Monday, December 31, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Camera

If you are reading this now and you don't know what Android is, where the heck have you been? Anyway Android is a very well known Operating System that is capable of powering phones and tablet to even larger skill like watch and TV, and now Android has made its way into the point-and-shoot camera. I strongly believe that Android can be port into even more hardware but that would require some time before every manufacture adapt to it.
Samsung has recently introduces the Samsung Galaxy Camera with the tagline of "Shoot WOW, Share NOW" promising not just great photo quality but also instant sharing of photo / video to your friends and family. The question remain, does the Galaxy Camera live up with its catchy tagline?
Let's take around the outer appearance of the Galaxy Camera first.
The size of Galaxy Camera is indeed bulky compared to other point-and-shoot / digital camera, and is obviously 2-3 times minimum smaller sized than a DSLR. Unlike the NX1000 or any other semi DSLR camera, the Galaxy Camera doesn't allow interchangeable lens and you're pretty much stuck with the one and only built in lens, that's why it still falls under the point-and-shoot category. One thing I like best on the outer shell is its DSLR like grip as shown above. The grip is made of rubber thus giving a firm and comfort grab while shooting.
On the left side of the camera, there's a audio jack port, followed by a covered mini usb charging / transfer port, and lastly the strip insertion hold.
The right side of Galaxy Camera is where the speaker located along side with the flash button. Upon pressing it, the built in flash will pop up on top of the camera. Like every point-and-shoot camera, there will be no add on flash capability.
On the bottom of the camera, there's a tripod hold where it allow you to attach to a tripod for certain mode / scene which I will go into later. This is where you insert the battery, micro SD card, SIM card. There's also a HDMI port for larger display purpose.
The shutter button is located on top of the camera, along side with power on/off button, and zoom in and out ring, not forgetting the flash as well.
The back panel features a 4.8-inch HD Super Clear LCD touch screen and in case you're wondering, no it is not the super AMOLED like the one in Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series. It seems that Bill Gates was right when he quoted that we will not be using keyboard and mouse in future and every device / gadget with touch screen capability is deemed to be a high end device whereby nowadays even the entry level phone like Samsung Champ Neo too comes with a touch screen. Back to the Galaxy Camera, the touch screen is responsive and accurate.
Last but not least is the key attraction of  the Galaxy Camera. The zoom lens with 16 megapixel that is capable of zooming in 21x which gave a rather good distance shall you need a focus on press conference, stage performance, to even approaching dangerous situation (like up close with dangerous animal, crime scene, etc). Whichever it is, just make sure such great feature is not being abuse for illegal / inappropriate activities. You could even check out my brief post on the Galaxy Camera here to get an idea on how far is 21x zoom actually.
The Galaxy Camera is powered by one of the lastest version of Android .41.1 with code name Jelly Bean thus giving the buttery smooth navigation. Together it is also powered by a 1.4GHz quad-core processor and an internal storage of 8GB, it is powerful enough to run not just shooting capability but also other functionality and feature that your phone is capable of. In other word, the Galaxy Camera is just like your Galaxy S3 without phone call and SMS capability and comes with a higher end photo taking feature with 16MP BSI CMOS sensor with 21x optical zoom
The quad-core processor seems to be doing a good job and together with its great rendering capability, you can now enjoy awesome / graphically appealing 3D game on your camera. Unlike older version of Android, Jelly Bean play an important part in giving a lag free environment together with non stop improvement in every aspect like user friendliness on the Operating System.
Ever since the introduction of video pop up and multitasking in Samsung Galaxy SIII, it seems that these feature is here to say With that being said, the Galaxy Camera too support the video pop up feature and for testing purpose, I tested it while playing a game and man, it doesn't slow down / lag at all.
I also found out that browsing the web through Galaxy Camera had been a great experience. The Google Chrome that come with the camera out from the box totally amaze me with its intelligently yet user friendly navigation. Whenever there's more than one tab opened, I can simply change from tab to tab without additional click, but rather a swipe from left to right or vice versa, it will bring out the next / previous tab like charm.
While the OS tried it best to show as much content as possible to the user, there will be time where our fat thumb will accidentally press on 2 or more link simultaneously. This is yet another genius feature from Google Chrome where it would magnify the area so that you could navigate accurately.
It seems that after several scroll down the page and I'm still not into the camera itself, but that's just so much to talk about in every aspect. Before I cut short and jump into the camera, here's one last thing I would like to highlight. Although Android user might be familiar with this environment already, I notice that there's a small different in this. The app drawer have only a camera shortcut key on the left, and the apps / menu key on the right, in between it, it is empty, and by empty I do mean you can't customize / add other shortcut in it. I find it quite of space, but since it is an Android, I'm sure there's way to tweak it.
Moving on to the main attraction of the Galaxy Camera will be none other than the photo quality. In camera mode, there are 3 main category namely Auto, Smart, and Expert. It doesn't matter if you're an amateur photographer or an avid photographer, the auto mode is a mode where the camera would use its intelligent to define the best possible setting / scene.  Thus I wouldn't be going into details on that. The smart mode is also a preset mode where there were 15 preset mode you can choose from. Do note that in every mode, setting might different from each other and there's pros and cons in smart mode. One of the best part of the smart mode is that you're assure to have the mentioned effect / outcome whereas the drawback of it might possibly that you couldn't really change the setting like ISO / aperture in this mode.
In Expert Mode, the Galaxy Camera simulate the setting of a DSLR as shown above and its setting were much better compare to entry level DSLR and it is only fair to compare only with camera that is within RM2000 budget. Even my Canon 1000D (and most basic DSLR lens) couldn't go as low as 2.8 aperture. The Samsung Galaxy Camera could reach ISO of 3200, Aperture of f2.8, and shutter speed up to 1/2000. This mode actually give photographer more control on how they want their photo to be in precise and accurate manner.
Likewise, beside manual mode, there's also Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Program, and Video mode on a DSLR. Personally I think everyone would get so use in this expert mode simply because with every twist of the setting, changes made will be reflected instantly on the 4.8 inch LCD display thus giving a preview of the outcome before actually snapping a photo, saving both battery lifetime and storage.
While the 1920x1080 resolution is absolutely awesome, another feature that you might want to take note is its Slow Motion video recording feature. Gone were the time of having to edit video after it is being shot, and come the day to have slow motion feature on the go, anytime anywhere. Here's a sample of Slow Motion alongwith 21x zoom I tried on Sunway Pyramid last night.
One of the most common worry / concern of a active photographer is shooting great picture at night. With the Night setting from Smart Mode, the camera would snap 3 photo simultaneously and then combine it to reduce noise and to have a brighter effect toward the photo. Here's a sample of photo taken in One World Hotel with dim / orange light
Honestly I only did one shot and this is what I get and when I pinch zoom for the details, I must admit that I'm impressed. The perfect photo quality and clarity is just undeniable attractive.
 This photo above is taken with the setting of ISO 200, F2.8, and 1/30. No doubt the photo quality is too amazing and I'm sure if I set ISO to 400 I would get brighter picture. Now let's test the night mode on an outdoor environment. Below is a photo captured right infront of Sunway Resorts with the same expert setting.
I just have to admit, it does feel and look like how my DSLR behave. Too bad my DSLR was sent into service for faulty lens and annual cleaning, otherwise would do a side by side test on every commonly used mode / scene.
Here's a sample of the Night mode also right in front of Sunway Resorts. This took me 2 - 3 attempt as my hands were shaky lifting up in the air as there were plenty of people walking by at that point of time. I do however notice there were more noise in this picture, but overall it is still appealing for a point-and-shoot camera to produce such quality picture in low light condition.
Here is the photo taken with macro mode during when my BFF proposed to his GF at Le Midi, Bangsar Shopping Centre. If you know Le Midi, you will also know that it is a low lighted environment and is especially dark at night. Do note that every single photo posted here in this blog post has NOT been edited. There were several mode (like light mode, waterfall mode) that would require a tripod for it to work, I shall get some other photo uploaded in my next entry.
It does look like Samsung did live by its tagline after all. So what about uploading and sharing of photos? Well to me I did tried to share on both Wifi and Mobile network and guess what, I have no issue with stable Wifi connection, but when it come to mobile network, there seems to be an issue, in fact a big issue. You see on average each photo is saved in approx 2-3MB file size and judging that our mobile network in Malaysia is slower compare to other country, uploading of photo might either be slow, or even more frustrating it will be cut off when there's no signal detected which happen quite often especially when you're in a shopping mall.
Overall I'm very impress with the Galaxy Camera and too bad Xmas is over, otherwise would definitely request it from Santa. On second thought, I might use my earning from ChurpChurp and Nuffnang to fund this bad@$$. Until then, Happy New Year to all my readers and hope you have a wonderful start in 2013.

Smart Software

Beside the unique-but-almost-look-identical appearance of a notebook, the one thing that disguise a manufacturer from others would me a unique propitiatory software that often comes bundle with the Operating System that in preinstalled into the machine.
Samsung too have its own propitiatory software which is developed with one aim, that is to aid user in user friendly navigation as well as intelligently interactive with its user. Some may wonder why would we need to have such software and to put it in a simpler explanation I would use smartphone to elaborate. If you're connected to the Internet most of the time, I believe you've seen features from smartphone as part of the selling point. Thus the Samsung Smart Software is something like the add-on features on top of the fundamental platform / OS. Example: HTC and Samsung smartphone is running on Android but what separate them from being just another phone is thier add-on software / app. HTC if you're aware, offers its user the HTC Sense whereby Samsung does come with touchwiz.
There were two of such software which is worth highlighting, one being the "Easy Setting" where you could customise the intelligent level as you wish. This is where you get to customise the energy saving mode, sound,  your network connectivity, and other mean of setting commonly change by user. Once you're done, your ultrabook will now turn into your pal who understand your need. For example when you play a movie, it will automatically turn on movie color for better viewing purpose. The list of intelligent is rather long and it is best to try it out yourself.
While having an additional software may seems good, some user is afraid that such add-on would cost them to scarifies unnecessary resources such as the RAM / memory. Samsung Smart Setting however seems to consume rather low memory in this, thus doesn't have much effect on a 4GB ultrabook with new generation processor.
  The second useful software that is bundle with the machine would be "Easy Software Manager". This handy software perfectly keep track of all your driver and/or software version and would automatically update to the latest release without involving the user if permission were granted. There were several other software, but might or might not be in big favor depending on user behavior. For example the FastBoot software is suppose to be a wonderful simple program, but I rarely use it simply because I never have the need to shutdown / restart the PC. After all the Samsung Series 5 Ultra does come with the "Instant On" feature where you could turn it on by just opening the LCD screen. So what's your favourite software that you came across? Do share :D

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Had a clash and is forced to select only movie with the choice of either UPSIDE DOWN in Cathay e@Curve or THE GUILLOTINES at GSC Tropicana City Mall and ended up going for THE GUILLOTINES instead.
A group of people, trained to be deadliest weapon to protect the Emperor back then, would kill without hesitation upon receiving order, and is made to believe that their life belong to the Emperor they're protecting.
Armed with wicked weapon, together they would easily complete their mission without hassle until they met with a head from a rebel who's plan is to bring peace and equity in each and every race in the country who happen to have some fighting skill but were not put into battle when confronted with the guillotines.
However skillful  either side is, the focus of this movie isn't all about battle and fight scene, but rather the life of the guillotines. Despite having fought for and serving for their country with loyalty, there were plan to get rid of each and everyone of the guillotines as they were treated as the Emperor dirty little secret by bringing the firearm.
Do expect tons of slow motion scene where part of it look familiar to 300 too. The GCI blended quite well in this Asian made movie and am actually quite impressed with the explosive and artistic scenery. Plot wise can be much more interesting but that would be a totally different genre. 

Rate: 1.5/5

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Techduology Live Round 2

Techduology ( hosted and owned by 2 Malaysia individual who is very well converse in the technology world. One of the duo is Jasoh Goh or better known as Smashpop (@smashpop) who make a fame for himself with his photography and videography skill as a lifestyle and tech blogger. On the other hand there is Ben (@benjern) who is popularity known from Malaysia leading radio station FlyFM. Together the duo bring you latest and utmost news in today world of technology. Beside that they do gadget review and app review too, often helpful to its viewer and fans.
They had their very first round of Techduology Live at Starbucks TTDI on 29th April 2012 and you can check it out here Now just few months after that there is a round two of Techduology Live and this post is a dedicate and coverage to it. This time round it is held at Starbucks Taylor's Lakeside Campus on 22nd December 2012 at 3.30PM, however like the first round there were unexpected number of fan turned out and everyone started to register earlier than expected.
Techduology never treat its loyal fans poorly, and by that you can be assured that there's free flow of food and drink throughout the event which lasted for approximately 2 hours. While everyone else is busy munching and chatting the two host were seen to be busy preparing and making sure everything go as planned. This is also the first time I get to see Ben in such serious mood.
When the clock hit 3.30PM, everyone is there seated and treated to a delicious delicate but there were still one missing person, yes it was Nadia from 8TV (ex FlyFM DJ) who got the wrong turn and is struggling to find her way back. None of us were bored while waiting because those who are talkative took this opportunity to mingle around and those who are shy took the chance to eat like it is end of the world. Don't take me wrong, what I'm trying to say is that the food is really good and what's more the coffee close the deal. Here have a drool on what we get to enjoy that day.
So when everyone is satisfying fulled and the two guest is in place, Techuology Live officially started. After a long journey of 42 episode prior to the Live recording, the duo share abit on their journey, where it is followed by a presentation of part of the never seen before scene and my blog reader is in luck because I manage to capture the entire video with Samsung Galaxy Camera and will share it out with you guys here right now!

Everyone enjoyed it so much and off Jason and Ben immediately start their first giveaway of the day. The first 7 person who can find a Starbucks card hidden within the compound will each win a prize. I found mine but didn't make it through the first 7 though and here are the winners for the first giveaway where each of them walk away with a Starbucks mug
Then it was time to introduce the 2 guest who will share along their thought about some technology and commenting on some of the news shared on the spot.
This is Chenelle, a charming lifestyle blogger who blog at
Next is a more familiar face that you might have recognise from main stream media, it is Nadia, the sporting one who would discuss anything and everything openly. You may catch her on 8TV Night Live programme on the local TV channel.
Do note that the entire event is recorded on this video camera and will be edited into one of the weekly episode in Techduology webseries, so there's no take two. But that was the least concern because they are so good in it and not only did a professional job in sharing the latest update but also cheering and getting the crowd to interact. Indeed a live recording that wouldn't put anyone into sleep.
The first news share on that day was a 4 minute viral video till 2012 and it was a good 4 minute laugh for everyone by just watching the video. It consist of a compilation of all sort of video that make majority of the population in this world actually watched it online.
Next the duo share about this mind control technology where you can actually move an object from your computer without involving you physically touching anything. The secret to this is actually your eye movement via your webcam. So technology score against myth.
Then they introduce one of the least useful apps that is available on the iOS platform. The Poke App. What this app does is pretty simple, you can poke someone with a photo with a selected amount of time and the receiver can only close the photo after the mentioned time. It can be useful as advertising medium but I can't seems to find a reason for end user to use it, maybe not now. They also discussed about Facebook poke with the 2 guest on their thought. Jason somehow wonder that if he can poke Nadia somewhere beside her arm, which causes Nadia wanted to strangle him as show on the photo above.
Since Xmas is just few days away, they also shared the top 5 last minute Xmas gift you can get for your hater. This make me wonder why on earth would you wanna get a Xmas gift to the one you hate? Well there are some good item that would make your hater really mad, and that's worth every ringgit spent getting them this gift.
Then come something that cause my interest, a new technology in GPS application. I've blogged about my idea of having a indoor GPS some time back in conjunction to a contest but sadly did not win and now here we are having the same idea / goal being developed into reality.
Then come the interesting topic among instagram user where there were claim that instagram is planning to sell all the users uploaded photo without paying its users a loyalty fees. This causes a stir which instagram later release a statement saying that they wouldn't be doing so (at least for now), hoping their users count remain.
In an irrelevance moment during the event, I have this urge to test out my 21x Zoom lens and here it is, crisp clear with  simply amazing close up output. Disclaimer, I'm not gay and I don't have a hit on Ben, and is just happen that he is the least moving person on 'stage' and thus turned into my target.
Then is lucky draw time! Was crossing my finger so hard that I twisted it, and lady luck wasn't on my side, so congrat have to be given to the two winner, each hand picked by Chenelle and Nadia before passing the number over to Jason to be read out. The "Ironboy" seems to be a hardcore fans as he was there at Techduology Live Starbucks TTDI too! They each walk away with a Sony Headphone
Then come the Live Gadget Review of Nokia Lumia 920. It was simply amazing to get to attend a live review, and I bet we are the lucky few around the world that get to attend such great review. Among the few key feature of the Nokia Lumia 920 were the tiles, child control and never seen before camera feature with PureView. It can capture gif animated photo where you can then select certain scene / angle that you find best. Also whenever you are taking a photo, some stranger could be a 'photobomb' by simply walking pass by at the back. What Lumia 920 can do is simply amazing, it can remove the moving object while preserving the rest as it is. Truly truly one of the must reason why 'camwhore' must have in their wanted list. Now that you're impressed with it, go ahead, find a reason to make a wanted list, be it Xmas list or New Year list, just make sure it is in your pocket soon enough.
The come the big prize, a Nokia Lumia 920 to be given away. The mechanism is that you have to snap a photo of the two guest standing by the projected screen, post it on Facebook, list out 5 feature of the phone and tag Techduology, this is where a Windows phone would gives your advantage.
Envy enough, my friend Ewin EE who blogged at was the winner despite completing the task second, after the first one who claim to have completed the request forgotten to tag Techduology. Happy for you bro!
It was then follow by Sony MDR-1Z headphone giveaway which cost around RM1000. This is a pre-contest where participant are required to submit their creative entry online and 6 of the best was selected. Participant have to be there in order to win and out of the 6 only 3 attended. One of my friend @ruxyn couldn't make it thus given out the opportunity.
The three shortlisted participant was required to give a reason why they want the Sony Headphone in less than 10 seconds and winner is chosen based on the cheer from the crowd. Congrat goes to @badiuzaman also one of my friend who walk away as the winner.
Can you just imagine how many time I have to congrat the winners? Well that show that how many prizes were there at the event. If you weren't there at that time, where you went? Here's one of the next round of lucky draw winner to a pink Sony headphone, and since it is a jolly season, even the barista too get a chance. This is why this is also called the Merry Christmas edition too.
 Surprisingly, there was round two and round three of gadget review this time. On round two review they introduces the Sony Windows 8 table with flip on keyboard which is pretty snappy and solid.
The third gadget that is being review is this Sony SmartWatch worth RM400. Beside being a square screen telling you the date and time, this watch can simply do wonders. Once connected to your smartphone, you can get notification directly on your watch without having to even taking out your phone. Here's a demo on what happen when someone called you, the name / contact will be shown on it. Beside that it can tell you the battery remaining on your phone, it can be use as GPS and plenty more feature that you could think off.
In conjunction with that, BlupBlup (@blupblupMY) being one of the sponsor will be giving out the Sony SmartWatch to those who cover about the event. If you don't know what BlupBlup is then perhaps it is time for you to visit their official page for more info Anyway here's some of the selling point of the Sony SmartWatch

  • A watch size clip on device that connect to your Android phone via bluetooth
  • Read message like SMS / Email / Notification on it instead of your phone
  • Will gently vibrate for every event notification from your phone, can read directly on the smartwatch with just a tap on the notification
  • Can read Facebook and Twitter update directly from it
  • More downloadable apps from Google Play
  • Can act as a music player center where it could control your Android phone music playlist like play, pause, stop, forward or backward
  • Of course it could be a cool geeky watch
With such great gadget on hand, one could easily turn and unleash the bond in them. Sony / Techduology / BlupBlup should choose me as winner for the SmartWatch cause it got my name (Geek) carved all over it.
Back to the live recording, here come another round of lucky draw where prize given this round is sponsored by Puma. There were 7 happy winners and a big congratulate to them.
Then portagram was introduced to the audience. This site actually allow instagram user to print out their photo and get it delivered to their doorstep. What's more interested is that by given permission, they will sell authorized photo where some loyalty fees will be given to the owner.
Next also something related to instagram, and it is known as Casetagram where it allow you to custom print your smartphone cover. You can opt to have whatever picture you want on your case, and promise you it would be the one and only case in the world. Cool eh? Why not check them out?
It seems to be a pattern of giveaway after every news shared. This round open to those instagram addicts. They need to snap and upload a photo follow by the given text written on the screen.
Here are they winners who manage to complete the fastest and two of them walkaway with a Casetagram voucher while the remaining walk away with postagram voucher.
Then come the app review. Anyone can guess which app they're about to review? Nope there's no prize for guessing it right. Yeap it is LINE. So how does LINE stand out from other messenger that is available on the market? It is their sticker where each of the icon (or sticker) gives some meaning to it, making a conversation more lively and interesting.
Yes, I know you saw it coming, yes another round of giveaway of LINE dolls sponsored by Action City. So cute right? Wanted to take part cause it is pretty easy but decided to stay focus on the blogging part. So have to congrat the winners again without me in the picture T_T.
If you follow my twitter (@wssoo), you will see that I had a quick and live update on the event too, this is partly because I'm taking part of the Twitter giveaway on Techduology Live and another reason is that I find it very convenience to make update and share photo with Galaxy Camera.
The selection of winner from Twitter is pure random, by scrolling up and scrolling down and whenever they are happy and wherever the cursor is pointing at that person would be winner to a BIG surprise. Everyone was expecting it to be Lumia 920 but the duo host prank the winner that it is a 16GB memory card. Everyone had a good laugh.
But infact, it is actually a 2TB of external HDD sponsored by Western Digital.
Here are the list of sponsors namely Starbucks, Nokia, Sony, Western Digital, Puma, Bose, Action City, Casetagram, Portagram, Line, Blup-Blup. The duo decided to call it a successful event, putting everyone in believing that's the end of it where another round of surprise surface. What is it you asked? Gimme a drum roll please.
So there is another set of Nokia Lumia 920 and the crowd cheer like they had a success encho in concert. Everyone is now so hyped and so gonna win it while some can't even wait for the mechanism. In one of the tips they gave was to bring friends along and this is when they come useful. After giving out so many prizes, the duo decided they wanna sell the Lumia 920 at RM9.20. Yes you read it right, it cost RM9.20 and the catch is that you need to have 9x RM1 note and 2 10cent coin exactly. One of my friend Victor (father to the ironboy) came second and the gadget was won by someone else.
With that the live recording ended. I had a great time despite not winning any prize at the venue. Here's what I get from the goodies bag.
This is pure awesome, cause Techduology will be accompanying me throughout 2013 which I foresee it to be my prime year.
For those who's interested in taking part in the Blup-blup giveaway, do check the poster above. If you're already a blogger but not a Blup-blup member yet, do sign up now cause you'll be invited to all these very cool and exclusive event and had the opportunity to win cool prizes. If you're not a blogger yet, do start one now, you'll never know how rewarding blogging is.

I know it is a lengthy post but I got excited by just writing and flashing back the event. I brought about my Series 5 Ultra hoping to do a live post but ended up manage to complete draft only as I'm busy taking part on the ongoing activities. Looking forward to see the next round of Techduology Live

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