Monday, November 24, 2014

Strongbow #GoldenMoments

In case you didn't know yet, Strongbow is UK best-selling cider whereby each bottle of Strongbow made from a perfect blend of specially selected culinary apples. Just when you thought nothing could get better than the best selling cider, Strongbow unveils 3 new flavours to the family on 12 November 2014 and I was so hyped up to be among the first to try it out at the preview event and one thing is for sure, the best apple cider (original) just got better!
Despite the heavy downpour, it failed to stop the crowd from heading over to the preview launch, even me arriving sharp, the venue was already packed with more on their way. Everyone is patiently waiting to tryout the new variants, and with a strongbow on my left, finger food on my right, the mingling flow went on smoothly and naturally, exactly like how Strongbow sooth the throat with real apples.
Julie Woon was appointed as the emcee for the night and she's lovely as usual. It was then follow by a dance performance portraying colour, dynamism and freshness that is captured in the 3 new variants.
With the Strongbow's 3 new variant is officially launched namely Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold, Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey, and Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower.

Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold

After the first sip I could really feel the thicker taste of real apple. If you like the original, there's no doubt you will be in love with this series just after a sip. It is indeed refreshing and offered bold apple kick to the palate. Overall the Gold series has a pretty rich and stronger apple taste to it.

Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey

Honey lover have more reason to rejoice because one can have both honey and apple cider in the same bottle. You could really taste the sweetness honey has to offer and it does not overpowered the taste of the apple.

Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower

This is to be by far the most interesting flavour release today at the preview launch. There is a pinch of flowerish aroma in every sip. Neither the aroma nor apple cider overpowers each other. Besides, the aroma of Elderflower makes it all interesting, it offered an explosive taste from the lime that leaves a lingering feeling around your taste bud.

Whether it is a business discussion, a casual outing, a romantic date, a BFF night, or even a chill moment to mingle around, Strongbow aid in striking a realconversation, creating golden moment with everyone around. Anytime is an indulging moment with Strongbow, it sooth the throat and chill the heat with great companionship by adding colour and dynamic taste that none can resist.

The 3 new Strongbow Apple Ciders variant will be available in early December 2014. For more updates do follow the following channel
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dream Trip to Macau

Admit it, when you're planning for a getaway / vacation, only the few familiar neighboring country that come into your mind. Little did you know, Macau is actually one of the best option among others for it's geographical location which is only 3 hours plus of flight, and most importantly is a city filled with hidden gem with a huge must-see & to-do list from A to Z!
Credit -
As a Nuffnanger there's more reason to rejoice because this round Nuffnang Malaysia and Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) will be sending not one not two but whooping THREE lucky Nuffnanger to Macau. Since I'm feeling evil today, decided to 'torture' you with the WOW factor of Macau that might cause you to change your upcoming holiday destination to Macau.
Credit - Alexandre Duret-Lutz (Flickr)
I don't know about you, but when someone mention Macau there are many things that strike into my mind. Though I never been there physically, I have seen way too many awesomeness of Macau visually and no is not just casino and here's what make Macau interesting.

1 - Iconic Architecture

Credit - Wikimedia
Luxury shopping mall, skyscraper, thrilling theme park and etc are often the main component that attract tourist from all around the world, but to me these are merely gimmick and marketing object. What really amaze me is the heritage left behind century ago and it is historic element like these that make Macau stand out from others. It is not just Ruins of St Paul that interest me, in fact the entire city that inherit the historical feel and view.
The list of Macau heritage is rather long and I might need more than a day to completely explore every scene, appreciating it, and capture it on my camera. The reason I can felt so much in love despite never 'meeting' it is because I'm simply amazed by how people back then construct such solid and strong building / sculpture. Look at the world today, we have so many issue with some 'building' even though it was built using high tech machinery, like stadium that collapse, leaking rooftop, and let's not get deeper into this. The amazing scene Macau has to offer is beyond word to describe and best example would be thousands of visitor flock in for wedding photo, shooting music video, for movies and etc.
Credit - Nuffnang
Even though being old architecture, the vibrant and vivid color of these heritage make them stood out bold again, making it instagram worthy (even if you are not into historic inheritance) that is sure to make your friends drool and envy on you're Macau trip that is out of the ordinary. Macau truly offer something technology today wouldn't simulate, is truly wonderful to see how modern enhancement blend so well with traditional touch.

2 - Food and more food

Credit - Nuffnang
The first thing that came into my mind is Portuguese Egg Tart when it come to Macau. Some might argue that we now even have Portuguese tart here in Malaysia, so why all the way there and still have it there. My answer is simple, it is not just the taste and texture that I'm sending to my palate, but rather the overall experience that count. Imagine having authentic Portuguese Egg Tart from its originate birth place, furnish by the astonishing scene Macau has to offer, along with the local dining atmosphere. These are the element that fulfill not just my taste bud, it also complete my journey to Macau.
Credit - BurgundyMT (Flickr)
Of course it is not just Portuguese Egg Tart that I'm drooling over, it is the wide array of internationally known and local specialty that got me hyped up as I'm writing this entry. I believe even each food here has a story that trace back to the colony era, and hopefully I am able to meet someone who is not just passion about the food they produced, but also a proud citizen in the city who don't mind sharing a thing or two about the past on the food he/she is selling.
Credit - Macau Tourism Website
To show how they take pride of their food, Macau Tourism had been running Macau Food Fest for 14 years continuously and the festival had gather chefs from every industry from Hotel to cafe, offering visitor nothing but a fun-filling feasting moment that satisfy the crave (or even curiosity) and bonding the love with Macau.

3. Wet Market

Credit - oyabibin (foursquare)
I always believe the best way to learn and understand a culture is to begin from it's busiest wet market, and The Red Market is exactly the most amazing place to visit when in Macau. The Red Market is named after its red-brick historic building and is still an active wet market. From ingredients to food and even clothing and fabric, this is where you can get it fresh and inexpensively priced. It always interest me on how the local daily lifestyle / routine is like and there's no place better to observe than the wet market. It is also where I can mingle with the locals on some impromptu plan that might be shy away from the surface of tourism map. With such early bargain / exploration in the market, I'm sure it would kick start my day energetically.
Credit -
I love learning other culture because it allow me to understand how a community operate, what are their belief, how it differs from mine, thus opening up opportunities for me to respect life even more and fulfilling my life by better a better person.

4. Macau Tower 

Credit - Nuffnang
As much as I enjoy historical adventure, I would love to try out something new in the magical city of Macau too. When it come to thrilling attraction, no one could ignore the Macau Tower not only for its strategic and modern structural design, it also offer a breathe taking view surrounding Macau.
Credit -
After posting all the make-your-friend-envy-with-Macau-scenic-view photo onto my social media, I would proceed with Skywalk where I get to walk and circling Macau Tower for different view angle and maybe even more photo before going for something more thrilling.
Here's a little confession from me, I never play roller coaster nor did I play the Skyfall ride in a resort uphill, in short I never go for such heart pumping and thrilling ride all my life. But, I don't mind giving out my 'virginity' to Macau for what I believe is one of the most interesting place to visit for vacation. I kid you not, and I am dead serious about this.

5. Shopping at Venetian, wait, what....?

Pardon me, I got over excited by just thinking of what I would love to do in Macau and instead of writing 3 to do list, I overshoot. To be honest these are just 30% of my to do in Macau but since it is getting lengthy already, I better put a stop before you got over hyped like I am right now.
Credit - Wikimedia

Nuffnang Malaysia and Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) should send me to Macau simply because...

I always admire the coexist culture from east and west,
Capturing moment through my lens seriously like a test,
Conveying the joyful experience with words to the rest,
From non-stop WOW factor scenery to crave sating food fest,
Indulging myself to what Macau has to offer at its best.

And with that I'm officially ending my entry post despite the fact that there's still so much more to write about Macau. Moving on, it is now time for you to grab your share of opportunity to win a 3D2N all expenses paid holiday (including return air ticket and 2 nights accommodation at a 4-star hotel).
Credit - Nuffnang

The mechanism is pretty simple, follow the follow steps closely and before you knew it, you and I might be on our way to Macau.
  1. Write a blog post with the title – Dream Trip to Macau
  2. In your blog post, let us know the Three Most Amazing Things that makes you want to visit Macau and why Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) and Nuffnang Malaysia should send you for this superb opportunity
  3. Check out Macau Government Tourist Office’s official website and official Facebook page for more information. Don’t forget to place interesting visuals to describe your love for Macau, you are also welcomed to utilize pictures from your past visits to Macau in your write up too!
  4. Include a shout out and link back to Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) and Nuffnang Malaysia
  5. Post your published blog post URL in the comment section of Nuffnang blog post once you are done with your masterpiece by 23rd November 2014 (Sunday) 11:59PM
  6. Feel free to share your blog post on social media and tag #MYMacau, @NuffnangMY (Twitter), @Nuffnang (Instagram/Facebook)

Let us all give a big shoutout to Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) again for the superb opportunity, and do read the Terms and Conditions carefully here cause you wouldn't wanna get yourself qualify for some minor / silly mistake.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

SaZori Shabu Zone & Grill

SaZori Shabu Zone & Grill is a modern Japanese fusion Shabu-Shabu and Grill restaurant with the aim of serving fresh and quality food to its diner.
Furnished with simple and clean atmosphere, SaZori allow its diner to either opt for Steamboat buffet only, Steamboat & Grill buffet, or if you're not a big eater, you can go for it's ala carte menu too. Using the conveyor belt as a medium to move ingredient around may not be something new by now but it does still have it's role in making dinning experience easier and enjoyable. The sit however was pretty compact with limited leg room space and often would kick into the one sitting opposite you.
Each person will get individual shabu pot and if there's an opt in grill, it would be one to share among all. The choices of soup base available are:

  • Chicken Soup
  • Tom Yum Soup
  • Beef Soup
  • and house specialty - Ponzu Soup
I tried the Ponzu Soup since it is not something you get elsewhere and unfortunately I didn't quite enjoy it and thus sticking it back to the safest Chicken Soup.
There were Beef slice, Lamb slice, Chicken ham, Chicken dumpling, squid to grill with and these meat slice come in perfect thickness and was indeed fresh. One frustrating part while grilling is every single piece of meat got grilled tend to stick to it despite applying oil to it. It would be best if they provide margarine or butter to go along with the grill.
 One good thing here in SaZori is the fact that they serves a great amount of fresh ingredient instead of processed one. Overall I would say it offered a good amount of variety. If there's a greater array of choices it would be a plus point, in my opinion. Since it is always raining lately, having a steamy hot steamboat at would definitely a best companion and if you're using Samsung Galaxy Life app you can actually get the Buy 1 Free 1 promo.
There are several price point and in brief the price range from RM26.90 for lunch and RM34 for dinner.
SaZori is located at once the Steamboat zone in Sunway Mentari, but finding it may take you an extra round (at least that's what happen to me and some others that day), but if you know Murni Discovery in Sunway it is just opposite it. For accurate pricing do refer to their official website for updates

B-G-3A, Block B, 
no 1, Jalan PJS 8/15, 
Arena Mentari 
46150 Petaling Jaya, 


03-5887 2843

Thursday, November 6, 2014

P1 Nostalgic Nation: OMA Challenge

Growing up in the 80s, I am always amazed by things that could magically transform from one shape to another, and that explain why I am a Transformer fans even till now. I too am attracted to how a single A4 paper could be folded into object that beyond imagination and that is how I got involved in origami since young. Still remember how I used to teach my cousins and friends to fold our very own toy like jumping frog, flying plane, and etc.
If you follow me close enough, you might notice recently I "NBTD (Nothing Better To Do)" and posted a few video on what some called kiddie project. It was actually a P1 Nostalgic Nation Online Media Associates challenge that we given to us where we have to compete 3 given task namely #FoldABoat, then #FoldAPlane and finally #MakeAFall. If case you miss it here they are again.

Week 1 : #FoldABoat

Week 2 : #FoldAPlane

Week 3 : #MakeAFall

Honestly speaking, I started off being skeptical, thinking this is a waste of time, but as I go along, I ended up folding more and more different model, coming out with all different and improved version and at one point, got over excited that I almost forgotten I'm in a competition. Piece by piece, flashback came into my mind where I once feel young, feel excited all over origami again.
There were so many to choose from that many are not being feature in and under a 30 second video. Like there's one plane I folded which was suppose to be a fly back plane and I swear it is one weird looking plane and it doesn't fly back sometime, thus with time running out I have to put it aside.
One of the biggest challenge during the entire process beside shortage of time would be capturing video with one hand while executing the task with another hand. Retake is indeed required and it is tiring because I have to make sure my one and only phone doesn't turn into drop test victim.

The wonderful outcome from this challenge beside winning the prizes (which would be really awesome) is where I realise how much I miss the green atmosphere. Caught in IT industry for years now, I have definitely miss working out and breathing fresh air on the open field. Knowing how much I miss out, I pledge to cut off all the lame excuse and dedicate a good hour everyday to do some workout.
Isn't it amazing, how tiny thing like these could change my life. As we grow, we tend to chase after things that doesn't really bring happiness. As time past, we tend to forget what really matter to us and started to lose direction. Thankfully, P1 is not only committed to their fans but also to their client by promising best deal you'll ever find across Malaysia.

For those who are keen to join but is not among the OMA, fret not because there is a similar challenge open to public and you too can experience what I have been through. Do check them out here:

Thank you P1 for the great opportunity and for reviving my awesome childhood memories. Guess what? Next I would be ringing my cousin and friends for a 'yum-cha' session so that we could relive the moment again, together.

*Psst.. No innocent (fresh / clear / whatever you wanna call it) paper were harmed during the challenge

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