Sunday, January 31, 2010

Win a pair of authentic U2 watch in less than a minute!

** This is NOT an advertorial and I will be redeeming my prize this coming week. Will post up some photo after that, stay tune!
If you still think that I'm paid to write this entry then think again, once I posted photos of my prize, you might be crying your way to bed because most of the watches might have be won by others who follow these steps. Act now or regret later

In today entry I will teach you step by step on how to WIN yourself a pair of U2 watch in less than a minute, no kidding, no joining fee, no member fee, no crapping.

They are even having a huge discount on their eshop where you can now own the U2 watch that you admired all this while at a price you can afford.. Amaze your friend and relative this festival season by wearing it while visiting them.. :p Evil me.. Lol.. Visit their official eshop site at

Are you ready? Are you seriously ready to WIN? No you are not!! You want to see the watch first don't you? Ok here is it..

UG587 series for men

UL588 series for lady

Drooling aren't you? It cost RM678 market price and is a GREAT gift to pamper your loved one and yourself this Valentine!!

Now are you ready to be a proud owner of an AUTHENTIC U2 Watch? Here's how..
  1. Add me in facebook (:p this step is optional actually)
  2. Ok on a serious note: Join U2 Watches in facebook - Click Here
  3. Once done click and allow the application - Click Here
  4. Play the MOST simple game, just a test of your memory and speed
  5. Wait for the announcement
  6. Claim your prize
  7. Happiest Valentine or CNY ever!
Simple right? I think even a primary 1 kid can play and win too.. It is a way of rewarding its loyal fans.. So hurry up, join and participate NOW, there are still 12 lovely pairs to be won!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Universal Soldier: Regeneration

Universal Soldier is like Superman except that he can't fly.. How I know? Cause I just watched it yesterday night. Not only I won the movie passes, I also won a goodies bag from Era FM too.. Cool ^^

Note that I have not watch the previous series of Universal Soldier so my view toward this movie will be purely on the regeneration installment itself.

First of all there were too many imaginary gruesome scene (not till the end part of the movie though).. Why imaginary? Cause you will have to picture it yourself take example when someone is killed by slicing knife through his throat.. The way the director shoot it is like covered up so that you will have to think for yourself..

Next up the shooting style is like playing any console game. You navigate around a compound, you shoot, you kill, you proceed.. There were several wrestling move too which I enjoy very much with style like powerbomb, armbbar, hurricane throw, and etc

But don't get me wrong, I'm getting excited not because I enjoy the movie that much.. I don't know if the director is trying to preserve the look and feel of the Universal Soldier series or he was using the technology back in the 90s where the first installment was introduced.. The technique, technology, and even the background music is somehow old, at least that's what I feel..

There is nothing much to shout about this movie either.. I shall put 2 bullet through the movie (2/5) for the effort of creating massive blood split scene..

Did your parent ever ask you this?

- Why are there generous people sharing files with you for free? (referring to p2p)
- What is blog and why do people blog? Isn't it a personal diary? (referring to blog post)
- What is social networking site so addictive? (referring to facebook, friendster, twitter, myspace, etc)
- Why is everyone using twitter since facebook look and feels better? (referring to easy navigation)

Why so many why? Because the idea of relating some of these stuff back to the traditional way just does not apply for the modern technology.

Take example blogging, it is more than just your 'personal diary'.. A blog could be a source of related information with immediate update thru your email.. Tech Blog, Sales and Promotion Blog, Contest Blog, etc.. these are blog where it target specific reader who are into the same genre..

But sadly I don't have answer for my dad when he asked me so because I can't think of a satisfying answer myself.. o.0 WTF right.. I mean like Twitter vs Facebook, what is there to answer? Preference? Majority?

Well from my personal experience facebook has indeed more functionality and less complicated compare to twitter.. but when you learn all the @ and RT and tweetdeck, you will find twitter addictive too.. So why choose twitter over facebook?

For me it is because
1) Majority of the blogger tweet
2) Because friend update only on twitter
3) Twitter loads faster, because it is lighter
4) Addictive

As for facebook it could be describe in one sentence. Reconnecting you back with your mates. That means you get to see how they look like recently, event they will be attending, and stuff like that.. Sound like stalking huh..

So what's your description on such issue? Do share as I would like to read on how would you answer your parent when they asked you something similar..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tooth Fairy

Ever since Dwayne Johnson A.K.A The Rock get involves in the movie industry, it is rather funny when I think back during his wrestling age, how a funny guy like him ended up in brutal match in a square ring? Imagine his funny face in the ring during a fight.. OMFG..

Went to the preview screening of Tooth Fairy by Nuffnang yesterday night at TGV 1 Utama, and was late by almost 30minute, thank to celebrity fitness for the long nagging despite the fact that I've told her I'm rushing for movie =.=" Oh ya I went there to redeem my 3 month usage of the gym with personal trainer, is a prize that I won from the 2012 contest back in year 2009

The movie was good and filled with new and origin humor of its kind, and best of all it wasn't all shown on its trailer. Even I went in late I could still manage to catch up as the storyline is pretty straight forward but like every good movie, it carry some good value in it.

It is family oriented kind of movie where it is entertaining enough to stop the baby from crying, the teenage from "mobiling", the adult from falling asleep. I think I shall reward it with a 3.5/5 for all its effort

Whatever you gave a woman, she will give back greater

Stumble upon this blog and couldn't agree more on what her friend had wrote

Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater,
give her sperm, she will make a baby;
give her a house she will give you a home;
give her groceries,she will give you a meal;
give her a smile she will give you her heart.
She multiplies and enlarges what she is given.
So if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit...
Pass it along if you agree:).

Kenapa Mr Superman perlu bagi kamera digital ini kepada saya

Kenapa Mr Superman perlu bagi kamera digital ini kepada saya

Sebab sayalah pembantu sebenar yang Mr Superman boleh percayai. Dengan adanya kamera digital itu, barulah boleh saya tolong tangkap gambar Mr Superman bila dia sibuk menumbuk penjahat, barulah ada gambar untuk upload kat blog Mr Superman.

Legion (1/5)

People said don't judge a book from its cover, but that doesn't seems to be applicable on this movie titled Legion.

Well if the poster is not lame enough check out the trailer. God send a bunch of angels to kill humanity so that a new breed, and hopefully a useful breed will be born.

The movie have plenty of plot hole. Take for example is God not powerful enough to punish mankind? Why on earth does God have to send angel to do the job? Angels killing human? While angels are built tough, why it can be killed when they possessed in human body?

Well there are plenty more trust me. One thing for sure, this movie has secure a spot in 2010 worse movie list. Bravo!!

1/5 because it features hot chick who is 30% Avril alike named Willa Holland

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Laptop Contest

* Jadi follower ~[ WARNA WARNI KEHIDUPAN ]~ [DONE]
* Buat satu entry di blog anda bertajuk "My Laptop Contest" [DONE]
* Copy banner "My Laptop Contest" (save image saje..x glitter pun xpe)diatas dan letakkan di dalam entry anda dan juga di sidebar blog anda. Jangan lupa link kan gambar banner tersebut ke entry ni yek.. [DONE]
* Letakkan gambar laptop anda dan sebab mengapa anda suka dengan laptop anda di entry anda [DONE]
* Apabila selesai, sila tinggalkan komen beserta link entry anda di ruang komen di bawah. [DONE]

This is my "notebook", why I put a quote there is because my notebook is no longer portable. Then why I still love my notebook?

Because have done wonders and still continue to do so even the LCD screen is broken. Despite that, as a proud owner I never would and never think of disposing it because I still need it to aid in my work. The functionality and feature of the notebook still work like charm. Without it I couldn't even be sitting here posting this entry. Hope it will bring me luck too.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Artistic Ghost

Based on various horror and ghost tales from universities, the film centers around students who encounter paranormal events that haunted in their university. They must fight against their fears and scary things that looming around them.

The real problem here is the director tries to make this horror movie into something artistic, you know something that not many people appreciate much and worse still, everyone in the hall is prepare to get frighten.

Haunted Universities is very similar to phobia where it contains multiple (4) stories in one movie, but this it suppose to have a connection between the 4 story.

The good thing about this movie is that it have all the setting right for a scary movie.

A shrine in the girls toilet

The elevator which is painted by blood

Night shift at the corpse room

The stairway

Well like I said who have not heard a bout a ghost story where the ghost haunt in the toilet, the elevator, the hospital, and the staircase?? I'm pretty sure that we all heard plenty of toilet ghost story during our school time.

Since the setting is good for this movie, what went wrong? The ghost!

The ghost just doesn't seems right, first is the weird makeup, then follow by the cloth, also the weird hairdo, everything about the ghost is just not right.

One of the sub-story doesn't have ending it seems. Maybe that is to cheer the audience up but well 90% of the movie the audience is laughing honestly. Is comedy the new horror? It seems to be after watching 4bia, phobia2, and haunted universities.

Rated 1/5 for Haunted Universities.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

Long is the new trend, in fact long has always been among us be it in terms of trend or desire. Don't believe me? Take a look at the image below before you conclude.
Cases of the longer the merrier

Even the monster from Legion REFUSED to be outdated

The trend where once everything gone smaller and tiny has long gone. Nowadays the longer you own the better you get.

Let's find out what long means to me, and why I like it Longer.






Satisfaction and lust fulfillment


Solid yet Stylish

That is why I like LOVE the longer LG Chocolate phone (BL40), one and only phone had it all.

So long is the new black, long is the new talk, long is the new dream, long is the new fashion term. Live long LG Chocolate Phone BL40!

My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

The year of Ox 2009 is not a good year but fear not as a new year has begun.
Year 2010 is a year of tiger and things seems to be getting good

It gets even better with this upcoming event Nuffnangers run towards the year of tiger where the grand prize winner will roar away with RM8,888 worth of dreams + RM1,888 cash prize. How's that for a start?

Anyhow I'm kind off a greedy person as you followers might have already know, one wish is just insufficient and since there is no rules saying I can only have one dream, I think I will list a few of them here.

First Dream - Mastering the skill
I want to level up my drumming skill from super noob to almost advance player. I do have a drumset at home, but it seems that without a great teacher I have no advancement

There is also tons of obstacle while drumming at home such as complain from grandma, timing not right, pretty occupied, and etc..
Therefore hope this dream would come through as I would love to jam a song for my girl one day ^^

Dream Two - Snow fun
Like every Malaysian, I've never feel the snow before in my entire life. This year I dream of bringing my little tiger (girlfriend who is born in the fierce year of tiger) to a snowing vacation, and seems to be that Texas is a good place as I have relative staying there.

It would be a graduation gift for her and a treat for myself from stressful work.

Dream Three - The Collector
I'm as weird and as lifeless as any other collector, but instead of collecting stamp, coke bottle, cup, wedding card, plastic, etc.. I collect movie passes. Here are some sneak peak

I always dream of being Malaysian most collected movie passes one day. You asked me why I tell you is interest.
So if any kind soul out there have any movie stub / passes that you wish to throw, throw it in my house dustbin, I can provide you my address :p

Well not to be too greedy, this are the 3 more desire dream that I wish for the year of tiger. Even if either one of them come true, it is already a big achievement.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Valentine’s Day

In conjunction with the soon to release movie Valentine’s Day, Nuffnang is giving nuffnangers an opportunity to catch the movie 3 days earlier from its release date.

If I could spend a night on Valentine with any star from this movie it HAVE to be Anne Hathaway.

WTF I heard. Why not Jessica Alba you asked? Well while Jessica seems to be top choices majority, but she is just not my cup of tea (like I'm her cup of tea :p).

So move on to my choice of beauty

I guess what will happen that night I will eventually become spotlight of the town, be it good or negative, every pair of jealousy eye staring at me from head to toe, but that wouldn't make me uneasy because we will be dining in somewhere far from crowd, chilling and chatting to get to know her better without interruption from outsider and fans asking for signature.

Will also invite her to my house after dinner . You know what I'm gonna do next don't you?

I will bring her straight up to my bedroom and then.... introduce her to my gf who will be very much surprised to see her as she is a HUGE fans of her. See now you understand why Jessica is not my choice? :p

That's the surprise I would like to give to my GF and hope she will have an unforgettable Valentine!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spy Next Door is just a 'Chinese' version of The Pacifier by Vin Diesal

From the trailer itself, the first thing that went into my mind is "Hey, isn't that familiar" and yes I was right..

Spy Next Door is very similar to The Pacifier staring Vin Diesal

The Pacifier was release back in 2005 and after 5 years we have a dupe - Spy Next Door with added Chinese theme staring Jackie Chan. But wait there's more, yea more.. The Pacifier is again a similar copy from Kindergarten Cop

Kindergarten Cop staring Arnold Schwarzenegger was release 1990 which is like 15 years before The Pacifier and 20 years before Spy Next Door. So I guess this has to be the original plot.

So what similarity they have beside one macho guy posting with few playful kids in the poster?

Well they all are super spy / kung fu master / cop who was first time ever been assign to take care of a bunch of kids.

While on his babysitting duty, he faces some other thread which lead him now with double task - make sure the kids are safe from harm and kick some bad @$$

So if you have watched either of the earlier title mentioned, you get the idea what Spy Next Door is about.

Personally I find this movie kinda lame, and did I mention that his spy gadget was kinda outdated too? They were like gadget we saw from the movie back in 70s 80s. Joke were not that good either. Most disappointing of all the fight scene was like 20% of the movie. Perhaps as Jackie is getting older he is repackaging his image to a family man instead of the HOO-HAA Master.

The movie is short, approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and yet the character development were draggy, way too draggy.

It is a so so movie so 2.5 out of 5 for The Spy Next Door

Is Jackie drunk? He seems to be superb happy doing so.

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