Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Annual dinner wa.. OMG..

I overheard a couple saying "Annual diner wa, OMG!!" with the WTF tone.. Immediately I turn around and "kepo" (busybody), and to my surprise this is what I saw..
That's unusual, usually this gate is open so that shopper coming from the curve using the underground connected bridge can immediately gain access to Ikea, but now it is shut down and tight.. A closer look at the notice
Oh, so Ikea is having this annual dinner for its staff thus is calling off earlier yesterday 13 Oct 2009.. I don't know if they have put up a notice earlier (like a week or a month earlier) to inform its valued customer but I'm pretty sure that quite a number of people who went OMG, OMFG, WTF there and were standing blur by staring at each other for a few minute..

BTW Annual Diner or Annual Dinner?

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