Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yet another "Maybank" Email Phishing

Receive an email from "Maybank" requesting its user to log-in via a given link or faces account deactivation.
Such scam is still at large because it creates an scenario for those who are not aware of this scam that if you do not follow the instruction, you may lost your account deposit when your account is deactivated.
My piece of advice, often bank doesn't require its client to log in their account via another website (can be differentiated by its URL), and if you are not sure, you can always ring up your banking center for further verification before proceeding.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

AI not so artificial after all

wtf =.="

Friday, January 23, 2009

Easy way to download from file-sharing website

Apart from torrent, and other p2p application, some still prefer downloading directly from file-sharing website like rapidshare, megaupload and so on.. These site often offer 2 type of account; paid and free account. If you opt to go for free account, there are plenty of restriction or waiting time for you to download files from it.. Thus making it time consuming..

I have tried using this cool piece of software I found from the net and would recommend it to anyone who prefer downloading file from file-sharing website.

FreeRapid is a simple Java downloader that supports downloading from Rapidshare and other file-sharing services.

Simply copy and paste your links from a browser to this application. FreeRapid Downloader will handle the rest itself. No more clicking or uncomfortable waiting.

Main Features
support for concurrent downloading from multiple services
downloading using proxy list
download history
smart clipboard monitoring
automatic checking for file's existence on server
auto shutdown options
automatic plugins updates
simple CAPTCHA recognition
works on MS Windows, Linux and MacOS
easy to use
multilanguage interface - Czech, Danish, English, French, German, Hungarian, Chinese, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Slovak, Spanish, Ukrainian
looks amazingly
simply works!

Currently supported services are: (+ premium account) and (crypter) (crypter) (crypter) (crypter)
...others are coming..
Note: Application needs at least Sun Java 6.0 to start.

Download Here

Additional Info
I found out that searching for any file from such site are usually difficult, they are program in such way that the best and user-friendly features are made available only to paid member.
So if you would like to search for any file on any particular site just head to Google and type "[file-sharing website name] + search"
Eg: rapidshare search
With this you should be able to stumble upon those search engine which is build to aid your needs free of charge.. Enjoy

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brand New Condom

New type of condom has just landed onto the market. Have a look.
From the packaging it look just exactly like other typical of its type

Let's just inspect the real thing inside the packet

Apparently it length is measured at just 2cm.. o.0 2cm..

Oo.. so you slot it into your finger so that you don't touch your touch-screen device with your bare hand without any protection..

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Must Watch Movie List

2 years back was an awesome year because that is when Transformer the movie was released. That particular year was filled with a few kick ass movie like Die Hard and so on. Those movie released on year 2008 was rather bored and *yawn*.. with quite a few of disappointing movie like bolt.

As we are stepping in 2009, there are few yet-to-release-but-a-must-watch-movie-for-80s-babies.

Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li

Dragon Ball Evolution

Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen
Official Poster from Micheal Bay Forum

Trailer yet to release..

X-men Origins: Wolverine

Terminator Salvation

If you notice all the movie was made popular back in the 80s.. Hope it is nice on the big screen too.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Have been a difficult position for the past months. Coping with stress, interest, finance, friend, and love.
Still the following image manage to put a smile on me at this stressful moment

Before and After prison XD

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Battle Of The Band 2

Last week, Youth Malaysia 09 was held in PWTC (just opposite The Mall). There are plenty of event held there and one of it is no other than Battle Of The Band 2 sponsored by Xpax.
I recorded the whole event and 90% of the time is focusing on the drummer ONLY. Sadly I couldn't even get a single video uploaded to the net for sharing.

There are other event there too like basketball, autoshow, futsal, rock climbing, dance competition, cosplay, graffiti, and much more. Even 8TV, Fly FM, Hot FM is there too.

This guy is so awesome, he is the only band with double padle.

After the event we headed to 1Utama shopping center where I saw one rich dude having dinner in one of the japanese outlet. Stepped in and said hi before heading to the Cinema for the movie Outlander.

The animation in this movie suck. Is so freaking fake and had kinda lame storyline.

Anyway 1U CNY decoration seems to kick ass. Here are some scene


Yay.. Won a pair of passes courtesy of The Sun Newspaper


You have won ONE PAIR of Complimentary Passes to watch FOUR CHRISTMASES!
Print out this email to redeem your Complimentary Passes at:
Venue: GSC Mid Valley
Date: Dec 30, 2008 (Tuesday)
Time: 5pm
Sad enough many of the winner was there and the organizer didn't even show up. =.=
So we had to collect the ticket from the official office in Uptown instead.

Went to the movie with Chee Chin on Monday, and the movie was surprisingly nice. At least it is something worth laughing for.

Not going to include any spoiler as I usually did.

After the show, we went over to The Curve to see how was the CNY deco was like, and OMG you shouldn't have gone there. The deco was simply made, and was lousy enough that you rather snap something like this

Trust me, that's the best scene there, day or night.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Maybank User ALERT!

Whoever is using M2U (Maybank2U) Internet service please take note that site seems to be 'hacked' as it is trying to redirect you to somewhere else.

Please check the URL before typing in your login detail.

While I tried to access I get this message

Redirect Loop

Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

The browser has stopped trying to retrieve the requested item. The site is redirecting the request in a way that will never complete.

* Have you disabled or blocked cookies required by this site?
* NOTE: If accepting the site's cookies does not resolve the problem, it is likely a server configuration issue and not your computer.

Screenshot from Firefox
Redirecting to ""

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