were involve and 'wanted' by several 'group' of people
If you watch The Hangover before, you should basically know how the story flow. Alan swore to God that he did not spike the drink the first thing they woke up. So who did it this time? Some interesting point to burn the curiosity in you :p
The Hangover Part 2 is recycling the plot concept like most movie does, but in this, it creates a brand new level of joke. It is however recommended that you watch the first part before watching part 2.

Rate: 3/5

Thursday, July 28, 2011

RM1500 Crash Course

The Work
Back in my years (go figure how old I am, don't ask) having a mobile phone is like having iPad now. Every chick will cling to you and play with you your iPad.
However owing a phone back then was rather pain in the heart because you have to fork out RM2,000+- for the butterfly phone (Nokia 8250). Having an ego in me I want one of those too, but I did not come from a rich family so it could only be dream for time being.

So I decided to earn my own first phone and started to work on part time basis on every school holiday and etc, and because my pay is so low till I only have sufficient moeny to get a decent phone, and that was when the Nokia 6600 being released.
Knowing that these are my hard earn cash, I decided to turn on the "kiamsiap" (stingy) mode in me, scouting around from mall to mall, and even portal to forum. Still remember everyone is talking about "Yee-bay", PayPal, Cari, LYN, Lelong and etc that time, and so I search all of em looking for best deal. The 6600 cost RM1,800 during the time and I found a deal one should not miss at a stunning price of RM1,400 (actually after summing up my petrol, time and effort, it is back to square one)
After a few message exchange I got to learn that the seller is currently being assigned to work outstation, Kuantan if I still remember correctly which if I want the phone urgently I can meet him in Kuantan to C.O.D, otherwise I will have to wait till he is back. He is a part time cellphone seller by the way, and according to him I can get a little more discount if I buy 2 phone when I asked for cheaper price, knowing that this is already a steal.

The Virgin
So, the urge and eager of getting my first phone has build up and I couldn't any an additional second more and decided to purchase 1 unit (failed to persuade friend to get this soap look alike phone) from this seller through courier.
It was a suicide move. You see people often say that "if you don't know, just ask", but my question is if I don't know its existence, what is there to ask? Same thing happen here, I never did any research because I NEVER knew that there were such thing as online scam back then.
It may sound like a joke to you, but this is real, I'm not making it up for the sake of getting attention. I was SCAMMED. Right after I transfer the money over, the his account, there was no further response from him. Only then I realise how stupid I was. T_T
The reason I called myself online shopping virgin is not only because I wasn't aware of such scam, I never ever take note of the details like username, and I didn't know who to turn to when I needed one.

The Red Alert
This is by far the most expensive lesson in my life, BUT that doesn't stop me from shopping online after that. In fact, until today I still do shop online for business and/or personal goods and services. Not only I'm an often online buyers, I too involved in ONLINE SELLING too.
Yes that's my official online shop that sells accessories / cloth and etc.
Official Fanpage:
Official Site:

The thing I try to do is to ensure that my client / potential client shop comfortably minus the fear of being scam from making payment to receiving goods.

From time to time I do read up about latest hustle trick and always remind those that I care about and since I do care about my readers, here are some quick basic tips

  1. Is a deal is too good to be true, then it probably is not authentic
  2. Always do a Google search on whatever info you have (like username / name / contact number / bank account / address / etc)
  3. If possible arrange C.O.D (Cash On Delivery). By doing COD doesn't make you 100% safe either. Be sure to pick a place where it is not quiet and a place and best to have someone accompanying you during the COD
  4. Read up the forum for "Importance Notice", "Pin Thread", "Dispute", and any other topic that is similar to it. (Eg:
I sincerely understand people got worry when it comes to online shopping. My advice is to do your homework right and don't be lazy, eventually you will be able to enjoy authentic great shopping experience. 

Hey after all credit card is not fraud free right, and almost everyone is using it. We don't stop using it because there's a loophole, we enhance and make it better instead.

Pssst.. By the way there is a E-Commerce Fair coming into your way details as follow
Date: 12th - 14th August 2011 
Time: 11am - 9pm
Venue: Mid Valley Exhibition Centr Hall 1 & 2
There will be tones of item / display and what's cool is that there will be loads of latest gadget at RM1 as starting bidding price. For more info feel free to visit
Official Site:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Love Wing Chun

What a clash, there were 3 movie screening that I was aware of that falls on the same day and like everyone else, I have to pick only 1 to watch. There were Captain America, Hangover 2, I Love Win Chun, and since I am watching it alone, I picked I Love Wing Chun knowing that this is gonna disappoint me.
Ever since the release of Ip Man and Ip Man 2, Wing Chun (a type of martial art) has become so popular that everyone wants a piece of it. So what this movie is really about? Nothing, it doesn't have anything related to the martial art at all nor does it have any sense / storyline in it
The movie stars various "famous" artist ranging from MyFM DJs, to Malaysia model like Amber Chia, to Hong Kong artist as well. But heck this is yet another tried too hard to be funny but failed even harder movie.
As Malaysian, yes I'm proud that we do have names that it into movie industry, I am proud that the movie was shoot in Malaysia, I'm also proud that we could collaborate with stars from overseas. But heck why don't they put even more effort into making with better plot? Not recommended even if you got to watch it free as it is like Ip Man + Stephen Chow worse parody.

Rate: 0.5/5 for the effort.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger

YES this is yet another Marvel superhero comic to move conversion type of movie and YES the superhero grew from zero to hero. Kinda familiar? That's cause these are the tricks that make your all time favourite superhero look good.
Like every superhero movie, there will be past, present, and future story build up scene and Captain America is not spared.
 It begin with the introduction of Captain America's soon to be nemesis and about the mysterious power where it would create deathly weapon.
Where there is Chris Evan, there is topless scene. If I remember correctly he did went half naked at some point of the movie.
I guess by now you've notice there is more of common element than something new / fresh. Fret not because the 3D effect was pretty good. Compare it with Transformers: Dark of The Moon and Harry Potter, Captain America portrait way better effect than those overrated comment before the movie release. But still it is not up to a point where you could actually feel the shield come banging onto your face. Minor dirt falling onto your face after every explosion is however present :)
Although the movie does not happen in a futuristic world like Avatar nor Thor, I love the way this movie is being rendered. Every scene gave the cartoonist feel with actual cast running all around, and not to mention the explosion and dust effect.
Note that there is a super awesome hidden scene after the credit. So do make sure you stay back for it. I would say is the best seen so far because it get me hype up for The Avenger
I guess unlike other Marvel movie, this movie clearly tell the audience that there will be a bigger and massive battle on the way where it team up Captain America, Ironman, Thor, and several others known as the Avengers. Something for the boys and not sure if girls would like it too.

Oh ya thank United International Picture, TGV KLCC, and Nuffnang for the press 3D screening.

Rate: 3.5/5

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wu Xia

Got my very last minute invite to the premiere screening of Wu Xia starring none other than the best know Wing Chun mastker - Ip Man Donnie Ye and the famous Japanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiro
Wu Xia is also known as Dragon internationally. As furious as the title may sound, the overall execution was not up to (my) expectation, to be honest.
A sinful Kung Fu master who had history he wished he never had venture into a new village planning to start a new life was ruin when he 'accidentally' aid in a robbery and killing both the robbers. Not only the incident got him under the 'care-watch' of a determined detective, it also expose his identity to former sifu (master) who is on the search for his 'long lost' son
Although I manage to describe everything in just few sentence, the movie Wu Xia took 80% of the screen time to do so. This is not the best Donnie Yen action movie I've seen and it is lack of what a fan is looking forward to. Toward the final part where it was suppose to keep the best for last was another big disappointment on how the villain die. 
If you however love watching Donnie being kick in the butt and being on the defeated side, this is probably something you shouldn't miss.

Rate: 2/5

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Take Me Home Tonight

Thank to ChurpChurp and Nuffnang for the premiere screening of Take Me Home Tonight at Mid Valley, and heck it was a black screening today. =(
Well was suppose to meet and sell some concert pass to a customer but ended up being FFK. Turn out I have to go meet her after the movie at her place @.@ Secondly I kinda think there is no purpose / proper storyline for the movie! Double @.@
The story resolved around aimless college graduate who seems who is still struggling to work a successful path out for life, who then stumble upon his college crush.
Knowing how the western would react given such situation, the plot was kinda predictable. He lies his way into a chance to get close to his crush, magic happen, and there is this "I have something to tell you" moment.
Overall it is a leave your brain behind and just watch what the movie have to offer. Is a watch to kill time movie with some really cool and funny scene, but don't expect too much because all the movie care about is what a teenage care off.

Rate: 1.5/5


A special thank to Victor Wong who offers me last minute ticket to the movie Hanna at GSC 1 Utama. I did tried to score some passes but luck is not by my side, or was it?
A 16-year-old who was raised by her father to be the perfect assassin is dispatched on a mission across Europe, tracked by a ruthless intelligence agent and her operatives.
While other female assassin / heroine seems to redeem the title for female-are-better-assassin title, Hanna was somehow not near to that. Movie like Salt, Kick Ass and etc seems to get quite a positive response even though I feel that there's more they can execute.
I can't help but to categorize this movie into the genre Drama. When Hanna the assassin is being very well trained in every killing technique, she was however unprepare for what the world have to offer. Disaster struck when Hanna was released into the real world for a mission because she is enjoying her world, taking her time to explore the world of music, love, and etc, which lowered her guard and leading to more bla bla bla shit, if you get what I mean.
Rate: 1.5/5

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Larry Crowne

Larry Crowne starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts is a movie on a middle aged senior who lost his job going back to college to further prepare himself for jobs opportunity.
I thought it was a comedy romance type of movie but it appear to me that there were more comedy than romance which is off balance as the story resolved mostly around the guy named Larry.
The adventure of Larry begin when he decided to enroll in a self enhancement class to equip himself with elements that he don't have and causes his job. However the adventure is not only on his love life but mostly with his mate.
Overall it is a soothing movie, good for a relaxing day out with loved one or even with friends. Something to put a smile on but it doesn't goto the extend where you'll BUAHAHAHA..
Rate: 2.5/5

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Well I actually went to the premier and the media screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 both in 3D screening thank to Jeremiah (a Harry Potter super fan) and Nuffnang G+ for the exclusiveness
Since I'm not a fan of Harry Potter (I never watch few of its trilogy) and as far as I recall Part 1 is where I enjoy most among others. But heck this is Part 2 that everyone is talking about and here I would like to have my say.
**Warning: What I'm about to say might be what you wanna read / heard but it is what I fell
So one should know that this is the final of Harry Potter after 10 years. This is where all the epic battle / scene should be located and this is where the fan would cheer and tear for. True enough this is one of the biggest and "best-est" CGI that I've seen in Harry Potter trilogy. There were few scene where the CGI doesn't seems to blend in quite well and I'm not sure if it is because they are meant to be so?
Not being a follower has it disadvantage, while everyone is so into the movie, they actually clapped and scream along with the lively character in the movie. The only appreciation I could put in is on the CGI and humour. You see there were way too many Harry Potter term that I have to digest not to mention there are quite a number of character there to remember too.
Back onto the effect, though I keep praising the CGI, the 3D effect were no where near to awesome. It can somehow be closely related to Transformers: Dark of The Moon as the movie and promo gave us so much hope just to find out that we are 3D idoits. Let me ask you what is 3D? Shouldn't 3D make object floating out of the screening where you would feel like touching it? Well neither did these 2 blockbuster did so. The only floating object is the subtitle, perhaps they are the 3D killer. Most of the scene here in Part 2 is rather dim. I would advice you to save money and go for the normal version.

Rate: 3.5/5

Monday, July 4, 2011

I want to watch TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon with Noobie

This would be be noobie first every screening and this is also a screening that you shouldn't miss.. Tired of trying to secure a ticket to the latest summer blockbuster Transformers: Dark of The Moon? Well why not join Noobie for the awesome screening for FREE
I love Optimus Prime because he might not have a heart like us, but he is far beyond noble in protecting mankind. He will give up everything just for justice and would ensure that the innocent will not be involved in whatever they are facing.

This TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon movie screening is presented by

Friday, July 1, 2011

Transformer: Dark of The Moon (DOTM)

Well first of all would really appreciate Double A for the 3D screening of DOTM and thank Nuffnang for the very very premiere of DOTM which falls on Tuesday.
I decided to go for the 3D screening as I was son convenience by not just Michael Bay's recommendation but also good review from other source which includes James Cameron (the one who brought us Avatar)

I guess Double A is relatively new in this and applause should be given to them for having pretty much everything sorted out even before the screening day. We were given option to collect ticket either from the office in Jaya 33 or on the screening day itself. ****Pssst those who thought collecting on the screening day itself are only left with worse seat, they are so wrong

If you're still not aware, to maximize the 3D experience you have to sit nearer to the screen. I do not have the opportunity to do so because my friend often get dizzy while watching 3D, so we pick a seat that is far from screen.

Everyone was given a goodies bag. We will look what's in it toward the end of this post.
First thing first before the robots, Megan Fox was not featured (a polite way of saying) in DOTM and was replaced by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, a model.
Beside the new cast, there were new bots introduced into the movie as well, like this Red Ferrari named Dino, and others, oh ya not forgetting Sentinel Prime. Feeling bored already? Well that is how the first half of the movie to me. The character and plot build up take a rather lengthy share of the 2 hours and 31 minutes of the entire show and there were nothing that would really hype up the inner excitement of a fan.
There were however several alien robot that transform into a different object from its original form. Megatron is among them and I somehow think Megatron look like a 'Macik' =.="
Thing only started to get interesting on the 2nd half of the movie, but it was still under expectation. Perhaps it is due to the frequent advertisement and praise that how good it will be.
When the war took place on earth, it would be a mess, this is where I love most, destruction here and there. I am impress on how technology could create a world that was in our imaginary mind. Have to agree that the battle is kinda epic and instead of making it better, Michael seems to go for bigger with bigger destroyer, bigger battle scene, bigger mass destruction, bigger weapon. There were still kinda lack of introduction to those newly introduced robots.
While everyone seems to be witnessing the epic war, I seems to be trying to find some impressive 3D effect to jaw break myself. Sadly that didn't happen. I remember Michael telling the world that the cameraman have to do the stunt as he wanted them to capture the action to produce 3D effect and not using software to generate it. I however bet that at this point of time software conversion is capable of doing a better job than live shooting. Throughout the movie, the only 'floating' object is the subtitle.
There were however some twist, and yay I love twist in any given plot. It took me by surprise even though I've watched the 9 minute video which basically gives you a preview from begin to end. Battle among the Autobots and Decepticons was interesting but short. Like Revenge of The Fallen (ROTF), enemy die too soon / easy. It would be a mega blast if battle were 1) spread thoroughly through out the movie and 2) more transformation and battle scene. There were however some big mega movie mistake spotted by a none Transformer fan. She told me that how come when in robot mode, they look dirty but when in vehicle mode, they look shinny clean. I guess it was like this since Transformers.
There were a mix review on the 3D effect and the plot. My advice if you are watching the 3D version, try to get closer to the screen. Also don't expect too much either, just go in and have your mind blew away on the CGI. Although they were robots without a heart like us, they do make some audience "sob". The most successful part of DOTM is that it make you feel sad / unhappy, and etc.. Because of what happen to some people's favorite robot. It also tear you up because of what Alien is willing to scarifies to mankind and vice versa.

I will definitely go watch the movie again but it might not be so soon because of the sudden craze where everyone is out for movie leaving no vacant space for every show.
The goodies bag given includes a mini Double A notepad, a Transformer edition notebook, and folder.

Do follow / like Double A for more event and update from time to time

Rate: 3.5/5

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