Friday, October 16, 2009


Gotten myself 4 passes to the movie Pandorum yesterday at GSC 1 Utama, however wasted 1 ticket as there seems to be any takers for the vacant seat..

Anyway this movie is from the director of Resident Evil, and so you should know the shooting, setup style is more likely similar to it..

Started off like star trek.. and then zoom, few years after that.. The storyline was rather confusing as it keeps bringing us backward and forward, argh preferred straight forward kind of story instead..

The story is about human being found another planet that is very similar to planet earth where life is found there, it is called Tanis (if I remember correctly) and human are being shipped there thru a mega spaceship.. Everyone is put into a long sleep as the planet is far far away from earth.. Just as the ship reaches space, planet earth exploded, and they were the last batch of beings alive.. The ship was operated by 3 people who are not asleep.. Half way through, they suffered an illness called Pandorum and one of the killed the remaining 2.. He then get bored and go around and release those who are put to sleep, who were feed(or injected) with some kind of fluid that is suppose to make them to be able to adapt to the new environment.. But instead the chemical adapt itself vice versa.. Leading it to mutate the human.. They are not fed of human as food..

A young crew, awake knowing nothing about himself nor the ship, tries to figure things out, and with the aid of a captain he navigate himself throughout the ship.. and since the ship has no power, he have to get to the radiator to power up.. Slowly he found pieces of clue and discover some other survival who was awake sometime before him.. Together they fight thru those mutated human to save their arse..

Well that's almost all the story.. Catch up more by yourself in the cinema.. Like Whiteout, the story keeps you wondering what happen and why..

Also 2.5/5 rating from me..

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