Sunday, May 31, 2009

My first daring post

It was actually an ads for MOPIKO, is that how you spell it? Funny though.. XD

Friday, May 29, 2009

Mis-leading OTHERS?

It seems that "OTHERS" is mis-leading its consumer as claimed by Giant, Cold Storage, and Guardian. How true is that?

To me I think each and every shopping center have certain items that are cheapest among its competitor and vice versa, but the ads somehow put me into a thought whether or not OTHERS is really mis-leading?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jaya Supermarket Sec17 Collapse

The old blue colored Jaya Supermarket (next to Digital Mall) collapses today. Video after the jump.

The landmark Jaya Supermarket building in Section 14 in Petaling Jaya collapsed after demolition operations went awry Thursday afternoon

PETALING JAYA: The abandoned Jaya Supermarket in Section 14 here collapsed after demolition operations went awry on Thursday evening.

Part of the four-storey building, a landmark of the city, collapsed at about 4:45pm, trapping nine Indonesian construction workers. Others working at the site managed to escape.

The Fire and Rescue Department received a distress call at 5:08pm and about 50 firemen immediately rushed to the scene.

Selangor Fire and Rescue Department director Soiman Jahid said the first worker was pulled out of the rubble at 5:45pm and followed by the second about fifteen minutes later.

The two injured victims Suriono, 31, and Salleh, 45 were sent to the University of Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC).

Rescue workers also recovered the body of a construction worker at 6:44pm.

Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamed said Suriono was admitted to the emergency ward while Salleh received outpatient treatment.

“The dead victim has been identified as Maskor, 28,” he said at a press conference at the scene.

He said that six more construction workers were still trapped under the debris.

“We are working on the assumption that they are still alive. The search and rescue operation will continue untill all are accounted for,” he said.

A resident living nearby earlier said he had heard trapped workers shouting “Tolong, tolong (Help, help)” for a while, but there was only silence now.

One trapped worker apparently managed to call his boss on his handphone, and rescue workers are trying to trace him.

By nightfall, an operations centre had been set up and spotlights were used to help with the rescue efforts.

Soiman said the rescue operation involves over 150 personnel from his department, police, the Civil Defence Department, Petaling Jaya City Council and others.

“We are using the tracker dogs to search for the remaining victims,’’ he added.

The building has six storeys, including two basement levels. Most of the workers were on the ground and third floors when the incident, whose cause is currently unknown, occurred.

At one stage, the remaining part of the building was teetering dangerously, reporters on the scene said, with bits and pieces still falling off.

However, the Fire and Rescue Department has confirmed that there are no houses nearby and residents were not in danger.

Lucky survivors
An Indonesian worker Mohamad Iksan, 25, who was carrying out drilling operations in the basement, said he ran out immediately after some concrete slabs fell on the ground not far from him.

“Luckily I was near open space and managed to escape. I only realised part of the building had collapsed after I ran out of the building,” he said.

He said he was working with about eight colleagues during the incident and most of them were at the basement and the highest floor.

Andi, 30, who was on the fifth floor of the building, was taking a break with nine other construction workers when the incident happened.

“I was sitting down when I heard the loud sound of wind rushing past. Then the floor started tilting and we just ran for our lives.

“We rushed to the other end of the building. We are lucky to be alive,” said Andi, who had just started working on the construction site 20 days ago.

Rojak seller Faizal Md Yusof, 25, who was at his van nearby, saw the building “goyang” (sway) and then collapse.

“I saw six cranes falling down along with the building. I just left my van and ran for my life,” he said.

His van was located less than 50m from the collapsed building.

Store manager Lee, 37, said she heard loud booming sounds and looked out of her shoe shop to witness the building collapse.

“There is usually some noise from the construction. When I heard the loud noise, I knew something big fell but I never thought that the whole building would collapse,” she said.


Grandma doing SHORYUKEN

What is SHORYUKEN you asked?

It is actually an attack move where you put your knuckle on to your enemy jaw while jumping into the air. Well it is kind off difficult to describe in word but here it is

Yea, that's shoryuken, which was make famous by Street Fighter.

But anyhow, this entry is actually about a movie titled Aliens in the Attic where you can see a grandma doing the shoryuken, ROLF

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation, what more can I say? Not wanting to be a big spoiler so wouldn't write much about the movie. Thus I strongly feels that Marcus is the lead actor instead than John Conner. Arnold appear in the movie too as a nude muscular terminator.

As expected this movie is filled with all-rounds-of-explosive-shooting-running-chasing-bombing and lets not forget screaming. Yea.. screaming
"If we stay on course, we are all dead.. WE ARE ALL DEAD!!!!!"

One good thing is that the movie is screen at Cathay Cineplex. The only cinema with awesome sound system that is so loud that by the end of the show, you ear is already
Here are some of the merchandise I get from Nuffnang, Cathay, and Rexona

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Badminton Court - Free Trial Period

Ara Courts Badminton Hall
Click for larger image of the new badminton court in Petaling Jaya @ Kayu Ara - Ara Courts Badminton Hall

Why Choose Us??
1) We offer Electronics Stringing Machine to all badminton enthusiast.
2) Our courts are made of fine Rubber Flooring Material that suite all badminton enthusiast.
3) Our courts are of International Standard.
4) Our stringer are International stringer who string for all world class players.
5) The lighting system has been enhanced and arranged to provide sufficient & effective lighting to the playing environment.
6) We provide all kind of badminton training.
7) Badminton lesson by Badminton Association of Malaysia (B.A.M) certified coach.

Free Trial for first 2 week!!! till end of May.

14 International Standard Badminton Courts Open For Rental

Monday - Friday
9am - 6pm (hourly) RM 16 per court / hour

Peak hour (Seasonal / Session Booking)
6pm-8.30pm (Session 1) RM60 for (2 1/2) hour / court
8.30pm-11pm (Session 1) RM60 for (2 1/2) hour / court

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays
8am-11pm= 23 per hour / court

Interested Please Call : 03-7729 6955
Email :

Ara Courts Badminton Hall
Lot 997, Jalan Dahlia,
Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara
47400, Pealing Jaya.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Movie Updates

Watch this few weeks ago and found it so-so only but many said it is a god damn nice movie, I don't know.. maybe I'm just not into religious-murder kind of movie

Also watched this last Tuesday. I find that the first one is way funnier than this installment. Maybe is because it was fresh that time and don't know what to expect, but for this installment, everything kinda repeating. I'm not saying that it is not nice just that it is not as exciting as before.. nothing much for the viewer to explore..

It is still an enjoyable movie since they've introduce a new group of history icon..Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian is more adventurous than the first installment..

On side note:
1) anyone listen to Linkin Park - New Divide yet? Here it is

2) I'm going for Terminator Salvation tomorrow.. can't wait till then..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Have you McValue LUNCHTM-ed this week?

Do you believe that every digit represent an "icon"? No? Guess what 619 and 316 represent?
This is 619

and this is 316

Still don't get it? Perhaps wrestling fans will but never mind because this entry is not about that..

Well what is the first thing that strike your mind when people said 595? Clue?
Introducing 595... (drum roll)
and also 595 on the 'move'

Just came back from Kluang with Suk Lian (thank for the ride) and that we are both hungry after few hours of driving, and so we decided to go for lunch, a place where it is cooling (with air condition) and value for money. After a long thought every single meal cost around RM6-10 minimum in PJ.

How much does a char-kuey-teow + 1 can of 'refill-less' coke cost you in hawker stall?



So total up on average is RM6.. so why pay the same amount for normal food and get yourself seated in an oven like area that melt you down while you eat?
*Note: I'm not making up the figure, you can check with foodcourt like ss2, ming tin, everyday, asia cafe and etc..

I saw this that made up my mind.
Oops wrong photo.. I mean this

Decided to have our McValue LUNCHTM-ed at Seksyen 14 since I miss that place..As we walk toward McDonald's location on the very corner of the shoplot, I spotted these on the floor..
I picked it up look around, and nobody around, also no sign of people looking for it, also no sign of prank show too. So we decided to upgrade from 595 to 795 set.

Yea, never know it is so rewarding to have McValue Lunch @ McDonald's. As expected there are a long queue of people rushing to get their share of superb-duper-damn-wtf-omg value for money lunch set.
But the staff there are responsive, they manage to kill the queue almost instantly and it was my turn already. Ordered 2 set of Spicy Chicken McDelux
Suk Lian with her thumbs up signature pose..
A cool cup of coke mix with salt, see all those gas on top? Yea that's what you get when you mix em both, it will make the gas away.. muahahahaha..
Fries with pepper..
Again the signature thumb but this time with the main course.. Miss Spicy McChicken
We Everyone there had had their McValue Lunch this week, have you?
I can assure you that not only it is value for money, it is filling too, and most important of all it is satisfaction guaranteed.

To find out more you can head to - for the contest - official site

I'm glad that I made a WISE choice by suggesting and going to McDonald's to have our share of McValue Lunch. It has been so rewarding for the whole day.

So remember when you see the combination of 595 and 795 it purely means

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Know your bots

With all the talk about Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen (ROTF), it is no doubt that this is yet another most anticipated movie of the year, just like when Transformer is released back in 2007.

Whether or not you are a transformer fans, you might get confuse in the movie, especially for those who are first timer expose to the movie and with so many robots (and most important of all not all bots are in the original form as in cartoon) it is not doubt that you might not know who is battling with who. So it is a good thing to allow me to introduce to you the robots

Here are the list

Optimus Prime

Bumble Bee







SKids & Mudflap




The Fallen

Soundwave (Yea, Soundwave no longer a cassette player, guess it is overridden with dvd and cd nowadays, so they make him the satellite o.0)


The Doctor



Devastator (Scavenger + Scrapper + Hightower + Longhaul + Rampage + Overload + Mixmaster)







You wouldn't want to get batch up by hardcore transformer fans when you ask the one beside you who's who.. :p

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