Thursday, October 8, 2009

Amber Chia

Before you click on the X to close your browser, please be remind that the main focus of this entry is not about Amber Chia..

Earlier this week, the star reported
It was an emotional gathering for top model Amber Chia and contestants of a supermodel reality show when she announced she had to halt the production of her highly anticipated series due to a dispute.

What caught my attention here was not Amber Chia of course, it was Yap Wen-Ji instead. A search on the net (google, facebook) and I get the following result..

Updated (as requested by JJ)

Seems that her photo and details are all over the net, newbie in dispute cases I guess

For those who are from Taman SEA school (1995-2000) any one of those look familiar to you from the photo? Yea I'm talking about the one on your left.. I'm so disappointed to said that she is my ex-schoolmate.. Although I never mix around with people much during secondary but my observation is sharp and I'm quite certain it is the same person.. She just gone vanish like in any ghost movie while she promised to show Amber document of proof that she own some franchising outlet.. Also she can even become Amber's business partner o.0 How she did that? Networking? Hmm..

Good thing for Amber that she get her supermodel search contract right back on track..

Lesson learned, trust can be very fragile, no matter how close you are with that person, business is business, you have to document it down, you have to have black and white, you have to be trust nobody but yourself..


Dawn Rhythm said...

at least terbalik the photo.... i need to save and terbalik inorder to see who's her... hahaha

Fallen Angel said...

Ok ok added another photo, can recognise her?

Dawn Rhythm said...

of cuz... my primary school mate also...haha

Ain said...

I still don't get the idea of this article. Is it because I'm not good enough in English? Actually, what's the writer dissappointment?

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